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Monday, July 30, 2012

Vilà Dídac already have a ticket

All we need is to get Adriano Galliani Milan offices to formalize the transfer of Dídac Vilà to Valencia, but so many want to have to slip into the elastic-white, yesterday afternoon, began to see the alternatives you have to fly Today (either via direct flight Barcelona to Valencia from 16:00 hours) and relax in your new city and at least one season. Asked permission Dídac sporting director Ariedo Braida to travel yesterday, but was not given for not making a fool in the event that something unforeseen arose today that is not on the roadmap. Everything is closed, but until you sign the documents? As has informed the Valencia, is due to arrive from Galliani to the clubhouse located in the street Filippo Turati about 14:00 pm, when he will sign the assignment of the side for a while. In the case of the Valencia run the option, your link will stretch until June 30, 2017.
Dídac is in Milan with a friend and negotiations culminated in the exchange of several emails, hence it was unnecessary for anyone from the club it will move to Italy, nor the figure of the representative of the footballer Raúl Verdú. With his arrival, the team led by 'Flaco' Pellegrino will have closed the defense, considering that he and Mathieu respond to a profile different game, with the alternative emergency Guardado and Juan Bernat, if this still ultimately the computer. After thorough analysis by the technical side by side with Braulio, returning from spring training in Germany, it was the consensus of the need for a side with a more defensive. What would have happened if the Granada had accepted the transfer of Siqueira? Nobody wants to talk about the past and assumptions of reality itself, which is none other than the incorporation of Dídac.
With the arrival of the Catalan player sub'21 European champion in 2011, Valencia said one side with very good physical characteristics, which has much travel. Reports that handled the Sports Management, is considered a very diligent in defense player, watching the coverage, very strong in the markings and closes well on aid. Its height is 185 centimeters, makes him a difficult player to beat in the air, also for his great sense of anticipation. And steal many balls.
Technically it has a very good capacity in schools to the area, is well associated with their peers. Coaches who have directed, except Massimo Allegri (AC Milan) has been aligned only at a party in preferring more experienced players, you are considered a player who can read very good matches, choosing when to join the attack or wait in place. The 'Skinny' appreciated the option of the side which can also be a fichara emergency appeal to the central axis and Dídac has played sporadically in the post with Espanyol B.
Today is expected to sign the documents and Dídac move to the city of Valencia, but may not be a more up within a couple of weeks due to problems experienced in the pubic area. A Pellegrino and lacks only the front.

John Bernat leaves 'parked' their three offers

John Bernat has three offers on the table, but will fight until the last day to remain in Valencia's first team. Inside left wants to break into the first team and now only has eyes for the Mestalla entity, beyond the three teams that have already knocked on his door and are very interested in acquiring his services for this season. El Rayo Vallecano, Deportivo La Coruna and Real Sociedad have already made contact with Valencia's sporting director, Braulio Vazquez, but have to wait. The youth are liking to Pellegrino's position both inside and on the temporary side and trust his chances to start the league on your team, Valencia.
The future of John Bernat now is in the air. The youth is offering a good level in the preseason and Pellegrino is pleased with its performance. Like speed, the intensity used in each of the parties and offering defensive help behind. The question now is, will it be enough to stay? Pellegrino will have the last word. Meanwhile, player agents are scheduled to meet with Valencia in the coming days to try to clarify these doubts. His concern is logical. They want to know as soon as possible what are the plans for the future sports that has the club for John Bernat. The squad players do not want the decision on the player not dilate much time, because the clubs interested may get tired of waiting and fichen alternatives to the proximity of the start of the league. The player, meanwhile, is confident in their abilities and very quiet.
Bernat rightly participate again against Porto. The left-handed acting as for half an hour. Although it is true that in Germany participated as a side, that is a position which is not considered as an alternative. Technicians will be valued as a midfielder, a position in which competition would Pablo Piatti and Andres Guardado. Three players for a position. The left wing will be overbooked with six players telling Dídac Vilà and Mathieu. In the Trofeo Naranja, Pellegrino had it before with Piatti, who did not play against Porto, but does not mean they have advanced in the race to open a hole.

Adil Rami test his knee in the grass

Adil Rami in his recovery progresses slowly. French plans to jump on the Monday morning the lawn of the Sports City Paterna for continuous running and examine his injured knee. The central Valencia plans to start running after three weeks of fitness center that has not even been able to jump to the lawn. The player suffered an erosion of the cartilage in his knee for the overhead of games last season and knows that an injury is not serious, but needs much patience and calm at the time of recovery. For now, it takes three weeks doing gym work. Today will be a new small step toward the real goal is to join the training with the group. Something that has not been able to do since he joined the German concentration. Since then, the French international has missed the four friendlies that Pellegrino have played this summer. The Frenchman does not come naturally in time for the friendly in Indonesia and is scheduled to undergo a new MRI to check the status of his injury.

The one who trusts in stay and play in Jakarta in Guaita Vicent. Valencia goalkeeper has missed the last two preseason games because of some awkward discomfort in the thigh of his right leg. The Torrent, who only completed half of training before the Trophy Taronja, hasten their recovery to travel to Jakarta one hundred percent physically and so be able to return to the goal against the selection of Indonesia. The goalkeeper wants to be perfectly restored black and white and not run any risk of injury severity.

Calcined Banega's Ferrari in Paterna

Ever Banega has no luck with their cars. A sporty red Ferrari is owned by the Argentine entry calcined at Paterna, just in the last corner 300 meters from the access of the sports city without causing personal injury. Ever an occurrence which fortunately came out unscathed.
A motor heating or shock are seen as the main cause of the fire, which started in the rear of the car, where is the engine of his Ferrari 458.
Banega had to quickly leave your new sports car after seeing the fire originated. The flames, aided by the wind blowing, quickly devoured much of the vehicle while listening little explosions.
The fire spread to nearby bushes so police patrols displaced local and national scene had to cut the road until they arrived two fire engines that quickly controlled the fire. Meanwhile, the players had to move to the Sports City walk from the Hotel Posada for an alternative path.
The car, a Ferrari 458 that has been totally disabled, has a market price ranging to 250,000 euros.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pellegrino is the antithesis of Unai Emery

The first game of Mauricio Pellegrino on the bench at Mestalla left many keys as it is and behaves as Argentina coach. The conclusion is that the 'Skinny' Pellegrino is like the antithesis of Unai Emery. One notable for their continuous shouts and gestures at the Mestalla band, whereas the other does for its tranquility and calmness. The differences could be noted from the heat, as followed from the band performed an action that Emery. From the first minute, the skinny stood in the technical area, sat on the bench a few times, with his arms crossed and his hand on his chin, pondering aspects of the meeting or to correct movements of the players. After five minutes, stressed Ricardo Costa, and he did not like the decision that the Portuguese carried out with the ball, a clear example that Pellegrino attaches great importance to the decisions the player must take, and must choose well when have to go out with the ball under control and when to opt for displacement length. The method of Mauritius stands out as being very clear in explaining the concepts and do everything we can to make the players understand them. An example of this occurred in the 40th minute when a free kick for Porto side, the Argentine made a Feghouli instructed to defend the occasion. Seeing that the French-Algerian did not understand, do not hesitate to act out what to do to defend the occasion, giving importance to be placed at the spot to watch his back, but without losing sight of the front area to prevent a possible auction. Another detail is that it is continually talking with the fourth official, as in minute 43, which claimed a penalty on Mathieu possible, but never using bad manners or raising his voice, always calmly and slowly. Without losing the case, as in the 57th minute when Lucho Porto scored the goal, and claimed a possible hands.

After the debut of Valencia in front of the fans, the Argentine coach Mauricio Pellegrino, spoke in front of journalists for the first time in the press room at the Mestalla Stadium, where he highlighted the work and the work done by the team. "I'm happy. Concentrate on the job and the team have to do what I do. The important thing is that we were able to show, that is what it is because it is a football game, "Hardy said. You could see a good Valencia dominated the second half against a team that has worked together for a long time and with the same game idea. Pellegrino ended with a premise: "We must continue working."

