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Saturday, August 4, 2012


VILA DIDAC. - I think it hurts the mind too when you have more fear of failure than of success, is a pressure that I have not, because I had signed the player whether or Catalan, but surely if, say you certainly must undergo surgery and this 4-month low ......... no first team players willing to play during that time and if they do well continue until such demarcation was restored Didac?Not to mention our quarry, once upon a time I trust that the arrow in Hospitalet de Llobregat and now not being the best player without doubt the European Championships won by the Red. -

JORDI ALBA. - I have written many articles saying that George was going to go for two dollars, because they saw the prespective and the projection of the player when he played, not when he had a year?, Now done with Feghouli when it is same as Jordi, Pablo HERNANDEZ reborn with Mauritius, note this statement, not me playing, I know. -But not only wrote it to Jordi, is what Adil RAMI and Victor RUIZ, because his balls are still doing the same nonsense, do not know, and Aim another name when I heard about his signing exclaim BETTER THAN SILVA, and no I listen, no one wants to see, VIERA is the star of this Valencia.CF and we steal if we breaded.

TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT. - May we have the best technical secretary of the world is an honor and should be rewarded with five stars in the next match at the Mestalla, are some phenomena and you know because this economic recovery of the VCF, because they bring two strong players and sell in the millions. -Chapeau for them. -

Well, this ......... I am hopeful with the VCF of "El Flaco" I saw what I liked and the incorporation of Gago and buying Sergio is a hundred percent success, and can scramble Ever since to date has been a failed transfer on all sides and this year or Get wise or follow the path of Aimar, let alone that I take the middle of a stroke and is not deserved. -Ramon and Dora make you the VCF that Villarreal is in second and now we are more Argentine than ever and I love the mixture of blood ..... Spanish and Argentine deliver an explosive mixture of birthing titles and if not .. time to time ... my father before his death is related to VCF Champion of the Champions League. -POPE goes for you!!!

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