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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gago and the commitment of the VCF by the Argentine football

The signing of midfielder Fernando Gago from Real Madrid for the next four seasons for Valencia is strengthening its commitment to football and especially their Argentine midfield.
Gago's arrival is the fifth procurement by the Valencian club an Argentine player in the last four years and joins those of fellow Ever Banega, Alejandro 'Chori' Dominguez, Tino Costa and Pablo Piatti, in addition to the technical Mauricio Pellegrino.
A situation that is very similar to that experienced in the 2000-2001 season when with Hector Cuper on the bench were the backbone of the Valencia players like Fabian Ayala, Pellegrino, Kily Gonzalez and Pablo Aimar.
However, the importance in the current group of players is not comparable to that then, as now of the four co-Gago seems that only Tino Costa, who landed at the Mestalla last two seasons, has a guaranteed place and that after he decided to stay at the club and in recent days speculated with a move.
Banega, who is still recovering from a serious injury, is a mystery today ahead of next season after they had settled on the computer at the beginning of last year.
In the case of Piatti, Argentina will have a second chance after a patchy first season while the 'Chori' Dominguez, which was given last year at River Plate, aims to reach an agreement for the termination of his contract.
 However, the presence of these players is that the Valencian club has returned to trust the origin football in Argentina that has given so much success throughout its history with the likes of Mario Alberto Kempes, Claudio 'louse' López and Pablo Aimar , among others.
Yet despite the grandeur of some of these figures just four seasons, 2008-2009, Valencia started the course without Argentine accent after thirteen years of uninterrupted presence of players from that country on their roster.
The output of defense Fabian Ayala at the end of the 2006-2007 season left the club Argentine orphan and his absence was filled until January 2008 when he was signed Banega.
 The premiere international midfielder was uneven and caused mismatch was given during the 2008-2009 season at Atletico Madrid.
Banega's story is another of the twenty-eight that have been written in the Valencian club since his debut in 1933 William Villagra and until the arrival of Gago now.
Several players have excelled at this time but over all stands the striker Mario Alberto Kempes, the "Matador", which arrived from River Plate in 1976, and in his seven seasons at the club got 116 goals in the league, second highest scorer in history, won a Cup Winners Cup and European Super Cup and World champion with Argentina in 1978.
Before Kempes went through the club players like Sanchez Lage, Jesus Martinez, Oscar Ruben Valdez and Michelangelo Adorno and others after his departure came as Ruben Dario and Jose Luis Iglesias Ciraolo but it was not until the arrival of Claudio Javier "louse" Lopez, during 96-97, when the fans found a fellow worthy to succeed.
 The "louse" in his four seasons at Valencia, was able to win a Cup in 1999 and reached the final of the Champions League 2000 and placed, with 47 goals, the top 20 scorers in the club.
Since the 96-97 season, which was hired to "louse", Fernando Caceres and Ariel Ortega, Argentine payroll has not stopped growing and reached its zenith during 97-98 when joined these: William Moriggi and Gustavo Campagnuolo.

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