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Saturday, July 21, 2012

And tie-season debut for the VCF

The Valencia CF Pellegrino walked against Eintracht Braunschweig, a team that if something showed in preseason debut was to be more ro.
The black and white set managed to tie a game that made him very soon and was also against the win, though, the Pellegrino did not show the best image.
Few conclusions can be drawn from the premiere. Many changes, many tests which marred the team and lack of pace in many sections of the party, as is usual in these summer bowling. Eintracht Braunschweig came forward with a header eight minutes Dogan.
The Valencia CF not collapsed and began to squeeze until the stroke of half an hour a great move for Paul was used by Jonas to dribble the opponent goal and put the tables.
The Valencia CF players continue pressing and poking. Saved debut, Pereira, Viera ... and the homegrown and eurocampeones.
In the second half of the Valencia CF Tuvan the clearest chance in the boots of Parejo. The Coslada launched a maximum penalty Piatti but did to trick the goalkeeper despite smashing the ball over the crossbar.
By the end, followed the carousel changes by both teams. Alves had a couple of times merit and Pellegrino's team looked a little, that of the comeback, who would eventually arrive.

Technical details:

Eintracht Braunschweig-1: Davari, Bicakcic, Dogan, Krote, Kratz, Reichel, Correia, Korte, Pfitzner, and Ryong Kruppke Pak. Kessel also played, Vrancic, Boland, Bohl, Theuerkauf, Turan, Merkel, Edwini-Bonsu and Drüppel.

Valencia CF-1: Guaita, Salva Ruiz, Alex Quintanilla, Albelda, Jonas, Soldier, Barragan, Guardado, Victor Ruiz, Pablo Hernandez and Tino Costa. They also played Mathieu, Alves, Portuguese, Feghouli, Piatti, Brown, Pereira, Ricardo Costa, Parejo, Alcácer, Bernat, Viera, Carlos Delgado and Dalmau.

-Goals: 1-0 min 1-1 min 27 9 Dogan Jonas-Referee: Michael Weiner (Germany) Drüppel admonished by the Eintracht, and Soldier and Diego Alves, by Valencia CF.

-Subs: First pre-season friendly 12-13. Eintracht Stadion Braunschweig. (15,000 spectators).

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