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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paul wants to go to Swansea despite Dynamo offers more money

The future of Pablo Hernández at Valencia still in the air. The recent interest of Dynamo Moscow has further altered the footballer Castellon, which saw the Russian club could tempt you with a contract that would bring 1.8 million per year, 300,000 more than currently perceived in the Valencian entity. Furthermore, the group would get nearer to Moscow demands Manuel Llorente, who once rated as insufficient supply of 5 million the Swansea made by the player.
The idea of ​​Dinamo Moscow goes for sending a proposition that would be around 6 million euros. From Valencia, however, continues to insist that Pablo Hernandez is an important man in the hierarchy of the workforce while recognizing that the growing interest of Russians do not find it strange.
Confirmed the offer, the club would see with better eyes than initially performed Swansea.
The group trained by Michael Laudrup, who already had his orders to Pablo for Getafe, made clear at the time that would not raise his first offer, but in the offices of Valencia itself is expecting a new Welsh attempt to reach 6 million.
The Dynamo could stimulate interest now at Swansea to increase its proposal and from there, the trick play with the will of the midfielder.
For Paul, the Premier is a priority to be realized. England play in the competition in recent years of his football career is a chance that the player considers unique.
However, the black and white does not completely rule out the Russian option and a good contract there might make him reconsider his intentions.
With this situation, the environment inside the Valencia has thinned. The attitude of the player, his mind away from the Mestalla, has not sat well with Mauricio Pellegrino has decided to partially remove him in the last two workouts of the template. The Castellon insists at the thought of leaving that part to the advantage Feghouli hold on the right wing of all-white.
Considers that has stalled in Valencia and want to try their luck out.
That unshakable position player has had to reflect a lack of involvement and commitment to the group that eventually led to Skinny to not have him on the tactical part of the working sessions. Both yesterday morning and in the afternoon of Thursday, Pablo Hernandez physical exercises performed normally and with the rest of their classmates but when teams spread to the usual partidillos, Pellegrino left him and the midfielder dungarees forced to continue exercising the physical tone.
In the remainder of activities to prepare Sunday's game against Deportivo the Valencia still had to hunker down in a corner of the field to follow a special plan.
This has reinforced the idea that Pellegrino did not want the situation inside can decenter the rest of the team and looks set to stay in the same way until no solvent to one side or another. In addition, the coach had already made his intentions clear at the meeting last week against Real Madrid in which Pablo Hernandez was one of two discards with Jonathan Viera.

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