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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pellegrino: 'I am interested in concepts, not the system'

Valencia Football Club began preparing to contest the first preseason game on German soil against Eintracht Braunschweig. A party that ended with a tie and the author's goal was the Brazilian striker Jonas Gonçalves.
After the match Mauricio Pellegrino attended the journalists who were covering the game and where he made clear that "the most important thing is to add minutes to go slowly coordinating concepts", since for him "the performance is more important than the score '. A Pellegrino what most interests "are the concepts" rather than the system as it is intended in the preseason is that the players understand how to play and the moves that the coach asks the players.
As for the goal conceded, Mauritius has not given much importance as if it were an official party. "The whole sum of details for me makes the overall result. There are many things to work, try to be finding the best ways to deal with the league guarantees "because the league is very tough start for the whole Valencia.
The Argentine coach said he had seen the game. "We struggled to get into the game, but then went slowly improving. I think we ended up pretty good.
"He also spoke about the debut of Portuguese players and finally decided to play them on the fly. "I thought them the last 20 minutes but his head, to heat through and to be in contact with suscompañeros, I decided to put them in the second half." For those who might think that the debut of the Portuguese was too hasty, Pellegrino was clear: "sometimes the best training is to play a few minutes.
"Jonas also talked and Guardado. As expected the Brazilian striker's goal was "the first of many" this season, he emphasized that the Mexican Eintracht was "a good parameter to start", but expects much of the equipment. We found very comfortable with Jonas and Soldier since "it is not difficult to get along with so many quality players," but is aware that they need to know more to fit best.

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