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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Decalogue of Pellegrino

Mauricio Pellegrino is clear about the value of commitment. "The team is fundamental to success." That premise is the basis of his work and is not a vacuous statement. The Argentine coach tries to build a new Valencia from humility, effort, solidarity, respect and identification with the values ​​that characterize the entity. His first challenge as a coach is loyal to his players with these principles, convince them that the group is above the individuals, that Valencia should be a family.

The Argentine is a serious guy, paused, with clear ideas and when he speaks lucidly conveys his speech. He is passionate about football, you know details, knows and hears, speaks and remembers. Describes games with a special light: The tactics, players, results? This will be his debut as head coach can not play the trick of the experience, but is aware that manages other weapons. El Flaco is a very close to the players today do not understand the relationship differently: Communication should be fluid. He has been a player until recently and that makes it easier. That ability to understand the different situations that players live is a bonus that is not taught in any school.

Still have not started talks, is a process of time. Handles all types of reports, you can meet a player for what you have seen, however, prefers Pellegrino everyday and workout performance, the evolution of everyday life and all those elements that best value in live . These internals of the daily routine of the staff is gathering all the concepts I had. This is the first step to do before insisting on what he likes, seeks to define a sense of team tactics culture, style of play and the identity of the costume. He is now at a stage to meet his players. So I always pending for overseeing every detail. The method is due to chance. The coaching staff has a lot of data from all parties and the performance of each player, have seen almost every game last season and are reviewing and analyzing. The have very present and is catching up. The more data you want to have any better, or physical therapists or medical department who is dedicated to everything, because it is the head of everything. Pellegrino leads by example by his desire for perfection.

Authority and group culture
Punctuality and righteousness with the times has also been felt. The coaching staff made it clear that aspect from the first day of work at the Sports City Paterna. The other players being on time, every hour. You still have to set how small concentrations and forgetfulness is normal, but people in general is more aware.

The new authority and discipline are not incompatible with the good vibes. There is always a place reserved for jokes. Marienfeld not a prison. Respect and education are non-negotiable values. The coaching staff treats people as individuals, without neglecting the professional requirement, but being aware that they are human beings with feelings and concerns. Everything speaks to the face with spirit and good taste. The baton of the flight that prepared the 'Professor' Macaya for the day of arrival was the best example. Recess was fun and a way to involve people, then at night the awards were handed out tax-free because it was in the air. That desire to make clear in group meals. The lounge is spacious and Pellegrino has called for a large rectangular table, a "board room" as they say in the wedding, that everyone is together. That message is: You want a united group.

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