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Friday, July 20, 2012

Alcácer-Soldier, like brothers

There is feeling. It shows. Soldier is the referent of Valencia, for Paco Alcácer an idol, but above all a true friend. While Robert, Robert, considered even his little brother. Or changing the order, as recognized by Paco, "is my brother. The relationship I have with it is very good, we have the same form of being, we discussed many things. As the two strikers have been talking a lot and now we can say that there is a very good friendship. " For that, all that good feeling you can not bring good things to this team, should be celebrated. SUPER met them the day after arrival at the recent Marienfeld sub'19 European champions. And they love it.

They really wanted to be. In recent days had exchanged messages, most of congratulations for the success of Estonia. They usually do, especially when the game separates them is the best way to communicate. Just to see them realize that they can never be rivals. "Soldier is my idol," does not hesitate to recognize the Torrent. "I would also like to take the '9 ', but if I will have Roberto to take another, because this is on veteran. Also, for that I will have to win the estarmen the first team. " That is something that Robert has no doubt that will happen sooner or later, "Paco is the most important thing in a forward, you see I have much goal and moves well, so it must be assured that is sure to come his chance '.

Its referent
Alcácer blushes to hear and, yes, reveals who his teacher: "I look a lot at parties in their movements, any striker would be set at a player like him. One of the best players in the world in his position and I that I have on the computer I have to use it and learn from him many things. " Thus, Robert says he learns a lot and very quickly, because "Paco is already present. At his age it is important that you play, but that is the decision of the coach. He already knows he has to work hard, this is the way. For my part, as I appreciate a lot and for me it's like my little brother, only I wish that hopefully one day fulfill their dreams.

""I would like to retire at Valencia, I feel very loved by the people," acknowledges Soldier. Dreams, many, but all go through "working hard to try to stay in the first team, my dream is to be in Valencia for many years. For all I know, Robert has the same idea and feeling that I have, playing on the computer where I was born. It's a dream to play for Valencia, "says the young striker, who also states that" our families raised us well and we know what we want, we must thank the parents for taking us on track. "

Yesterday also Pellegrino aligned them together as a team. Is it possible? From the moment the Torrent is complicated, or perhaps something far yet, "That must decide the coach, I work in training to improve day by day and in the future, if I am in the first team play. If next to him and would be the best, because in addition to a great player is above all a great persona.Y look, look at his numbers in Valencia ... I wish I already have them, "says Paco.

The virtue of both is the goal, both live and live and in Play matches. Who would you put on your computer, or Robert Paco? To Paco and Roberto? Why not both? The Torrent has it very clear: "Of course I always put my team in Soldier and me ... If I am '. We leave you kidding, it is not joke with them is that Valencia have two goals for many years. Time to time.

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