Pellegrino Valencia are all

The clubs shine with the titles but they are great for the fans they have. We must find the best fit between them to figure out the magic equation, the team has to spread to the stands and the fans respond with their breath. In the XVIII Convention Peñas Valencian there was a special guest, the 'Skinny' Pellegrino, who quickly want to give the fans-white the value they deserve, "The fans are an important part of the club, I feel it. Valencia is not only 11 players, but also the club members, who will Mestalla. Those encouraging, the suffering. The Valencia us all. " He says this because he feels, did not say in front of over a thousand club members to win easy applause, Pellegrino wants to win on the grass, as In fiscal year 2001/02 to win the first league 'was Benitez' . Ten years ago there was that feat and Pellegrino, and Curro Torres, key player in that team and one of the honorees for the fans of Valencia in its final year.

It's been a decade of that break with the binomial FC Barcelona-Real Madrid. "Gave us many joys that team!" Could be heard quietly by the table when it happened a video with images of that team until they were encouraged to sing "Yes, yes, yes, this aci Lliga ja." Pellegrino is convinced that Valencia "will get good players and will have a good team." Before leaving again a nod to his people, this time on stage, "This is one of the reasons for which I am proud to be the coach of Valencia. I wish to make a great year. " Listening to the anthem of the club showed it euphoric, smiling and did not stop clapping. Their presence in the Valencian ilusionó, already waiting for the last two reinforcements Didac Vila and a striker. Manuel Llorente spoke about it, met with a timid whistle and a shout from an assistant telling her anonymity "where was the stadium." The president does not pulse trembled because it was sporadic, but missed the script to say that "one thing at a time."

Overcome this ordeal, Llorente much the fans appreciated considering that "the greatness of Valencia is you, do we strive and we do work, it is true that sometimes we have reviews, but that's good, criticism is good because makes us try harder to make this club continue to grow. " Immediately afterwards began to assess their project management as president, three years of sports management, three seasons in a row contesting the Champions-and economic-with the balance of the accounts-good. The word "crisis" also figured in his speech (someone even said in a whisper that seemed Mariano Rajoy) and revealed that starting tomorrow, fans that pull their credit 'may fund in ten months (had a slip in saying it would be in ten years, but immediately corrected himself). " Curva Nord was also assessed opened yesterday, with 1,400 enrolled, and then began to appreciate the fans before the other issues. In the sports talk of Pellegrino, "we believe he will do a great job", and planning: "We have to incorporate a left, we are ending the negotiation, and we also needed a striker. We are making a competitive team, a team that will give us joy this year, we want to be closer to those above, is sometimes difficult to compete with budgets of 500 million, but with good management, if we are there, we are holding and three consecutive years playing the Champions'.

And so it came to the issue of the New Mestalla, which considers the issue unresolved. "The new field will tell you that a number of conditions precedent that depended on the VCF and we have, soon we will have the model. There will be a model with such pomp as above, but will still be all covered and also covered with glass plates. The previous field was aluminum, it will be of glass, and will be a sensational work. If you pass no imponderable, we think that in two years we will be playing in the new field. " People made the ovation of the evening, before apostillara Llorente: "It will be a major triumph of Valencianism"? as the union of the team and fans.

The VCF Orange gets the more supportive

Mestalla had only one winner in the Orange Trophy, those affected by fires and Andilla Pallás Courts. The more supportive Orange donated the collection to the municipalities that have experienced the two most devastating fires that have affected the Valencian Community in the last decades.
Some municipalities whose names shone throughout the match in the hollow of the names of the players. Thus, at the Mestalla did not play Mathieu and Parejo or Soldier, the protagonists were Dos Aguas, Catadau, Carlet ...
In the purely football, Valencia CF was rightly Naranaja Trophy, both as exhibited during the game and in the shootout.
Pellegrino showed that above all wants control of the game and the game, both defensively and in attack. Balance and depth bands is what we saw in the first half. Two aspects that led to Valencia to enjoy two occasions they did not find very clear goal before the Portuguese champions.
Soon after starting, Soldier intercepted a pass in horizontal risky Maicon to go inside the area and shoot hard. Rejected and the ball went in the small area Feghouli her out with all in favor.
The Valencia CF want to be protagonist and it was taking possession of the ball. Without a reference defensive midfield, Parejo and Tino Costa exchanged roles in this position and endow the play equipment in short and long.
Saving and Feghouli percutían by both bands, but eventually the other big occasion coming up the middle. Even invented a brilliant long pass to break Soldier. The '9 'faced the goalkeeper and hit the outside of his right leg. The bottom and out.
The answer came in a surprise Lusa Otamendi shot that crashed off the crossbar and Alves could only follow with his eyes. And with the shock on the body and the controversy over a penalty as clear as strange about Mathieu completed the first part.
No changes in the second half and changed the script either party. At seven minutes after the restart, Ricardo Costa headed in a corner stick out short. You could smell the goal in the Helton area, but ironies of football's first goal came in the Diego Alves.
At the exit of a corner, Lucho Gonzalez hooked a left-footed shot very unorthodox. Its missile hit the crossbar and came as a exalación. An ode to the injustice it seems so far.
The Valencia CF showed great fortitude and continued to attack with more energy if possible. The local reaction was immediate and just six minutes later, Jonas returned to the marker boards after a header from a great center of Guardado.
The draw also reached the carousel of changes in both teams. The party clearly opted for the local side, but the overwhelming dominance of Valencia did not translate into more goals and the trophy was decided on penalties.
Diego Alves again demonstrated his deserved fame to-penalties and Valencia won 2-0 after pitching seven were necessary only maximum penalties.
Technical Data:
1. Valencia: Alves, Pereira, Victor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa, Feghouli, Tino Costa, Parejo, Guardado, Jonas and Soldier. They also played Viera, Paul Bernat, Gago, Barragan and Alcácer.
1. Porto: Helton, Sereno, Otamendi, Maicon, Miguel Lopes, Fernando, Lucho, Defour, Atsu and Jackson. Moutinho also played, Addy, Mangala, Castro, Kelvin, Djalma, Varela, Kleber and Iturbe.
Goals: 0-1, m.57: Lucho Gonzalez. 1-1, m.63: Jonas.
Referee: Mateo Valero (C. Valencia). Admonished by the Porto to Sereno.
Incidents: Party for the LX Trophy match at Mestalla Orange before 23,000 spectators.
Proceeds from the match will go to reforestation of forests burned in the fires Valencia past June. Each player wore his jersey Valencia the name of one of the 22 villages affected.
They observed a minute's silence in memory of the deceased pilot in extinguishing fires in Valencia, Jose Agustin Gomez Nieva, as well as those killed in fires in Catalonia.

