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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The club expected to close in hours to receive Valdez

Since Valencia is transmitted to the signing of striker Haedo Valdez is almost closed and is expected that all is later terminated on Tuesday morning by a number between two and three million. So advanced is the issue that is not already in the hands of the sporting, but it is the billing department which deals with technical aspects of the recent signing with Rubin Kazan. Only by identifying missing payment guarantees demanded by the Russians and the schedule of deadlines to follow.

Haedo Valdez, meanwhile, expected Monday in Russia everything is cleared up, as requested by the coach Pelusso not travel to America with the Guarani selection since his move to VCF is a matter of hours. The intention of the Mestalla club is still to come as soon as possible to pass the medical examination and, why not travel with the team at the Santiago Bernabeu. If finally the hiring does not materialize on Tuesday, Valencia would begin to look at other possibilities. Of course, no rule at all to Paraguay. And, for planning purposes sport, the striker has been a clear priority.

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