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Friday, July 20, 2012

Pellegrino holds the template in a monastery

Pellegrino changed the sun of Costa Rica for this part of Germany known as Marienfeld. It goes with his character, prefers to work quietly and without any distractions. Al 'Skinny' is hard to see a cry in public, loves to hear different opinions reflect and, hence, has sought a scenario that fits like a glove to his personality. And here at Valencia CF river with rain, cold and enclosed in a Cistercian monastery which was built in the year 1412 and now converted into an ideal place to prepare for a season that will be very demanding.

To keep this religious tradition, one of the receptions of the complex there is even a confessional, currently used for Internet connections, accompanied by a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI. There was initially technicians and Gabriel Macaya Carlos Compagnucci, after seeing how everything was in order, decided they could pass their kids. There's an obsession with keeping tabs on all the details, only thus can achieve perfection, always with a great deal of work. Although the design and building walls have been preserved since the Middle Ages, over the years that image has been modernized medieval and gone including photographs related to the football world, with special attention to the clubs , selections and technicians who have passed through the hotel Klosterpforte, leaving their mark. One of the firms that already exist is that of Ricardo Costa, who went through the monastery during the World Cup Germany 2006, as it was in this same place where the Lusitanian concentrated to prepare the World Cup. Of religion to the game. The name of Valencia will enroll Bayern Munich, Hamburg, Porto, Besiktas, Stuttgart, Ajax, as well as several clubs in Qatar. Some of the photos that most attention is that of Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, who also has his portrait along with the other technicians who have passed through the center. A select club that very soon will join Mauricio Pellegrino.

The 23 first team players, plus the seven homegrown, took their single on the 'Sporthotel', which have all amenities. Just after crossing the gateway, players found themselves with a football. Ever Banega looked at him intently as physiotherapists had fun playing a game, which later joined the Gallic player, Jeremy Mathieu. After scoring a goal he explained the rules 'governing' in Valencia. At each site there are varieties, but as he said, the important thing is to score. Although his natural position on the pitch is to side, Jeremy chose to occupy the position of attack when playing football. The ping-pong tables will also be players in the preseason period. The Valencia players can choose from a table that is located outdoors next to a lake, or on rainy days like yesterday, will play at a table located inside the hotel.

Although yesterday the players could not completely see the fantastic facilities after working themselves knew the area of ​​water, something we really appreciated after a session held exclusively physical in the rain. The massage room, sauna and Turkish bath, will or Other sanctuary for the team. Less time will have to use the golf course, which exercised yesterday. What began as a monastery, today has become a first class sports complex, where Mauricio Pellegrino intends to establish order, work and put the seeds for a great Valencia who is going to require much in this last season has only begun to take its first steps.

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