'The new Mestalla will have at least 70,000 villages'

CF Valencia president, Manuel Llorente, managed to silence some initial hissing and replace them with a standing ovation when he announced this afternoon in Alzira, "In two years we will be playing in the new field, which will mean a major triumph of Valencianism".
Llorente, who called it "stunning" the work of the new stadium, and the model will be presented shortly, which will be covered by "glass plates." The new Mestalla will have a minimum capacity of 70,000 locations and added that "we ilusionará and Valencia will grow much more."
These events held during the XVIII Convention of Penyes Agrupació Valencianistes Rex held in Room Alzira to Natura attended by 1,200 club members from 453 clubs worldwide.
The Valencia president announced that the club "is finishing the negotiations with Milan," referring to the immediate signing of left back Didac Vilà and acknowledged that "we need a striker" to complete the new draft Mauricio Pellegrino.
Regarding the new coach said, once again, we have great confidence in him, "but did not forget Llorente Unai Emery" that did well during the past three seasons.
" Manuel Llorente described as "major players" concretized the four signings to date: Joao Pereira, Fernando Gago, Jonathan Viera and Andres Guardado, who in their view complete "a competitive team that will give us joy because, although it will be difficult, we will be closer to the top ".
The leader made Valencia a look back to state: "We have had a difficult year for the economic crisis that has forced us to make decisions that we had no choice" but was "satisfied with the path." He also commented that the payment of fertilizers "will be funded for 10 months" and recalled that the night before the Trofeo Naranja against Porto was set in motion the curve Mario Kempes, "an entertainment area in Mestalla."
The ceremony was also attended by the coach Mauricio Pellegrino, who warned that the team "has a long way to putting them", but added that "kids are working very well." Regarding the signing of Didac Vila, said: "The club is working on it" and stressed the role of the rocks, the public and Valencian fans in general because "everyone is Valencia," he said.
For his part, president of Penyes Agrupació, Blas Madrigal said that the rocks are "the strongest support and support Valencia." With her work in "the shadow" has succeeded in countries such as Zimbabwe is known for Valencia with Madrid and Barcelona and have made a total of 870 acts over the last season.
The group honored Curro Torres and Valencia won the league 10 seasons ago, and the sailor Pepe Ribes "because it exhibits its Valencianism by different oceans."
The group awarded to different clubs and club members for their work and welcomed the attendance of representatives of clubs Real Madrid, Villarreal, Getafe, Valadolid, Zaragoza and Elche.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Accordo con il Milan per il trasferimento di Dídac Vilà

Valencia CF ha raggiunto un accordo con il Milan per il trasferimento con opzione di acquisto sul lato sinistro Dídac Vilà, confermato il Venerdì pomeriggio il presidente del Valencia, Manuel Llorente, in una conferenza stampa a Mestalla uffici del club. 
La squadra di Valencia, dopo non essere in grado di raggiungere un accordo con Granada per l'assunzione del brasiliano Guilherme Siqueira, prima scelta di bianchi e neri, si è concentrata sul suo obiettivo il catalano, che ha giocato in prestito la scorsa stagione, Espanyol club che è stato firmato dal Milan per oltre un anno e mezzo. 
Senza conoscere gli ultimi dettagli dell'operazione, che potrebbe essere chiusa, secondo Marca, con un incarico che sarebbe costato circa 700.000 /800.000 € Valencia. Tale importo sarà detratto dal corrispettivo pattuito per l'opzione, se l'intero esercizio l'opzione Valencia per acquisire i diritti del giocatore. 
Così, il lato giovane di 23 anni arriverà a coprire il posto vacante lasciato da Jordi Alba, al fine di competere per un posto da titolare con il francese Jeremy Mathieu.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dídac Vilà è scelto

Dídac Vilà è scelto. Salvo sorprese dell'ultimo minuto, il lato sinistro di Milano sarà il prossimo ad entrare nello staff del Valencia e ha ordini di Mauricio Pellegrino. Ieri, l'allenatore argentino ha incontrato per il pranzo con Braulio Vazquez e Manuel Llorente, e dopo un consenso raggiunto nel rafforzamento della difesa, il direttore atletico immediatamente al lavoro e ha iniziato i colloqui con la squadra italiana. La scorsa notte, i colloqui erano già a buon punto e entrambe le squadre scambiate la documentazione necessaria per chiudere la transazione. Sanno gli ultimi dettagli dell'operazione, ma il giocatore, in linea di principio, sarebbe-acquistare prestito.
Granada smentite di trasferimento Siqueria sono cambiati i responsabili opzione Che, e Dídac è l'opzione preferita. Il giocatore ha già dato la sua approvazione. Per lui è una grande opportunità e, anzi, è pazzo per venire a Valencia, dove avrebbe potuto guadagnare un posto da titolare, mentre a Milano oggi non hanno nemmeno dorsale ed è rimasto fuori tutto il tour Alpine realizzato dagli Stati Uniti di oggi. Catalano ha respinto una succulenta Dynamo Kiev perché la loro intenzione è quella di giocare sul computer-bianco. Lo stato di avanzamento dei negoziati è tale che il giocatore potrebbe entrare nel club Mestalla questa settimana.
Un'altra questione che è stata discussa nel corso della riunione è quello di rafforzare l'attacco. Tecnici valenzani credo che la più consigliabile lasciare Paco Alcácer viene trasferita ad un team di Prima Divisione in pochi minuti si può godere e crescere come giocatore. Non mancano le opzioni, come le squadre, tra cui Getafe, è stato interessato l'attaccante. Se si va Alcácer, il giocatore ha voluto rafforzare il fronte è Kevin Gameiro, conto non più per il Paris Saint-Germain. Il giocatore ha svalutato gran parte della scorsa stagione, e Manuel Llorente vuole usare la situazione per prendere la ram ad un prezzo inferiore della stagione scorsa ha offerto. Naturalmente, Gameiro ne ridurrebbe considerevolmente i loro crediti finanziari, mentre lui e Fernando Gago.

Le cartilage est le problème de Adil Rami

Le malaise de Adil Rami provenir d'une rainure dans le cartilage articulaire dans son genou gauche. Une blessure n'est pas grave, il n'affecte pas les ligaments ou du ménisque, mais il est ennuyeux et pénible pour le joueur et exige de la patience sur le rétablissement. Le cartilage articulaire du genou est l'os qui se développe le logement et fournit une protection pour empêcher les deux os, le fémur, rotule et du tibia, se déplaçant à frotter ensemble. Cette couverture peut être modifié par des causes mécaniques, c'est à dire par un accident vasculaire cérébral, pour les virages serrés ou par une surcharge continue, tels que l'international français qui est devenu un incontournable à la fois dans Valence et le français. Porter du cartilage provoque le liquide synovial de l'enflure et la douleur au genou. Trois des symptômes souffert Adil et empêchent le défenseur central de participer à ce printemps.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ricardo Costa and call the Orange Save the fans

Valencia's players will wear on their shirts the names of each of the 22 villages affected by two fires that ravaged the Valencian Community, a month ago, the Orange Trophy match to be played this Saturday at the Mestalla against Porto.
An emotional video with different peoples affected by the fire razed Courts Andilla Pallás and has been the starting point of the presentation of the Trophy Taronja, whose official journal is Superdeporte. The event was attended Ricardo Costa, former player of Porto, and Andres Guardado after returning from Germany, who wanted to put their two cents to this charitable initiative. Valencia CF footballers have shown solidarity with the peoples concerned and have appealed to fans to go to Mestalla. "This game is for the whole family comes Valencia, the field is full, plus the match will be a show and help people in need," said Ricardo Costa.
Meanwhile, Andrés Guardado wanted to emphasize the solidarity of the party and has been important to what will bring him: "The debut with our people in our stadium, it means a lot to me, I'm excited to know the magnitude of what representing this party that goes beyond sports. There will be time to talk about football, today we are here for another reason and we must be all her. '"
The Trophy Taronja, the benefit for those affected by the fires that ravaged the Valencian Community, will be held on July 28 against Porto at 21:30, with affordable prices: 18 euros the rostrum and 5 the cheapest ticket, which benefits are distributed among the areas affected by fire: "We have made a calculation of total hectares burned and percentage in each of the municipalities and that will be the criteria when distributing revenues," said Damian Vidagany, director of marketing and communication of Valencia CF, who reported that so far has sold 20,000 tickets for the match.In the presentation of the tournament also publicly released the song 'Tears of fire in which involved some of the most prominent singers and groups of Valencia and will be played on the eve of the match.
The song was composed by musicians Casañ Jose Manuel Valencia, lead singer of Social Security, and Nacho Mañó, Presets group, and the singers have collaborated Francisco, Miquel Gil, Carlos Goñi Revolver, Lydia of The Presets, The Room Red, Jah Pots, Baron Dandy, Social Security, Sarah Rope, The Vicentes, Alejandro Parreno, Alberto Tarin and Gisela Renes Boulder group.
Players have party
After the 'stage' of ten days has been to Valencia CF footballers in Germany to prepare concentrated, and where they have played three friendlies, two draws and a win-players can enjoy a well deserved rest day without training . After ten days training-usually double session and even occasionally three-training, members of the template is not exercised at the Sports City Paterna and will have to wait until Friday to return to see them in action in their sports facilities.
La Curva Nord requested an extension for more partnersLa Curva Nord asked the Valencia Football Club to expand the capacity for young harrow can become members until August all concerned. Currently, the curve has more than 1,340 people and aim to get to 1,800, the same figure the curve initially asked the club.

