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Monday, July 30, 2012

Adil Rami test his knee in the grass

Adil Rami in his recovery progresses slowly. French plans to jump on the Monday morning the lawn of the Sports City Paterna for continuous running and examine his injured knee. The central Valencia plans to start running after three weeks of fitness center that has not even been able to jump to the lawn. The player suffered an erosion of the cartilage in his knee for the overhead of games last season and knows that an injury is not serious, but needs much patience and calm at the time of recovery. For now, it takes three weeks doing gym work. Today will be a new small step toward the real goal is to join the training with the group. Something that has not been able to do since he joined the German concentration. Since then, the French international has missed the four friendlies that Pellegrino have played this summer. The Frenchman does not come naturally in time for the friendly in Indonesia and is scheduled to undergo a new MRI to check the status of his injury.

The one who trusts in stay and play in Jakarta in Guaita Vicent. Valencia goalkeeper has missed the last two preseason games because of some awkward discomfort in the thigh of his right leg. The Torrent, who only completed half of training before the Trophy Taronja, hasten their recovery to travel to Jakarta one hundred percent physically and so be able to return to the goal against the selection of Indonesia. The goalkeeper wants to be perfectly restored black and white and not run any risk of injury severity.

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