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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to win at Madrid

Tomorrow, when the clock point to seven in the evening, Mauricio Pellegrino will debut as coach of First Division at the helm in which experienced its golden age as a footballer. Precisely, that Valencia where he played the 'Skinny' carry in their DNA gene highly competitive burden. Block was able to stand up in every battle, to counter the great quality with different weapons, but equally valid. Now, from the bench, the Argentine claims that his men can face a match at the Bernabeu capitalized with a personality forged solidarity, concentration and tactical discipline.
One of the basic premises of the decalogue of Pellegrino is your Valencia be enforced by the rivals since the start of the league. Perhaps for that reason during yesterday's session the coach of the team repeated Lions had possession of the ball: "We are the Valencia! We Valencia! ».
A simple phrase that I wanted to make each of the two sets, but also, as recognized from within the dressing room, three-laden words that arouse the attention responsibility of the player.
After the warm-focused coach in formula tactic with which to hurt a team with little cracks as Real Madrid. The 'Skinny' prepared two teams of eleven to work both defensive and offensive aspects with constant corrections.
Pellegrino is aware that Mourinho's Madrid will press high up and therefore fundamental to increase chances of success will be to stop the rush Valencia Cristiano vertically and company in the first 15 or 20 minutes.
How to get it?The coach placed special emphasis on the need for the team not love it when releasing the ball from the defense and the midfield. With the very top Madrid in the first leg, the central and the pivots must be especially careful not to lose the ball in areas of maximum danger. In the trial tactical Pellegrino asked the doorman, the central stopper and that they should seek the natural outlet to the side. Even, as seen in practice, it is better to throw in the back looking over a white rival dump to play between the lines. For the attack, the premise is to move fluently and, to the extent possible, to surprise with fast transitions.
Throughout the week the team has tested in the defensive surveillances and strong pressure to reduce the spaces. That is, try to keep the position in the folds to keep the strength block and not be checked. However, if this happens, the coach calls attention again and again to the players to make an effective aid to fill the gap that may be left.
All with the main purpose of aborting the lethal weapon Mourinho team, the backlash.
An important part of Madrid's goals are a result of the loss of his opponent on home soil. Targets for defining smell blood in three or four touches fleeting. So remarked elsewhere that 'Flaco' in Friday's session was the attention and proper positioning in order to win the duels in search of a divided ball. "Focus!".
"Mobility because we are going to wait," Argentine coach asked his players.
Parejo and Tino, set pieces
In the final of the Valencia underwent training, and simulation kickback situations, the set pieces. The coach stopped the match changed and ordered resume the game with a side or front kick. The pitchers on either team were especially Tino Costa and Dani Parejo.
Pellegrino also had an impact on the defense of the air balls in the need for the defensive line to stand firm and not fall over the goalkeeper and, of course, that none of the attackers is free unbranded.
As to eleven, the doubt lies in the inside left. Guardado, who will join today, is the only international still has not trained this week with the group due to commitments with Mexico. In the center of the rear three men € Ricardo Costa, Victor Ruiz and Rami € vie for two seats. Meanwhile, in midfield Tino Costa is emerging as Gago companion in the double pivot.
In Soldier Front is 100% to mate with Jonas.

Nobody likes debut against ValenciaValencia coach Mauricio Pellegrino, said that during his visit to Real Madrid on Sunday they will find a rival "difficult and hierarchy", but noted that no one likes having to start the season against a team like Valencia .

This was said at the press conference prior to his debut as Valencia coach, to be held at the Santiago Bernabéu, in a game that will meet Jose Mourinho rival, a technician who said he likes much their ability to adapt and get much fruit of teams he leads.
"I have had the opportunity to get close enough to see their training at Chelsea, although personally I have no relationship with him," the Argentine coach.
Pellegrino said he did not think that Valencia faces a big team and that in such games the team has not benefited in recent years.
"They are three very important points as we can get the following week in the second game of the season," he added.
His team travels prepared, focused and with the intention to show.
"It is a privilege to compete in this kind of match, against a good team that is very talented and you try to keep up," he said.
To provide a good image Pellegrino football and get results go hand in hand.
"You have to play well, create situations of goal and then be able to convert," he said when asked about the data of the four years the team has been unchecked in the Bernabeu.
"It will be a tough game, in which we manage and measure ourselves meeting face to face with the opponent. Afraid not because it is the first league match," said Valencia coach, who recalled that traveling with twenty players because some of them are recovering from various contingencies.

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