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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The VCF Orange gets the more supportive

Mestalla had only one winner in the Orange Trophy, those affected by fires and Andilla Pallás Courts. The more supportive Orange donated the collection to the municipalities that have experienced the two most devastating fires that have affected the Valencian Community in the last decades.
Some municipalities whose names shone throughout the match in the hollow of the names of the players. Thus, at the Mestalla did not play Mathieu and Parejo or Soldier, the protagonists were Dos Aguas, Catadau, Carlet ...
In the purely football, Valencia CF was rightly Naranaja Trophy, both as exhibited during the game and in the shootout.
Pellegrino showed that above all wants control of the game and the game, both defensively and in attack. Balance and depth bands is what we saw in the first half. Two aspects that led to Valencia to enjoy two occasions they did not find very clear goal before the Portuguese champions.
Soon after starting, Soldier intercepted a pass in horizontal risky Maicon to go inside the area and shoot hard. Rejected and the ball went in the small area Feghouli her out with all in favor.
The Valencia CF want to be protagonist and it was taking possession of the ball. Without a reference defensive midfield, Parejo and Tino Costa exchanged roles in this position and endow the play equipment in short and long.
Saving and Feghouli percutían by both bands, but eventually the other big occasion coming up the middle. Even invented a brilliant long pass to break Soldier. The '9 'faced the goalkeeper and hit the outside of his right leg. The bottom and out.
The answer came in a surprise Lusa Otamendi shot that crashed off the crossbar and Alves could only follow with his eyes. And with the shock on the body and the controversy over a penalty as clear as strange about Mathieu completed the first part.
No changes in the second half and changed the script either party. At seven minutes after the restart, Ricardo Costa headed in a corner stick out short. You could smell the goal in the Helton area, but ironies of football's first goal came in the Diego Alves.
At the exit of a corner, Lucho Gonzalez hooked a left-footed shot very unorthodox. Its missile hit the crossbar and came as a exalación. An ode to the injustice it seems so far.
The Valencia CF showed great fortitude and continued to attack with more energy if possible. The local reaction was immediate and just six minutes later, Jonas returned to the marker boards after a header from a great center of Guardado.
The draw also reached the carousel of changes in both teams. The party clearly opted for the local side, but the overwhelming dominance of Valencia did not translate into more goals and the trophy was decided on penalties.
Diego Alves again demonstrated his deserved fame to-penalties and Valencia won 2-0 after pitching seven were necessary only maximum penalties.
Technical Data:
1. Valencia: Alves, Pereira, Victor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa, Feghouli, Tino Costa, Parejo, Guardado, Jonas and Soldier. They also played Viera, Paul Bernat, Gago, Barragan and Alcácer.
1. Porto: Helton, Sereno, Otamendi, Maicon, Miguel Lopes, Fernando, Lucho, Defour, Atsu and Jackson. Moutinho also played, Addy, Mangala, Castro, Kelvin, Djalma, Varela, Kleber and Iturbe.
Goals: 0-1, m.57: Lucho Gonzalez. 1-1, m.63: Jonas.
Referee: Mateo Valero (C. Valencia). Admonished by the Porto to Sereno.
Incidents: Party for the LX Trophy match at Mestalla Orange before 23,000 spectators.
Proceeds from the match will go to reforestation of forests burned in the fires Valencia past June. Each player wore his jersey Valencia the name of one of the 22 villages affected.
They observed a minute's silence in memory of the deceased pilot in extinguishing fires in Valencia, Jose Agustin Gomez Nieva, as well as those killed in fires in Catalonia.

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