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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pellegrino met with the captains

At the end of the course, President Manuel Llorente and sporting director Braulio Vazquez held a meeting with five players who, today, are for Mauricio Pellegrino partners of the workforce. Are Albelda, Soldier, Ricardo Costa, Pablo and Vicente Guaita. The 'Skinny' has already spoken to them here in Marienfeld, although neither party believes it was a formal meeting was in sight of all and was not discussed seriously the issue of the captaincy because the idea is not to formally appoint captains or relevant decisions until the template is closed. Of course, the conclusion of this talk is that the five could repeat.
At the moment it was just a touchdown and gave the message that Pellegrino was that the captains will be "merit". In the first two games the web has passed by Albelda, Soldier and Ricardo Costa, but when the Portuguese withdrew in the first game against Eintracht Braunschweig, the minute the absence of 20 minutes, the center gave it to Parejo and this I did not know who to deliver it. On the pitch there was none of the five with whom Pellegrino spoke, and after they crossed the looks, the solution was to take the inside of the shirt without being visible. It will not be normal, except in the preseason, that none of the 'Club of the 5' is outside the field, but for now his condition is not official.
David Albelda, regarding the matter of the cuff, said the question was more for the coach: "I do not know if your thinking is to change or not, is the coach who decides and have that freedom," but later explained that "is to give attention to detail that we do not give from within. " What is not going to hear from Skinny's is that "we are all masters" because in Valencia must be earned.As for the method of the new coach and his coaching staff, Albelda said "the atmosphere and mood 'that reigns in the group, but knows it is early to draw conclusions, since" only seven or ten days' lead time training. "Try to apply what was as a player, is very meticulous in every action and every move, all in a sense, made a way. So far what I expected, "said '6 '.
On the differences, economic and in terms of reinforcements, including two league and the pursuers, Albelda was very clear and realistic, but declined to be understood "as a message pessimistic" because each year the team starts season with the intention to approach them. "Removing a Real Madrid and Barca, others are a bit screwed. They are the only ones able to invest each year and improve their staff with what they want. Whether you are worth ten, fifteen, or thirty. Spending the amount of money spent each year will come a time that all the best in the standings. This year we have removed Jordi, or we have sold, what you will see. And in Madrid seems to want Modric, talking about 30 or 40 million. We would do wonders with that money and this is the reality. It is complicated but we must try.
"He also had time to review the previous years and stressed that the team was competitive, although "at key moments not managed to find the key to a final stand on." "We had several good choices to grow and improve, but we could not get it. In general terms, I think the team was competitive, otherwise I do not think we had come to be in that third position, "concluded the midfielder.

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