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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The VCF moves if you Aduriz

"If a player does not want to be, I will not try to convince her to stay." This reflection of Mauricio Pellegrino do not make it to the gallery, behind the communication is part of Braulio Vazquez in which he moved that Aduriz was open to consider a future supply of Athletic Bilbao. The two clubs admit they have started talking about the future of striker, who signed three seasons with the Biscayan box, and Sports Management has rescued and possible substitutes. But that role is going to win Paco Alcácer. Time has come.
A few weeks ago, Alberto Toldrá met Braulio intended to convey that they had to negotiate a transfer if Paco would have no role. With Soldier, Aduriz and Jonas consider staying in the first team, when renewed at the beginning of the season it was agreed that would be the first team, but not necessarily with tab, as happened with Jordi Alba few years ago, it was assumed too much risk for progression, but in the Valencia believe Aduriz can change air this summer. And that would be the third front provided you have the OK from Mauricio Pellegrino, with Soldier and Jonas. Why must receive the green light that operation? SUPER has been told, the Valencia Sports Management does not rule out adding another striker as the market is open. It has great faith in Paco Alcácer, although certainly not have the profile that you can leave Aduriz, hence will track the market and if they find a good choice in the economic-planning is not a great investment, as other have occurred
if the front that would be a change of scenery and sport Armor, would strive to accomplish this integration.
Pellegrino wants two players per position and has Paco Alcácer for spring training because he will not make any decisions about their future without seeing him train, unless it is the player who takes the initiative to leave. The striker is on vacation, very quiet, because whatever the decision made about their future will be the best for him athletically.
The brothers' relationship with Valencia Toldrá is exquisite, several first division clubs have shown interest in having Paco, but that they have passed the VCF, without taking a step further.
Braulio, consistent with Pellegrino, quietly seeking alternatives if transferred to Aduriz, although the club is very happy with it in all respects, on and off the field.

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