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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emery gets the curiosity to draw

Will it improve Pellegrino bump that stuck Emery last year in the Champions League? That bland empatito in Genk both publicly defended the Valencian posteriori and that painful defeat in Leverkusen away the team outside the major. A Unai he crossed the Champions and former coach, with Spartak suffered yesterday in Istanbul's own income to maintain a goal of bringing Moscow (1-1), now put the curiosity to this Sweepstakes.
The Valencia know if the road is so tricky awaits as last year, more docile or more thorny. Of course, there are many wanting to play the eighth and, why not, delude with quarters.
This afternoon, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, Manuel Llorente live closely the composition of the groups that will definitely mark the long road to Wembley.
Think by now that Valencia will be on May 25 in London is almost a difficult exercise in imagination because the Milan and Paris seems very distant.
At their part this afternoon valencianistas take second hype. That is the reigning champion Chelsea has caused Pellegrino equipment not part of the drum 1. The coefficients-the list is headed Barca-Valencia sent and occupies precisely the ninth.
It is the best of the second tier and had been in the first if the Londoners not stand the title.
Therefore, discarding Madrid and Barca because they can not face the same country teams in the league, the Pellegrino will touch or one of the three English (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal), Bayern Munich or German (runner
of the current edition), or Oporto Portuguese or Italian Milan.
The problem is not always who plays above. It is traumatic to know who you have to play the from below. And there, considering how this summer has gone outside the Spartak Unai, whom no one wants to see or painting is the PSG team Ibrahimovic and Kevin Gameiro. This Pot 3, Juventus is another uncomfortable rivals. Are there potential but may well be at a higher step.
Glancing at the latest hype and although always taken into account if the shift is over, who should be 'avoided' or yes is to Borussia Dortmund, winning two consecutive years of the Bundesliga.
Logically, the head of Llorente, about the same time that are distributing the composition of the groups, circulate much profit figures will lead the team. UEFA is gaining more and this year between Champions and Super paid 1,340 million euros.
From that money, 500.7 million was distributed among the participating clubs and 409.6 in varying amounts that will go to each team based on its market share in television.
The Valencia, during 2011-12, harvested 22 million, almost a fifth of the budget it manages.
Llorente has always said it is forced into Champions and reason is when one takes a look at the prizes that are for it.
The Europa League, where they condemned those who have been removed from this qualifying round of the Champions, provided virtually no Pipe for budgets as important as that of Valencia. Yesterday is over dispute the last qualifying round of the Champions League and these were the results: Fenerbahçe-Spartak (1-1), Cluj-Basel (1-0), Celtic-Helsingborg (2-0), Dynamo Kiev-Borrusia M. (1-2) and Lille, Copenhagen (aet, 2-0).

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