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Monday, August 20, 2012

Curve Exhibition in Madrid

First trip of the curve and the first exhibition. This group of young people are a credit to the valencianismo. No incidents and many decibels in their throats for ninety minutes. It is the hallmark of this new entertainment group with Valencia that will never be alone. Like yesterday at the Bernabeu. Players were so wrapped up in the game that eventually went to the corner to thank. With applause and cries of "This is the fondness of a champion Valencia." An amazing end. Creeps. Goosebumps. Long live the curve!
The party had begun very early to the new curve Valencia. Eight buses left Senyeras laden, flags, scarves and great enthusiasm. He also traveled a bus and five rocks l'Agrupació yourself.
In total, about 600 people packed a corner of the Bernabeu and made what seemed impossible, mute with the fans chanting white.
At 17:45 arriving buses Curve Paseo de la Castellana. The echoes of his songs were beginning to hear in Madrid. A staging spectacular spirits, war whoops, cheers and arms to the wind. The thing promised. They first players off the grass was to greet the Valencian who populated one corner of Senyeras packed Bernabeu. "Madridista which no boat." The Bernabeu responded with whistles and loudspeakers so bound up. He started the game and started the party. "What boat Mestalla!", "Curva Nord!». Put goosebumps. "That Portuguese ...". That's when the fans reacted white. Ultras began the resentment between South and Harrow Jove. "Pedja Mijatovic," chanted the whites. "Yes. yes, yes, we are going to Paris, "impinged on the wound. No Curve was silent.
'Illa, illa, illa, Villa Maravilla ".
With the goal of Higuain, the stands, far from wrinkling, pulled the car and scream louder than ever, "Valencia, Valencia!». The team reacted. "Go for it, Oe!». And with that push the team started to believe it. Once Upon sending Tino and Jonas header. The stand jumped and shouted for joy. His first goal away knew better than ever. They were going to be the kings of the field. Never had ceased to be. The team began to falter, but there was the curve to give encouragement and to celebrate Alves stops. In the absence of five minutes sounded the "olé, olé!". The best was yet to come. The explosion of joy. The Curve came home with torn throat, but with the satisfaction of having carried on wings the team.

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