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Monday, August 20, 2012

Joao desperate to CR7

                                                               FILL DE MIL PERRAS

Nerves, anger Despair! Cristiano Ronaldo gestures perfectly sum up the strength demonstrated by Valencia at the Santiago Bernabeu. Mauricio Pellegrino During the week of his men had taken seriously and personality to neutralize the onslaught of Real Madrid and in the field, the players did not fail to 'Skinny'. Marking Joao Pereira to '7 'white symbolizes the sacrifice and 90 minutes of concentration offered by the whole team.
The solidarity of the Pellegrino caused the dreaded white backlash led by Christian means nothing. The Madrid was uncomfortable, did not run as usual and shooting football that was not characterized. Especially in the first half of the Valencian played him one on one.
The fact of sharing the ball possession 50% speak very clearly.
Jose Mourinho Set of harvested your chances clearer positional attacks. In the first one the Valencia suffered their only defensive dismissal on 45 minutes. Di Maria served hung the area unopposed to prove that there Higuain three occasions until Diego Alves scored the goal. The Argentine striker is excessive permissiveness vanished with Gago, while winning the backs of Victor and Ricardo likewise.
In the second part Di Maria and 'Pipit' repeated the action but, fortunately, this time the attacker's shot crashed against the crossbar.
Ten minutes Valencia had the blow that at all costs coach wanted to avoid a goal in the first section of the game. However, the team did not decompose. The block kept the fort. He lost the papers. Unlike the not too distant times, the impact of Higuain failed to topple the team.
There was a script to perform, and so was waiting for an opportunity with which Jonas opened the wound and tied white.
One key to clear the Madrid were pressing hard. Tino's work and Gago in midfield constant aid accompanied on the sides, both as Feghouli by Joao right as Mathieu and Saved by the left, who also connected with success by his band and put fear in the body of Bernabéu with a French center.
Until Soldado and Jonas joined the suffocating pressure that contorted to Mourinho.
In the course of the second half physical tiredness € result of the intense heat and the championship premature € forced back yards to a Valencia which until then had worn more.
However, the block 'Flaco' resorted to the claw and the office, in the company of three stellar numbers of Diego Alves, served to tie a flavor point victory over defending champion.
In no time, despite spending 15 minutes delicate, the team lost concentration. Exemplary in this regard was Joao Pereira. Cristiano not exist in your lane, nor his other compatriot, Coentrao. The Portuguese gave a lesson VCF marking, sticky and sacrificed € Both the Bernabéu lived the worst day of CR7.

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