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Monday, July 30, 2012

Calcined Banega's Ferrari in Paterna

Ever Banega has no luck with their cars. A sporty red Ferrari is owned by the Argentine entry calcined at Paterna, just in the last corner 300 meters from the access of the sports city without causing personal injury. Ever an occurrence which fortunately came out unscathed.
A motor heating or shock are seen as the main cause of the fire, which started in the rear of the car, where is the engine of his Ferrari 458.
Banega had to quickly leave your new sports car after seeing the fire originated. The flames, aided by the wind blowing, quickly devoured much of the vehicle while listening little explosions.
The fire spread to nearby bushes so police patrols displaced local and national scene had to cut the road until they arrived two fire engines that quickly controlled the fire. Meanwhile, the players had to move to the Sports City walk from the Hotel Posada for an alternative path.
The car, a Ferrari 458 that has been totally disabled, has a market price ranging to 250,000 euros.

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