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Monday, July 30, 2012

Vilà Dídac already have a ticket

All we need is to get Adriano Galliani Milan offices to formalize the transfer of Dídac Vilà to Valencia, but so many want to have to slip into the elastic-white, yesterday afternoon, began to see the alternatives you have to fly Today (either via direct flight Barcelona to Valencia from 16:00 hours) and relax in your new city and at least one season. Asked permission Dídac sporting director Ariedo Braida to travel yesterday, but was not given for not making a fool in the event that something unforeseen arose today that is not on the roadmap. Everything is closed, but until you sign the documents? As has informed the Valencia, is due to arrive from Galliani to the clubhouse located in the street Filippo Turati about 14:00 pm, when he will sign the assignment of the side for a while. In the case of the Valencia run the option, your link will stretch until June 30, 2017.
Dídac is in Milan with a friend and negotiations culminated in the exchange of several emails, hence it was unnecessary for anyone from the club it will move to Italy, nor the figure of the representative of the footballer Raúl Verdú. With his arrival, the team led by 'Flaco' Pellegrino will have closed the defense, considering that he and Mathieu respond to a profile different game, with the alternative emergency Guardado and Juan Bernat, if this still ultimately the computer. After thorough analysis by the technical side by side with Braulio, returning from spring training in Germany, it was the consensus of the need for a side with a more defensive. What would have happened if the Granada had accepted the transfer of Siqueira? Nobody wants to talk about the past and assumptions of reality itself, which is none other than the incorporation of Dídac.
With the arrival of the Catalan player sub'21 European champion in 2011, Valencia said one side with very good physical characteristics, which has much travel. Reports that handled the Sports Management, is considered a very diligent in defense player, watching the coverage, very strong in the markings and closes well on aid. Its height is 185 centimeters, makes him a difficult player to beat in the air, also for his great sense of anticipation. And steal many balls.
Technically it has a very good capacity in schools to the area, is well associated with their peers. Coaches who have directed, except Massimo Allegri (AC Milan) has been aligned only at a party in preferring more experienced players, you are considered a player who can read very good matches, choosing when to join the attack or wait in place. The 'Skinny' appreciated the option of the side which can also be a fichara emergency appeal to the central axis and Dídac has played sporadically in the post with Espanyol B.
Today is expected to sign the documents and Dídac move to the city of Valencia, but may not be a more up within a couple of weeks due to problems experienced in the pubic area. A Pellegrino and lacks only the front.

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