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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paco Alcácer takes two steps forward

"My job is to score goals to help the team and do what the coach asks me. My philosophy is to maximize every minute to give me. " So Paco Alcácer defined their own game against the selection of Indonesia, in which the squad scored two of the five goals that he endorsed the combined Valencia Asia.

The fifth game of the new preparation of Mauricio Pellegrino Valencia left a very good news, Paco Alcácer want to earn a piece in the first team and, finally, does the argument of the goals. Against the modest national team Indonesia, Paco banged on the table and basis of goals and good uncheck convince Pellegrino wanted to give you the opportunity to further increase his tally to the elastic of his beloved team and has no assigned to do away from home.

The striker caught on a real great game, very complete in all facets of the game, creating good chances and good demarques pulling the back of the defense, an example of this was the first goal of Paco Alcacer, who came in his first time goal in minute 12 and after a great pass from Fernando Gago, one of the highlights of the match. The Argentine slipped a pass to the back of the defense after a good isolation of the Torrent that stood alone face to face with the goalkeeper Indonesian and not spare, defined the first € is one of its qualities, defining the first touch and showed during the game € crossing the ball to the far post. Satin finish, dry with the right and it meant the 0-2, after Piatti's goal at minute 4.

Alcácer also made very good band falling movements in order to get the defenses of your site and creating space for his co-second line the advantage, in fact one of those demarques a banda, came an opportunity for all Valencia. Paco from the right, pulls a well played center and dangerous to the penalty spot, but the shot from Pablo Hernandez hits the crossbar. Besides the cantearon pushed hard on defenders to hinder the departure of Indonesian assembly ball which led to steal many balls, but the only downside was that in the first half lacked a bit of pause to choose the right choice when she the ball.

After the break, given the inconvenience forced to book a precaution Pellegrino Roberto Soldado, Paco had more time to prove you can have a place in the Valencia. In fact, soon after starting the second half, had a very good Alcácer opportunity to increase their individual account, but his shot crashed Vaseline the crossbar. It was 47 minutes, Feghouli is associated with Joao Pereira and after a good combination with two walls, the Portuguese is a gap between three defenders and left alone in front of the goalkeeper Paco, of course, the Torrent defined at first, sorry that your Vaseline was found shot in the bar. Joao's pass recalled the assistance he gave at the European Championship in the match against the Netherlands at that time if he saw Christian goal.

Eight minutes later, at 55, Paco increased his tally with another shot of first. Good move by right Feghouli overflows and his counterpart, reaching baseline throws-back where he hopes that Paco makes her pleasure with the right to cross the finish ensuring the interior. With this target Alcácer again demonstrated the good moves he does, as both defenses continued to Piatti in the small area, and the Torrent instead of entering the first or second post, he knew contained, two steps back and wait on the spot all alone pass, thus avoiding the defenders could cut the pass and will thwart the occasion. His party ended in the 79th minute when he entered the pitch Portuguese.

Paco great game with two goals, a Vaseline the bar, a shot that passed near the square, a good center to Paul that his shot crashed off the crossbar and falling movements very good band to create spaces and the perfect demarques back of the defense. After this match, reinforced Paco comes out very confident.

He missed a hat-trick
Paco on 69 minutes was close to scoring his third goal in the first shot where he used more than a touch. It was a counterattack three to four defenders, the cantearo well with the right cut, the ball fell to the left and without thinking twice broke. The ball grazed the bat, very close to the top right corner of the goal. The hat-trick escaped for just a few centimeters. It was a real shame. First start and almost gets the ball.

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