Dídac Vilà senza schienale in tour con il Milan

Dídac Vilà, uno dei giocatori che il suono per rafforzare il lato destro Valencia, dorsale è fuori per le partite amichevoli suo attuale club, AC Milan, ha giocato al suo viaggio negli Stati Uniti. Scartato Guilherme Siqueira, Didac e Jose Angel (Roma) sono i più forti candidati per riempire inferiore Jordi Alba, firmato quest'estate dal FC Barcelona.
Valencia allenatore Mauricio Pellegrino, si riunirà nelle prossime ore con Braulio Vazquez per discutere il lato anteriore e di rafforzare le posizioni che si desidera trattare con garanzie Valencia la prossima stagione, dopo le posizioni Bernat John non è convinto difensiva.

Zweites Unentschieden in Deutschland

Valencia seine Konzentration wurde 10 Tage in Deutschland mit dem Ablauf des dritten Vorsaison-Freundschaftsspiel, die zu einem Tor gegen Arminia Bielefeld zog, in einem Meeting, in dem der argentinische Internationale Fernando Gago sein Debüt für die spanische Mannschaft beendet .
Der südamerikanische Fußballer spielten die letzte halbe Stunde des Spiels und gab Details der Qualität in Valencia in der Mitte der Dreharbeiten, ich trage das Gewicht der Partie, sah aber die deutsche Seite ging voran in der Wertung von 15 Minuten Zeit. Valencia reagierte sofort und band das Spiel durch ein Tor von Feghouli Sophiane algerische Nationalspieler.
In der ersten Halbzeit des Spiels an der Schüco Arena in Bielefeld spielte, machte die Gruppe von argentinischen Mauricio Pellegrino führte seinen Weg zu kommen, um mit Vorteil ruhen, als in guten Zeiten, vor allem einer der Roberto Soldado bestellt, in den letzten Minuten, oben auf dem Sporn prallte gegen einen Mast.
Die Deutschen wurde auch in ein paar mal klar, aber beschlossen, die Ziel-Diego Alves im ersten Akt, in dem es etwas harten Phasen des Spiels trotz der freundlichen Art der Begegnung getroffen.
Nach der Pause ging nach Valencia für das Spiel, aber ihre Dominanz nicht mal übersetzen und wurde im Laufe der Minuten verdünnt. Ungenauigkeiten der spanischen Seite Arminia ermutigt werden, den Bereich für Alves suchen, aber Torhüter erfolgreich die Ankünfte der Deutschen entschlossen, bis ein Abwehrfehler nach einer Ecke, ließ das Zentrum zu Burmeister lokalen Computer zu fördern.
Die Reaktion war schnell und Valencia, Joao Pereira Absturz nach einer Mitte-Schuss in den Wald, gebunden Feghouli das Spiel drei Minuten später, um gute Pflege Viera, der wieder links ein gutes Gefühl zu nehmen.
Gegen Ende beide Mannschaften gewinnen konnte, aber Alves mit Zwischenstopps in Valencia und gespeichert Alcacer nicht verwendet werden, eine klare Chance in der letzten Minute des Spiels.

Arminia Bielefeld 1 - 1 Valencia CF

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pellegrino met with the captains

At the end of the course, President Manuel Llorente and sporting director Braulio Vazquez held a meeting with five players who, today, are for Mauricio Pellegrino partners of the workforce. Are Albelda, Soldier, Ricardo Costa, Pablo and Vicente Guaita. The 'Skinny' has already spoken to them here in Marienfeld, although neither party believes it was a formal meeting was in sight of all and was not discussed seriously the issue of the captaincy because the idea is not to formally appoint captains or relevant decisions until the template is closed. Of course, the conclusion of this talk is that the five could repeat.
At the moment it was just a touchdown and gave the message that Pellegrino was that the captains will be "merit". In the first two games the web has passed by Albelda, Soldier and Ricardo Costa, but when the Portuguese withdrew in the first game against Eintracht Braunschweig, the minute the absence of 20 minutes, the center gave it to Parejo and this I did not know who to deliver it. On the pitch there was none of the five with whom Pellegrino spoke, and after they crossed the looks, the solution was to take the inside of the shirt without being visible. It will not be normal, except in the preseason, that none of the 'Club of the 5' is outside the field, but for now his condition is not official.
David Albelda, regarding the matter of the cuff, said the question was more for the coach: "I do not know if your thinking is to change or not, is the coach who decides and have that freedom," but later explained that "is to give attention to detail that we do not give from within. " What is not going to hear from Skinny's is that "we are all masters" because in Valencia must be earned.As for the method of the new coach and his coaching staff, Albelda said "the atmosphere and mood 'that reigns in the group, but knows it is early to draw conclusions, since" only seven or ten days' lead time training. "Try to apply what was as a player, is very meticulous in every action and every move, all in a sense, made a way. So far what I expected, "said '6 '.
On the differences, economic and in terms of reinforcements, including two league and the pursuers, Albelda was very clear and realistic, but declined to be understood "as a message pessimistic" because each year the team starts season with the intention to approach them. "Removing a Real Madrid and Barca, others are a bit screwed. They are the only ones able to invest each year and improve their staff with what they want. Whether you are worth ten, fifteen, or thirty. Spending the amount of money spent each year will come a time that all the best in the standings. This year we have removed Jordi, or we have sold, what you will see. And in Madrid seems to want Modric, talking about 30 or 40 million. We would do wonders with that money and this is the reality. It is complicated but we must try.
"He also had time to review the previous years and stressed that the team was competitive, although "at key moments not managed to find the key to a final stand on." "We had several good choices to grow and improve, but we could not get it. In general terms, I think the team was competitive, otherwise I do not think we had come to be in that third position, "concluded the midfielder.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ricardo Costa já está olhando para 2015

Ricardo Costa foi um dos últimos a aderir à fusão com João Pereira, alcançando as semifinais do Campeonato Europeu com Portugal. Desde o primeiro dia seria mais um, é altamente motivada, responsável e envolvidos, provavelmente porque agora se sente valorizado pelo Valencia. Além da pequena mensagem que enviou ao Unai Emery publicamente, a sua situação deu uma volta de 180 graus, a partir do estudo com pressa para deixar os negócios do clube em janeiro para ver como não sentir a estender seu contrato até 30 de Junho de 2015.

Braulio e Oscar Font, o agente da defesa Português, e tiveram uma conversa na qual eles se reuniram para discutir questões quando o mercado fechado, onde ficou claro que o jogador não estava disposto a ouvir várias equipes da Turquia e uma das Itália, Juventus, Valencia se ele reconheceu-a e Gestão do Desporto irá estender-lhe ver mais um ano de contrato, Ricardo Costa é Valência até 30 de junho de 2015.Na equipe atual existem três defesas centrais e, a menos que eu mude de idéia, não vai ficharse mais. A responsabilidade do eixo traseiro vai descansar com Adil Rami, Victor Ruiz e Ricardo. Os dois terminaram a temporada como manchetes internacionais, após o Português aproveitou a oportunidade que prometeu Unai, e também mudou o parecer do Sports Management, que fechou as portas de saída após a consumação da não renovação de Dealbert. Braulio agora considerado uma peça importante na volta e vai discutir sua renovação de contrato. Ricardo chegou há duas temporadas com uma carta de liberdade (o FCR amarrou quando entrei para o Wolfsburg, mas a segunda metade do ano fiscal de 2009/10 foi disputado em Lille) e assinado quatro anos, então agora falar da revisão do contrato, porque no fim da estação de corrente será apenas um ano.

