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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pellegrino Valencia are all

The clubs shine with the titles but they are great for the fans they have. We must find the best fit between them to figure out the magic equation, the team has to spread to the stands and the fans respond with their breath. In the XVIII Convention Peñas Valencian there was a special guest, the 'Skinny' Pellegrino, who quickly want to give the fans-white the value they deserve, "The fans are an important part of the club, I feel it. Valencia is not only 11 players, but also the club members, who will Mestalla. Those encouraging, the suffering. The Valencia us all. " He says this because he feels, did not say in front of over a thousand club members to win easy applause, Pellegrino wants to win on the grass, as In fiscal year 2001/02 to win the first league 'was Benitez' . Ten years ago there was that feat and Pellegrino, and Curro Torres, key player in that team and one of the honorees for the fans of Valencia in its final year.

It's been a decade of that break with the binomial FC Barcelona-Real Madrid. "Gave us many joys that team!" Could be heard quietly by the table when it happened a video with images of that team until they were encouraged to sing "Yes, yes, yes, this aci Lliga ja." Pellegrino is convinced that Valencia "will get good players and will have a good team." Before leaving again a nod to his people, this time on stage, "This is one of the reasons for which I am proud to be the coach of Valencia. I wish to make a great year. " Listening to the anthem of the club showed it euphoric, smiling and did not stop clapping. Their presence in the Valencian ilusionó, already waiting for the last two reinforcements Didac Vila and a striker. Manuel Llorente spoke about it, met with a timid whistle and a shout from an assistant telling her anonymity "where was the stadium." The president does not pulse trembled because it was sporadic, but missed the script to say that "one thing at a time."

Overcome this ordeal, Llorente much the fans appreciated considering that "the greatness of Valencia is you, do we strive and we do work, it is true that sometimes we have reviews, but that's good, criticism is good because makes us try harder to make this club continue to grow. " Immediately afterwards began to assess their project management as president, three years of sports management, three seasons in a row contesting the Champions-and economic-with the balance of the accounts-good. The word "crisis" also figured in his speech (someone even said in a whisper that seemed Mariano Rajoy) and revealed that starting tomorrow, fans that pull their credit 'may fund in ten months (had a slip in saying it would be in ten years, but immediately corrected himself). " Curva Nord was also assessed opened yesterday, with 1,400 enrolled, and then began to appreciate the fans before the other issues. In the sports talk of Pellegrino, "we believe he will do a great job", and planning: "We have to incorporate a left, we are ending the negotiation, and we also needed a striker. We are making a competitive team, a team that will give us joy this year, we want to be closer to those above, is sometimes difficult to compete with budgets of 500 million, but with good management, if we are there, we are holding and three consecutive years playing the Champions'.

And so it came to the issue of the New Mestalla, which considers the issue unresolved. "The new field will tell you that a number of conditions precedent that depended on the VCF and we have, soon we will have the model. There will be a model with such pomp as above, but will still be all covered and also covered with glass plates. The previous field was aluminum, it will be of glass, and will be a sensational work. If you pass no imponderable, we think that in two years we will be playing in the new field. " People made the ovation of the evening, before apostillara Llorente: "It will be a major triumph of Valencianism"? as the union of the team and fans.

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