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Sunday, July 29, 2012

'The new Mestalla will have at least 70,000 villages'

CF Valencia president, Manuel Llorente, managed to silence some initial hissing and replace them with a standing ovation when he announced this afternoon in Alzira, "In two years we will be playing in the new field, which will mean a major triumph of Valencianism".
Llorente, who called it "stunning" the work of the new stadium, and the model will be presented shortly, which will be covered by "glass plates." The new Mestalla will have a minimum capacity of 70,000 locations and added that "we ilusionará and Valencia will grow much more."
These events held during the XVIII Convention of Penyes Agrupació Valencianistes Rex held in Room Alzira to Natura attended by 1,200 club members from 453 clubs worldwide.
The Valencia president announced that the club "is finishing the negotiations with Milan," referring to the immediate signing of left back Didac Vilà and acknowledged that "we need a striker" to complete the new draft Mauricio Pellegrino.
Regarding the new coach said, once again, we have great confidence in him, "but did not forget Llorente Unai Emery" that did well during the past three seasons.
" Manuel Llorente described as "major players" concretized the four signings to date: Joao Pereira, Fernando Gago, Jonathan Viera and Andres Guardado, who in their view complete "a competitive team that will give us joy because, although it will be difficult, we will be closer to the top ".
The leader made Valencia a look back to state: "We have had a difficult year for the economic crisis that has forced us to make decisions that we had no choice" but was "satisfied with the path." He also commented that the payment of fertilizers "will be funded for 10 months" and recalled that the night before the Trofeo Naranja against Porto was set in motion the curve Mario Kempes, "an entertainment area in Mestalla."
The ceremony was also attended by the coach Mauricio Pellegrino, who warned that the team "has a long way to putting them", but added that "kids are working very well." Regarding the signing of Didac Vila, said: "The club is working on it" and stressed the role of the rocks, the public and Valencian fans in general because "everyone is Valencia," he said.
For his part, president of Penyes Agrupació, Blas Madrigal said that the rocks are "the strongest support and support Valencia." With her work in "the shadow" has succeeded in countries such as Zimbabwe is known for Valencia with Madrid and Barcelona and have made a total of 870 acts over the last season.
The group honored Curro Torres and Valencia won the league 10 seasons ago, and the sailor Pepe Ribes "because it exhibits its Valencianism by different oceans."
The group awarded to different clubs and club members for their work and welcomed the attendance of representatives of clubs Real Madrid, Villarreal, Getafe, Valadolid, Zaragoza and Elche.

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