Outro aspecto que é valorizado, independentemente do profissionalismo que ninguém duvida é que você pode ocupar três posições na defesa: o lado direito e dois postos na defesa central. Registe outro jogador de suas características podem ser mais caros, além de ser um dos capitães.

Esta situação ocorre também para o futuro incerto de Rami, um jogador que veio a FCR com a idéia de expandir a um salto em sua carreira e pode deixar em um ano, mas em última análise, dependerá das ofertas ter. Richard, que é de 31, planeja se aposentar no clube a competir ao mais alto nível, uma opção que também se congratulou com o Mestalla instituição. Estamos agora à espera para assinar o acordo após a harmonia que existia no primeiro contato.

Le PSG n'est pas pressé à Kevin Gameiro

Le PSG pas pressé de vendre, malgré Kevin Gameiro acheter Zlatan Ibrahimovic millionnaire. Cela a été rendue publique le club français de directeur sportif et ancien joueur de Valence, Leonardo, L'Equipe, interrogé sur la possibilité que la partie frontale à l'entité Mestalla. "Voyons voir. Mais le joueur est apte, est de faire une bonne préparation dans la pré-saison et nous n'avons pas pressé », at-il dit. Le discours d'hier en fut de même l'entraîneur Carlo Ancelotti, qui a ouvert la porte à Nene, mais pas pour Kevin. «Gameiro a fait une pré-saison bonne, il y aura plus de concurrence et tous les joueurs savent que le PSG est la construction d'une équipe fantastique. Tous les joueurs veulent faire partie de cette équipe et faire partie de l'histoire de ce club. "

Valence pas pressé. Il sait que le PSG ne va pas «donner» le joueur, mais aussi que la météo peut jouer en leur faveur. Pendant ce temps, le travail se poursuit constitution. La première option est encore Gameiro, mais pas oublié Valence Alvaro Vazquez. Espanyol attaquant tir est donné la situation délicate dans le club. Bien sûr, l'entraîneur est sorti hier pour défendre la poitrine du joueur et l'a tiré. Mauricio Pochettino avoué hier Peralada concentration, en dépit de la situation controversée de l'attaquant Alvaro Vazquez, il reste blanc joueur à tous les égards. "Nous l'avons et que vous voulez continuer avec nous, mais puis entrez d'autres problèmes personnels et aussi des questions du club," at-il dit. Catalane attaquant rapporté à l'entité pour non-paiement à l'Association des footballeurs espagnols, ce qui assombrit son processus de renouvellement. Le club a demandé de retirer la demande ou, comme son directeur général a déclaré Joan Collet, «prendre des mesures" at-il dit. La réponse, en quelques jours.

Règle Rami sur des blessures graves

"Rien, rien, n'est rien", a déclaré Adil Rami hier à la sortie de la Paterna Sports City. Le retour des Français vendredi dernier de la concentration de l'Allemagne avec le souci de l'inconfort au genou gauche qui l'empêchait de commandes Pellegrino de formation pour le reste de ses coéquipiers. Heureusement, les tests médicaux ont exclu une blessure grave et ont rassuré le joueur. Il ya un oedème, mais les ligaments sont intacts. Bien sûr, l'IRM a révélé que l'usine a du liquide synovial dans le genou gauche et ne peut pas rejoindre le groupe jusqu'à ce que l'inflammation nuisible. Adil savoir quand va rejoindre le groupe, mais on dirait qu'il ne peut pas atteindre le match de samedi contre Porto. Le joueur, quant à lui, des heures supplémentaires au centre de la maison-blanche, et même moins.

Le chef des services médicaux de Valence, Jordi Candel, attribue l'état de dégradation du genou de Rami à la charge du procès-verbal qu'il a enduré la saison dernière à être un fixe Emery Valence et le français. En fait, c'était le 'bleu' à l'Euro quand il a commencé à ressentir une gêne dans le genou. Fait intéressant, il a déjà subi une blessure en pré-saison l'an dernier. L'usine a subi une petite tuméfaction au point d'insertion du ligament collatéral médial du genou gauche qui l'a empêché de jouer un match amical contre Hambourg. Heureusement, le genou évolué au fil des jours et le Français pourrait faire face à la dernière ligne droite de la saison sans aucun problème. C'est exactement ce que vous voulez maintenant le personnel Adil et médicaux. Pour que vous avez déjà mis au travail. Le centre a travaillé le dimanche à la maison avec un appareil de thérapie magnétique qui a pris la salle de gym hier matin et a été remis un kiné à Paterna. Est prévue à subir un autre test la semaine prochaine.

Le Chori formés à 8:30
Rami est venu à Paterson à 10:30 de travailler avec un kiné du club dans le gymnase à la Cité des Sports, qui ont déjà été blessés des deux autres canaux et jamais après leurs procédés de récupération. Ce qui était également sur place hier, c'était le Dominguez Chori. L'Argentin a signé un contrat avec Valence jusqu'en 2013 et, bien que Pellegrino et Braulio déjà été dit qu'elle n'a pas le choix de rester dans la main-d'œuvre, reste engagé dans la formation. Hier, j'ai fabriqué à partir de 8h30 du matin.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rödinghausen 0-4 Valencia CF

Valencia CF hat seinen ersten Sieg erreicht diese Vorsaison besiegte locker Rödinghausen bescheiden, der sechste Bundesrepublik Deutschland, durch einen überzeugenden 0-4.
Jonas und Piatti, das erste Mal, und Feghouli Gil Carles, in der zweiten waren die Autoren in der Poker-Ziele unterstützt den Deutschen.
Das zweite Testspiel FC Valencia wurde auf einem Amateur-Team, der SV Rödinghausen gemessen. Mauricio Pellegrino ins Feld dieses erste Team: Diego Alves, Joao Pereira, Ricardo Costa, Delgado, Bernat, Tino, Parejo, Pablo Piatti, Jonas und Alcacer.
Kurz nach Beginn der Auseinandersetzung, Jonas wieder die Protagonisten nach das erste Tor von Dani Parejo unterstützt, wie es im ersten Spiel der Vorbereitung getan hat.
Der Valencia CF, Premiere ihre blauen Auswärtstrikot, war der Herr der Ball und das Spiel und vor der Pause war Pablo Piatti, die Unterschiede stellen auf der Anzeigetafel nach der Flucht an der rechten Seite, allein an der rivalisierenden Ziel verlassen und definieren Sie ein Master- Zerhacken des Balles.
Im zweiten Teil Pellegrino eingeführt eine neue elf von Guaita, Barragan, Quintanilla, Victor Ruiz, Mathieu, Portugiesisch, Viera, Feghouli, Guardado, Gil Carles und Soldaten gebildet.
Verantwortlich für die Auswertung der das dritte Tor war die Mannschaft Gil Carles, der seine Fähigkeiten zeigte, als ein Stürmer Unterstützung nutzt Jonathan Viera Ferse, lag die rivalisierenden Ziel und die Punktzahl 0-3 ins leere Tor.
Das dritte Ziel auf Valencio nicht beruhigt. Roberto Soldado kam nah an Scoring nach Erhalt einer tollen Pass von Erdöl eingespart, sowie nachfolgenden Aktionen Feghouli und Gil Carles, aber alles ohne Erfolg.
Viera wäre der Protagonist des letzten Pass des Spiels zeigt seine Vision in beiden Feghouli, die Schließung zum ersten Sieg der Ära Pellegrino hätte gestellt werden.

SV Rödinghausen 0: Saur, Schiffbänker, Buddecke, Leenemann, Arifi, Schönwälder, Ruter, Plog, Owusu-Ansah, Juarez und Kalkan. Sie spielten auch Bruggemeyer, Schneck, Buba und seronegativ.

