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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Europe reported 21.9 million

Is it more profitable to fall in and try to win the Champions League Europe? Seems more affordable sporting win the Euroleague is very exciting and lift a title, but the reality is more cruel. In this hard times, what matters is the economy and the world of football is not exempt. Upon completion of the last European season, Valencia CF has entered EUR 21.9 million counting the two competitions contested, the group stages of the Champions League and four in the Champions League qualifiers. Making a comparison to last year, when the team entered only 24 million contesting the Champions League-league and knockout final against Schalke, is much more profitable to play the top European competition, as the economic gap is brutal. If Valencia CF have happened to the knockout stages of the Champions League this year, had received three million euros, the same amount you entered for the four rounds contested in the Euroleague.
UEFA has its stop method to allocate over 900 million euros distributed among participants of the two European competitions.As for the Champions League, each club receives 3.9 million for participating in the group stage and 3.3 million by disputing parties. These quantities are fixed for each club, but there are quantities which vary wins 800,000 euros and 400,000-ties. And not forgetting the television income that depends on the audience of each game. The club ran Unai Emery admitted 2.4 million for winning two games and drawing two. Furthermore, the TV rights to UEFA club spent 9.2 million of the capital of Turia, a far cry from the nearly 16 million won Real Madrid and FC Barcelona 18.5.
In total, Valencia received 18.8 million to spare the six group matches.In the Euroleague, when the method of dividing the income is the same, the big difference is in the amounts allocated to UEFA teams. The total amount deposited by the Valencia was 3.1 million. An amount that is divided into television rights, which reached the million and half euros, the knockout against Stoke, which involved 200,000 euros, the second round against PSV, which were 300,000, with the quarterfinals against AZ Alkmaar were reached 400,000 and finally 700,000 euros for the semifinals against Atletico.
Leaving aside the VCF, the more money teams have entered the Champions are the ones who played the final, Chelsea (59.9) and Bayern (41.7). Behind them is the club (40.5), followed by Milan did not play the semifinals, but won by 23.5 million television audiences for a total of 39.8. The fifth-placed Real Madrid is 38.4, followed by Manchester (35.1), thanks to being the most money received by audiences, more than 25 million. After they close the top ten of the Inter-income (31.5), Arsenal (28.2), Leverkusen (28.1) and Naples (27.7). Valencia CF is ranked 16. In the Euroleague what is striking is not the Schalke reached the semifinals, he entered the same as the champion. It is because Schalke received 8 million in audience and Atletico only 4.

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