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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pellegrino is the antithesis of Unai Emery

The first game of Mauricio Pellegrino on the bench at Mestalla left many keys as it is and behaves as Argentina coach. The conclusion is that the 'Skinny' Pellegrino is like the antithesis of Unai Emery. One notable for their continuous shouts and gestures at the Mestalla band, whereas the other does for its tranquility and calmness. The differences could be noted from the heat, as followed from the band performed an action that Emery. From the first minute, the skinny stood in the technical area, sat on the bench a few times, with his arms crossed and his hand on his chin, pondering aspects of the meeting or to correct movements of the players. After five minutes, stressed Ricardo Costa, and he did not like the decision that the Portuguese carried out with the ball, a clear example that Pellegrino attaches great importance to the decisions the player must take, and must choose well when have to go out with the ball under control and when to opt for displacement length. The method of Mauritius stands out as being very clear in explaining the concepts and do everything we can to make the players understand them. An example of this occurred in the 40th minute when a free kick for Porto side, the Argentine made a Feghouli instructed to defend the occasion. Seeing that the French-Algerian did not understand, do not hesitate to act out what to do to defend the occasion, giving importance to be placed at the spot to watch his back, but without losing sight of the front area to prevent a possible auction. Another detail is that it is continually talking with the fourth official, as in minute 43, which claimed a penalty on Mathieu possible, but never using bad manners or raising his voice, always calmly and slowly. Without losing the case, as in the 57th minute when Lucho Porto scored the goal, and claimed a possible hands.

After the debut of Valencia in front of the fans, the Argentine coach Mauricio Pellegrino, spoke in front of journalists for the first time in the press room at the Mestalla Stadium, where he highlighted the work and the work done by the team. "I'm happy. Concentrate on the job and the team have to do what I do. The important thing is that we were able to show, that is what it is because it is a football game, "Hardy said. You could see a good Valencia dominated the second half against a team that has worked together for a long time and with the same game idea. Pellegrino ended with a premise: "We must continue working."

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