Valencia CF 4: Diego Alves, Joao Pereira, Ricardo Costa, C. Delgado, Bernat, Paul, Parejo, Tino Costa, Piatti, Jonas und Alcácer. Sie spielten auch Guaita, Barragan, Quintanilla, Victor Ruiz, Mathieu, Portugiesisch, Gil Carles, Viera, Soldier, Brown und Dalmau.

Tore: 0:1 min 25 min 45 Piatti Jonas 0-2 0-3 0-4 Min. 57 Min. 86 Gil Carles Feghouli.

  Schiedsrichter: Florian Visse (Deutschland). Gespeicherte ermahnt, von Valencia CF.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Chori Dominguez presented in Paterna to train

Despite knowing first hand that does not fit into the plans Pellegrino, Chori Dominguez appeared yesterday morning in Paterna to train on their own. The attacker comes from a transfer to River Plate and has a contract with the entity Mestalla, but do not count toward the coaching staff. The Argentine landed in Valencia with the intention of obtaining a chance, even his idea was incorporated into the pre-season stay at Marienfeld, but Mauricio Pellegrino feet stopped him short. The same thing happened in the afternoon with Braulio. The Chori visited the manager, but found the same negative response. See also left Paterna Rami, Channels and Banega. The three injured players returned from Germany on Friday and continued recovery.

Gago is placed under the command of Pellegrino in Marienfeld

Fernando Gago has already made ​​orders Mauricio Pellegrino. The new player of Valencia CF has come this Saturday at the camp in Marienfeld (Germany) and in the afternoon has made the first working session with his new teammates. Attempts have been training the last friendly before the second summer that played on Sunday before the VCF Rödinghausen.
The Argentine has focused the attention of a session in which the only casualty was the squad of Salva Ruiz, who has a mild strain in his left knee

The '3 'emergency would be Saved

Andres Guardado would be the left side of Mathieu fall away if you continue without getting injured and replacement of Jordi Alba is working in Valencia. Mauricio Pellegrino believes that the Mexican footballer is best suited to this position that without the arrival of a specialist and with the squad Salva Ruiz injured, is lame. The youth became John Bernat last Friday against Eintracht in a makeshift left back when he jumped Jonatahan Piatti Viera the lawn and moved to inside left. It was only a tactical situational. And, technical plans go through as a real alternative Filed emergency.
Why would the first option Guardado to a hypothetical low-Mathieu and delay signing? Pellegrino has reason to believe it. Mainly because the player is informed and knows that is a position that meets perfection. Andrew began playing for Mexican side Atlas and winger played many games. In addition, last season came to play four games at the position under the command of José Luis Another at Deportivo de La Coruña. Interestingly, one against Barcelona B, the party that saw Valencia sporting director Braulio Vazquez from the stands. Pellegrino, and Oltra, also relies on the conditions of the Mexican. He likes the physical potential you have for that position, the intensity of each move he makes and the path is quality band and when putting the ball in conditions.
With Salva Ruiz on a stretcher - not train remained working with the physios-Bernat yesterday took the left side in training. Although it was only provisional. The idea of ​​the coaching staff is Mexican. Maybe that's one of the variations the 'Skinny' try in the second friendly. Will be today at 15:00 against a team like SV unprofessional Rödinghausen. Wiehe Häcker Stadium will be filled with a capacity for 2,200 fans. The club has mobilized two buses and four cars for the VCF. Riesselmann Henning, one of the leaders of the German club, revealed that Pellegrino had asked for estudiares computer images. As its web, it's like Chancellor Angela Merkel arrive.

Pellegrino: 'I am interested in concepts, not the system'

Valencia Football Club began preparing to contest the first preseason game on German soil against Eintracht Braunschweig. A party that ended with a tie and the author's goal was the Brazilian striker Jonas Gonçalves.
After the match Mauricio Pellegrino attended the journalists who were covering the game and where he made clear that "the most important thing is to add minutes to go slowly coordinating concepts", since for him "the performance is more important than the score '. A Pellegrino what most interests "are the concepts" rather than the system as it is intended in the preseason is that the players understand how to play and the moves that the coach asks the players.
As for the goal conceded, Mauritius has not given much importance as if it were an official party. "The whole sum of details for me makes the overall result. There are many things to work, try to be finding the best ways to deal with the league guarantees "because the league is very tough start for the whole Valencia.
The Argentine coach said he had seen the game. "We struggled to get into the game, but then went slowly improving. I think we ended up pretty good.
"He also spoke about the debut of Portuguese players and finally decided to play them on the fly. "I thought them the last 20 minutes but his head, to heat through and to be in contact with suscompañeros, I decided to put them in the second half." For those who might think that the debut of the Portuguese was too hasty, Pellegrino was clear: "sometimes the best training is to play a few minutes.
"Jonas also talked and Guardado. As expected the Brazilian striker's goal was "the first of many" this season, he emphasized that the Mexican Eintracht was "a good parameter to start", but expects much of the equipment. We found very comfortable with Jonas and Soldier since "it is not difficult to get along with so many quality players," but is aware that they need to know more to fit best.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gago and the commitment of the VCF by the Argentine football

The signing of midfielder Fernando Gago from Real Madrid for the next four seasons for Valencia is strengthening its commitment to football and especially their Argentine midfield.
Gago's arrival is the fifth procurement by the Valencian club an Argentine player in the last four years and joins those of fellow Ever Banega, Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez, Tino Costa and Pablo Piatti, in addition to the technical Mauricio Pellegrino.
A situation that is very similar to that experienced in the 2000-2001 season when with Hector Cuper on the bench were the backbone of the Valencia players like Fabian Ayala, Pellegrino, Kily Gonzalez and Pablo Aimar.
However, the importance in the current group of players is not comparable to that then, as now of the four co-Gago seems that only Tino Costa, who landed at the Mestalla last two seasons, has a guaranteed place and that after he decided to stay at the club and in recent days speculated with a move.
Banega, who is still recovering from a serious injury, is a mystery today ahead of next season after they had settled on the computer at the beginning of last year.
In the case of Piatti, Argentina will have a second chance after a patchy first season while the 'Chori' Dominguez, which was given last year at River Plate, aims to reach an agreement for the termination of his contract.
 However, the presence of these players is that the Valencian club has returned to trust the origin football in Argentina that has given so much success throughout its history with the likes of Mario Alberto Kempes, Claudio 'louse' López and Pablo Aimar , among others.
Yet despite the grandeur of some of these figures just four seasons, 2008-2009, Valencia started the course without Argentine accent after thirteen years of uninterrupted presence of players from that country on their roster.
The output of defense Fabian Ayala at the end of the 2006-2007 season left the club Argentine orphan and his absence was filled until January 2008 when he was signed Banega.
 The premiere international midfielder was uneven and caused mismatch was given during the 2008-2009 season at Atletico Madrid.
Banega's story is another of the twenty-eight that have been written in the Valencian club since his debut in 1933 William Villagra and until the arrival of Gago now.
Several players have excelled at this time but over all stands the striker Mario Alberto Kempes, the "Matador", which arrived from River Plate in 1976, and in his seven seasons at the club got 116 goals in the league, second highest scorer in history, won a Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup and World champion with Argentina in 1978.
Before Kempes went through the club players like Sanchez Lage, Jesus Martinez, Oscar Ruben Valdez and Michelangelo Adorno and others after his departure came as Ruben Dario and Jose Luis Iglesias Ciraolo but it was not until the arrival of Claudio Javier "louse" Lopez, during 96-97, when the fans found a fellow worthy to succeed.
 The "louse" in his four seasons at Valencia, was able to win a Cup in 1999 and reached the final of the Champions League 2000 and placed, with 47 goals, the top 20 scorers in the club.
Since the 96-97 season, which was hired to "louse", Fernando Caceres and Ariel Ortega, Argentine payroll has not stopped growing and reached its zenith during 97-98 when joined these: William Moriggi and Gustavo Campagnuolo.

