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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The leaves Motherwell "Tomatina"

The Motherwell take the second leg as a party. And not just sports. Even before the Levant leave the tie sentencing hearing, and leaders of the Scottish fans had begun to develop an up and coming tour around Valencia. And the main stop on the itinerary is Buñol. The British expedition plans to advance the trip to enjoy the Wednesday morning of the Tomatina. Now, with Barca having placed one foot in the group stage of Europa League, the Anglo-Saxon institution has many more reasons to get moving side lounger.
The initiative was promoted by supporters of Motherwell. A good test of international hook has the Tomatina. Fans have moved to, at 11 am on the 29th, found in Buñol ready to be dyed red. Something that would require fixing the flight to Valencia on Tuesday, while the game will be played on Thursday night.
Before the forceful denouement lived in Fir Park, the forecasts said that between 500 and 1,000 Scots Orriols occupy the stands.
All indications are that staff, directors and fans of Motherwell travel together. During the official dinner held in Glasgow, British leaders talked with counselors levantinistas on the Tomatina. Later, in the stadium, they could meet in person the mayor Buñol, Masmano Joaquin, who was on the expedition Barca. When the stands began to deal, and news magazines were distributed, as a reference to the Valencian culture, featured a photo of the Tomatina.
Motherwell set course for Buñol.
The displacement levantinismo never forget to Scotland. Not only because it was the first European release, but the adventures lived. If the outbound flight delays suffered up to three, the return was not exempt of suspense. When they had sat almost every passenger on the plane, a glitch in the corridor to the aircraft prevented the entry of ten members who had yet to enter, including the president. After 15 minutes, the failure was repaired. The banter reigned in the environment.
From the Fir Park, the bus also was out with delay because Lell and Pedro Lopez, who met with the doping control, had difficulty urinating.
Upon landing at 5:15 hours of the morning, 30 granotas waiting at the airport of Manises. For the second leg, the club has set affordable prices for subscribers companions: 5 and 15 euros. The rest will have to pay between 35 and 50.

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