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Friday, August 24, 2012

Maybe I lack quality but let me life

Tino Costa (Flowers, 1985) can claim to have received interest from four teams to sign him up this summer. They arrived several deals to Valencia, but reached an agreement to renew his contract. While signing the new document acknowledges that the draft Pellegrino is enthusiastic and has re-enlisted in the league with a good game at the Bernabeu.
How do you defend a center with the height, speed and the effect of that put in the area at the Bernabeu?
The idea is that, sending a ball to the penalty spot to stay away from the departure of goalkeeper and force defenders to run backwards. So it was left Madrid's game and the success of Jonas in his header.
I do not know how to defend themselves, in fact the idea is that you can not defend.

"I was very surprised Emery's call to go with him to Spartak"
What is the secret of their shots being poisoned?
Force?, Indeed placement?Pieces, a bit of everything. When a shot is in play, strength and placement. I've worked very young. A professor I had with 12 or 13 I was throwing a kick and said I should exploit that facet. I've run many hours just after workouts rehearsing shots, fouls and centers. Then I took more from where it was in the computers that I was in France.
In Ligue One team put no barrier to mislead, but I left the backfire.It was amazing. In a foul near the area the other team did not put barrier, I guess so he would not distance reference. I was surprised. I did it twice. The first mark, the second not.
Summer has been moved, but ended up staying and happy?
Yes, I have always been happy and at ease in Valencia. I recognize that I had a moment of doubt, by the change of coaching staff.
It ended the year with a good feeling, not so much for games played, but the fact of feeling important.

"Before you start training talked to Mauricio and I liked what he said"
In fact it was the sixth player with more minutes in all competitions.Yes, but I wanted to feel important. I saw that in big games I was outside and I do not doubt generated. He did not know the new coaching staff and what they thought of me.
And they came to four offers for you.That helped, of course. They were good sports and deals, why deny it, also economic. I wanted to know what he thought of me and what Mauricio expected of me.

"In summer I had a moment of doubt because I wanted to be important"
And talked to you before the preseason.Yes I was in Valencia ten days before start fixing things and we talked and I liked what he said. I spoke of my face and said he could not guarantee me the title, but wanted me to stay.
In summer his phone rang and it was Emery who wanted to Spartak Moscow.And I was surprised. Not that I have anything against Emery, in contrast, do not think is a bad person. But we both have a strong character and we crashed, I said things like thought. I appreciate the call, but I was surprised. The last thing I expected was that I called Emery.
He begins his third season in Spain. Came from Montpellier where he featured in a trivote playing.
With Emery just used that picture and Pellegrino is virtually ruled out.It is true that the last two years in France I was very comfortable in that system. Here there has been criticism because they say I can not play in a double pivot, or because Banega or channels have more quality than I, who do not dispute. Just as I need, but I leave my life in every game.
What do you expect from this season?
Personally, I like to beat my numbers from last season, it would score nine goals. Collectively, I would like to win a title with Valencia.

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