And tie-season debut for the VCF

The Valencia CF Pellegrino walked against Eintracht Braunschweig, a team that if something showed in preseason debut was to be more ro.
The black and white set managed to tie a game that made him very soon and was also against the win, though, the Pellegrino did not show the best image.
Few conclusions can be drawn from the premiere. Many changes, many tests which marred the team and lack of pace in many sections of the party, as is usual in these summer bowling. Eintracht Braunschweig came forward with a header eight minutes Dogan.
The Valencia CF not collapsed and began to squeeze until the stroke of half an hour a great move for Paul was used by Jonas to dribble the opponent goal and put the tables.
The Valencia CF players continue pressing and poking. Saved debut, Pereira, Viera ... and the homegrown and eurocampeones.
In the second half of the Valencia CF Tuvan the clearest chance in the boots of Parejo. The Coslada launched a maximum penalty Piatti but did to trick the goalkeeper despite smashing the ball over the crossbar.
By the end, followed the carousel changes by both teams. Alves had a couple of times merit and Pellegrino's team looked a little, that of the comeback, who would eventually arrive.

Technical details:

Eintracht Braunschweig-1: Davari, Bicakcic, Dogan, Krote, Kratz, Reichel, Correia, Korte, Pfitzner, and Ryong Kruppke Pak. Kessel also played, Vrancic, Boland, Bohl, Theuerkauf, Turan, Merkel, Edwini-Bonsu and Drüppel.

Valencia CF-1: Guaita, Salva Ruiz, Alex Quintanilla, Albelda, Jonas, Soldier, Barragan, Guardado, Victor Ruiz, Pablo Hernandez and Tino Costa. They also played Mathieu, Alves, Portuguese, Feghouli, Piatti, Brown, Pereira, Ricardo Costa, Parejo, Alcácer, Bernat, Viera, Carlos Delgado and Dalmau.

-Goals: 1-0 min 1-1 min 27 9 Dogan Jonas-Referee: Michael Weiner (Germany) Drüppel admonished by the Eintracht, and Soldier and Diego Alves, by Valencia CF.

-Subs: First pre-season friendly 12-13. Eintracht Stadion Braunschweig. (15,000 spectators).

Eintracht 1-1 VCF CF

Tente aproximar-se para Barcelona e Madrid

João Pereira viveu seus primeiros dias como Valência. O extremo Portugal é uma das caras novas no Valencia CF e colocando tudo em seu poder para se juntar em breve. "Estou aproveitando os primeiros dias para conhecer o grupo, para tentar aprender a língua, pois é muito importante e quanto mais cedo começa a falar espanhol em breve vou começar a integrar, e eu tenho sentimentos muito positivos. I deve ser constante, o grupo parece bastante unido e coeso, muito feliz e assim é mais fácil integrar. "O Luso acredita que" 20 dias "pode ​​oferecer, e um" retorno normal "

Só leva alguns dias com seus novos companheiros de equipe, mas sinto totalmente integrado. "É normal para conversar um pouco mais com os jogadores que estão vindo para a mesa onde comemos, como Guardado, Piatti, Tino Costa € Mas tente conversar com todo mundo e eu sou quase mais um, quase €". Sobre suas aspirações nesta nova etapa, João Pereira pretende competir com o Barcelona e Real Madrid, na medida do possível. "Claro, Barcelona e Madrid tem dois grandes times, mas vamos começar o torneio com a intenção de estar lá, caso contrário não vale a pena jogar na liga. Sabemos que será difícil, que um dos primeiros objetivos de FCR é para entrar directamente para os lugares da Liga dos Campeões, estamos cientes, mas vamos tentar reduzir o espaço entre Barcelona e Real Madrid se aproximar o máximo possível "

Comparação com MiguelO lado Português vem para preencher a vaga deixada por seu compatriota Miguel. João se atreve a falar sobre semelhanças e diferenças. "Entre os semajanzas, estamos ambos de caráter ofensivo, Michael também foi muito ofensivo. Eu disse que tem que melhorar a nível defensivo, foi o que eu precisava, e ambos temos coisas em comum, pois ambos começaram a tocar profissionalmente em Benfica, e me ensinou muitas coisas. Miguel foi muito importante para confirmar no Benfica e em Portugal, eu sou muito grato a ele por que "

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alcácer-Soldier, like brothers

There is feeling. It shows. Soldier is the referent of Valencia, for Paco Alcácer an idol, but above all a true friend. While Robert, Robert, considered even his little brother. Or changing the order, as recognized by Paco, "is my brother. The relationship I have with it is very good, we have the same form of being, we discussed many things. As the two strikers have been talking a lot and now we can say that there is a very good friendship. " For that, all that good feeling you can not bring good things to this team, should be celebrated. SUPER met them the day after arrival at the recent Marienfeld sub'19 European champions. And they love it.

They really wanted to be. In recent days had exchanged messages, most of congratulations for the success of Estonia. They usually do, especially when the game separates them is the best way to communicate. Just to see them realize that they can never be rivals. "Soldier is my idol," does not hesitate to recognize the Torrent. "I would also like to take the '9 ', but if I will have Roberto to take another, because this is on veteran. Also, for that I will have to win the estarmen the first team. " That is something that Robert has no doubt that will happen sooner or later, "Paco is the most important thing in a forward, you see I have much goal and moves well, so it must be assured that is sure to come his chance '.

Its referent
Alcácer blushes to hear and, yes, reveals who his teacher: "I look a lot at parties in their movements, any striker would be set at a player like him. One of the best players in the world in his position and I that I have on the computer I have to use it and learn from him many things. " Thus, Robert says he learns a lot and very quickly, because "Paco is already present. At his age it is important that you play, but that is the decision of the coach. He already knows he has to work hard, this is the way. For my part, as I appreciate a lot and for me it's like my little brother, only I wish that hopefully one day fulfill their dreams.

""I would like to retire at Valencia, I feel very loved by the people," acknowledges Soldier. Dreams, many, but all go through "working hard to try to stay in the first team, my dream is to be in Valencia for many years. For all I know, Robert has the same idea and feeling that I have, playing on the computer where I was born. It's a dream to play for Valencia, "says the young striker, who also states that" our families raised us well and we know what we want, we must thank the parents for taking us on track. "

Yesterday also Pellegrino aligned them together as a team. Is it possible? From the moment the Torrent is complicated, or perhaps something far yet, "That must decide the coach, I work in training to improve day by day and in the future, if I am in the first team play. If next to him and would be the best, because in addition to a great player is above all a great persona.Y look, look at his numbers in Valencia ... I wish I already have them, "says Paco.

The virtue of both is the goal, both live and live and in Play matches. Who would you put on your computer, or Robert Paco? To Paco and Roberto? Why not both? The Torrent has it very clear: "Of course I always put my team in Soldier and me ... If I am '. We leave you kidding, it is not joke with them is that Valencia have two goals for many years. Time to time.

The Decalogue of Pellegrino

Mauricio Pellegrino is clear about the value of commitment. "The team is fundamental to success." That premise is the basis of his work and is not a vacuous statement. The Argentine coach tries to build a new Valencia from humility, effort, solidarity, respect and identification with the values ​​that characterize the entity. His first challenge as a coach is loyal to his players with these principles, convince them that the group is above the individuals, that Valencia should be a family.

The Argentine is a serious guy, paused, with clear ideas and when he speaks lucidly conveys his speech. He is passionate about football, you know details, knows and hears, speaks and remembers. Describes games with a special light: The tactics, players, results? This will be his debut as head coach can not play the trick of the experience, but is aware that manages other weapons. El Flaco is a very close to the players today do not understand the relationship differently: Communication should be fluid. He has been a player until recently and that makes it easier. That ability to understand the different situations that players live is a bonus that is not taught in any school.

