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Saturday, August 25, 2012

GUARDADO 21 calls

When fielded the league schedule and Saved saw in Week 2 is going to face 'his' Sporting sighed deeply. His mobile phone was going to smoke these days, everyone in A Coruña was seeking an interview with him, being one of the heroes return to First announcement made before his move to Valencia, the club curiously Second he sent the May 21, 2011. Guardado was criticized, but rather to direct you to the exit door is locked to return to Deportivo gave everything without playing second was a brown for him. Demonstrated commitment, professionalism and was achieved only when the ticket back to the elite came out publicly to say that signed by the VCF, after melting in an embrace that seemed eternal with the 'Wizard' Juan Carlos Valeron.
Tomorrow, when both look back at the Mestalla, will remember that night in the win at Riazor against Huesca gave rise to the first, with the addition that the Mexican has already requested his jersey to his private museum. It has many, only those players who have marked a time in your club or have special meaning, like that once asked Albelda o Red Sergio Ramos after winning the World. The next is to Valeron, Andrew and was ordered '21 '. What has been Valerón for you after five years at Deportivo? Blanquinegro player response is beyond doubt: "What I can say about Valerón! Just as good is what is playing out even better, a great person, and will be an honor to face him, and you'll notice that you order your shirt because it's in his last years, if not the last.
I will not find out I was a talented footballer and has given a lot to Deportivo. "
Valeron, in an interview with Time magazine Middle, highlights that its mark in the locker room is going to be difficult to cover for his cheerful personality: "Andrew is a guy loved by all and will be in very nice Deportivo rediscover it. He spent five seasons with us and we will do weird seeing him in front, but this is football. Andy is a great player, we were very comfortable playing with him is also a great guy who was loved by everyone, his nature and his happy nature. Like any great player left a major gap, but now new kids arrived, also good players. Guardado has many friends in A Coruña ". And that glove is recognized in the Mexican, to warn that "yes, the truth is going to be very special. I did not expect to meet my former teammates so quickly, but it will be nice for me to meet friends.
I left many friends, I had a very good last year and now defend Deportivo other colors and other institutions, and hopefully get a result against them. "
The last duels have created a great rivalry, Saved lived in their own flesh the Riazor decline after losing 0-2 against VCF, now see it from another perspective entirely. "When I was on the other side you see that there is a rivalry just because of the circumstances and coincidences that have triggered soccer many important games between Deportivo and Valencia. I was at the last, in the fall, and the people there do not you forget. Now I live here still another way, just in sports, that do not influence further and is an intense game, you see a good show and a Valencia player, hopefully get the three points, it is the presentation in our house and it would be great to keep fighting up there, "says the '17 'Valencia, yes, if a goal is scored € believes not hold:" I do not know, I think not.
I owe a lot of respect for them and I know that a former teammate evil € spent five years, only one did not play, and it would be bad festejarles to them. "
Since the end of the match at the Bernabeu, the Mexican has been discounting the hours for mourning. You will experience many emotions, will be reunited with friends, but just look after the interest of Valencia, which is due today.

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