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Friday, July 20, 2012

The anger of Siqueira

The signing of Guilherme Siqueira by Valencia is hot and never better. The player with the Granada CF concentrated in La Manga del Mar Menor, starred in a row yesterday very hot in one of the training camps with their president Quique Pina in the eyes of the sporting director of the company, Juan Carlos Cordero. It was after that, after a conversation over the phone, he learned that Valencia and Granada had not agreed to his move to the Mestalla club, something that the Pina confirmed below. The player's intention, as expressed in the interview published yesterday SUPER is an elegant way out of the Andalusian club, but is unwilling to lose the opportunity to be part of Valencia without a fight to the end.

The scene occurred in the afternoon yesterday. The chairman of Granada, Quique Pina, appeared at the concentration in the afternoon, after attending the clubhouse to the presentation of one of its latest additions. The first thing I did was go to the field where they developed the training session and when the team concluded Enquela work, went straight for Guilherme Siqueira. Nothing presaged according to the first moments of the meeting what would happen next, but the laughter and handshakes initial gestures was gradually coming to be more serious, the tone of the discussion was growing anger at the end of footballer was tremendous. "Not like that, eh", it was heard saying to the player in a tone very serious, almost threatening.

Contacts between clubsIndeed,
Valencia had summoned to Granada to make a decision on the transfer of the player, this week is what has set the club to close the incorporation of a left and a midfielder. In its day, Manuel Llorente sent them would be willing to put three million euros to be owned half the pass Guilherme Siqueira, although Valencia can reach four million. Quique Pina, owner of the club and player, it looks bad this operation would serve to add value to a player who later could get much more benefit, which does not agree is in the price of that 50 percent. Yesterday, in the concentration of La Manga, asserted that "if this is a team playing Champions League Granada provides the option to share 50 percent of the player. We have no offer from Valencia, but three million have nothing to do. "The future of Siqueira and Valencia issue right now is unknown, because the Mestalla club is not going to raise the bid and pay more for half the rights of a footballer. Not the way things are done and less on these days. Or Pina agree to the terms and Valencia, as it did with Bruno Soriano, will make its way. The alternatives are clear and the next page would plunge into negotiations with Rome for the transfer of Jose Angel, another episode complicated because the Italian club has never been willing to give the player, yes to negotiate a transfer. The option takes time Dídac Vilà parked, but could be reactivated at any time. Everything will depend also on the final cost of the midfielder, is Bruno Soriano, Fernando Gago or Oriol Romeu, Mata mate at Chelsea.

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