Still have not started talks, is a process of time. Handles all types of reports, you can meet a player for what you have seen, however, prefers Pellegrino everyday and workout performance, the evolution of everyday life and all those elements that best value in live . These internals of the daily routine of the staff is gathering all the concepts I had. This is the first step to do before insisting on what he likes, seeks to define a sense of team tactics culture, style of play and the identity of the costume. He is now at a stage to meet his players. So I always pending for overseeing every detail. The method is due to chance. The coaching staff has a lot of data from all parties and the performance of each player, have seen almost every game last season and are reviewing and analyzing. The have very present and is catching up. The more data you want to have any better, or physical therapists or medical department who is dedicated to everything, because it is the head of everything. Pellegrino leads by example by his desire for perfection.

Authority and group culture
Punctuality and righteousness with the times has also been felt. The coaching staff made it clear that aspect from the first day of work at the Sports City Paterna. The other players being on time, every hour. You still have to set how small concentrations and forgetfulness is normal, but people in general is more aware.

The new authority and discipline are not incompatible with the good vibes. There is always a place reserved for jokes. Marienfeld not a prison. Respect and education are non-negotiable values. The coaching staff treats people as individuals, without neglecting the professional requirement, but being aware that they are human beings with feelings and concerns. Everything speaks to the face with spirit and good taste. The baton of the flight that prepared the 'Professor' Macaya for the day of arrival was the best example. Recess was fun and a way to involve people, then at night the awards were handed out tax-free because it was in the air. That desire to make clear in group meals. The lounge is spacious and Pellegrino has called for a large rectangular table, a "board room" as they say in the wedding, that everyone is together. That message is: You want a united group.

Pellegrino holds the template in a monastery

Pellegrino changed the sun of Costa Rica for this part of Germany known as Marienfeld. It goes with his character, prefers to work quietly and without any distractions. Al 'Skinny' is hard to see a cry in public, loves to hear different opinions reflect and, hence, has sought a scenario that fits like a glove to his personality. And here at Valencia CF river with rain, cold and enclosed in a Cistercian monastery which was built in the year 1412 and now converted into an ideal place to prepare for a season that will be very demanding.

To keep this religious tradition, one of the receptions of the complex there is even a confessional, currently used for Internet connections, accompanied by a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI. There was initially technicians and Gabriel Macaya Carlos Compagnucci, after seeing how everything was in order, decided they could pass their kids. There's an obsession with keeping tabs on all the details, only thus can achieve perfection, always with a great deal of work. Although the design and building walls have been preserved since the Middle Ages, over the years that image has been modernized medieval and gone including photographs related to the football world, with special attention to the clubs , selections and technicians who have passed through the hotel Klosterpforte, leaving their mark. One of the firms that already exist is that of Ricardo Costa, who went through the monastery during the World Cup Germany 2006, as it was in this same place where the Lusitanian concentrated to prepare the World Cup. Of religion to the game. The name of Valencia will enroll Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Porto, Besiktas, Stuttgart, Ajax, as well as several clubs in Qatar. Some of the photos that most attention is that of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, who also has his portrait along with the other technicians who have passed through the center. A select club that very soon will join Mauricio Pellegrino.

The 23 first team players, plus the seven homegrown, took their single on the 'Sporthotel', which have all amenities. Just after crossing the gateway, players found themselves with a football. Ever Banega looked at him intently as physiotherapists had fun playing a game, which later joined the Gallic player, Jeremy Mathieu. After scoring a goal he explained the rules 'governing' in Valencia. At each site there are varieties, but as he said, the important thing is to score. Although his natural position on the pitch is to side, Jeremy chose to occupy the position of attack when playing football. The ping-pong tables will also be players in the preseason period. The Valencia players can choose from a table that is located outdoors next to a lake, or on rainy days like yesterday, will play at a table located inside the hotel.

Although yesterday the players could not completely see the fantastic facilities after working themselves knew the area of ​​water, something we really appreciated after a session held exclusively physical in the rain. The massage room, sauna and Turkish bath, will or Other sanctuary for the team. Less time will have to use the golf course, which exercised yesterday. What began as a monastery, today has become a first class sports complex, where Mauricio Pellegrino intends to establish order, work and put the seeds for a great Valencia who is going to require much in this last season has only begun to take its first steps.

The anger of Siqueira

The signing of Guilherme Siqueira by Valencia is hot and never better. The player with the Granada CF concentrated in La Manga del Mar Menor, starred in a row yesterday very hot in one of the training camps with their president Quique Pina in the eyes of the sporting director of the company, Juan Carlos Cordero. It was after that, after a conversation over the phone, he learned that Valencia and Granada had not agreed to his move to the Mestalla club, something that the Pina confirmed below. The player's intention, as expressed in the interview published yesterday SUPER is an elegant way out of the Andalusian club, but is unwilling to lose the opportunity to be part of Valencia without a fight to the end.

The scene occurred in the afternoon yesterday. The chairman of Granada, Quique Pina, appeared at the concentration in the afternoon, after attending the clubhouse to the presentation of one of its latest additions. The first thing I did was go to the field where they developed the training session and when the team concluded Enquela work, went straight for Guilherme Siqueira. Nothing presaged according to the first moments of the meeting what would happen next, but the laughter and handshakes initial gestures was gradually coming to be more serious, the tone of the discussion was growing anger at the end of footballer was tremendous. "Not like that, eh", it was heard saying to the player in a tone very serious, almost threatening.

Contacts between clubsIndeed,
Valencia had summoned to Granada to make a decision on the transfer of the player, this week is what has set the club to close the incorporation of a left and a midfielder. In its day, Manuel Llorente sent them would be willing to put three million euros to be owned half the pass Guilherme Siqueira, although Valencia can reach four million. Quique Pina, owner of the club and player, it looks bad this operation would serve to add value to a player who later could get much more benefit, which does not agree is in the price of that 50 percent. Yesterday, in the concentration of La Manga, asserted that "if this is a team playing Champions League Granada provides the option to share 50 percent of the player. We have no offer from Valencia, but three million have nothing to do. "The future of Siqueira and Valencia issue right now is unknown, because the Mestalla club is not going to raise the bid and pay more for half the rights of a footballer. Not the way things are done and less on these days. Or Pina agree to the terms and Valencia, as it did with Bruno Soriano, will make its way. The alternatives are clear and the next page would plunge into negotiations with Rome for the transfer of Jose Angel, another episode complicated because the Italian club has never been willing to give the player, yes to negotiate a transfer. The option takes time Dídac Vilà parked, but could be reactivated at any time. Everything will depend also on the final cost of the midfielder, is Bruno Soriano, Fernando Gago or Oriol Romeu, Mata mate at Chelsea.

Sergio Valencia Channels tab

The agreement between Valencia CF and Real Madrid not only limited to the signing of Argentine Fernando Gago. Both clubs also reached an agreement yesterday for the transfer of midfielder Sergio Canales Cantabrian, who has played this season given all-white. The player had previously given the "yes" to Valencia to stop being a loan and become Valencia for all purposes. Channels sign a contract with Valencia for the next five seasons.
Therefore, a fata of economic details of the operation, he split Channels and sign Real Madrid with Valencia, Real Madrid will pay to a figure close to 8 million, 4 million less than the purchase option I had at the end of next season. Channel passes the staff of Valencia, but Real Madrid is saved an option to buy over the next two years, amounting to 12 million next summer and 15 million the next.

VCF akan memainkan pertandingan persahabatan melawan Indonesia di Jakarta

Dalam turnya ke preseason game, Valencia CF dikonfirmasi kemarin yang bermain pada Sabtu 4 Agustus (pukul 21.00 waktu setempat) pertandingan persahabatan melawan Indonesia, Seleksi Stadion Gelora Bung Karno di Jakarta, Jakarta (Indonesia).
Ricardo Costa, salah satu pemain internasional staf, hadir melalui konferensi video kepada media di Indonesia pada konferensi pers di Valencia bek menjelaskan pentingnya pihak tersebut dan dampak yang berkembang bahwa internasional Valencia CF menikmati seluruh dunia.