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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The priority remains the left-back

With 23 hour journey back, Jakarta-Singapore-Barcelona-Valencia, Mauricio Pellegrino arrived in Valencia and went immediately to work in the Sports City with Braulio Vazquez, who appeared there only half an hour later accompanied by a of his colleagues in the technical secretariat. Less than two weeks for the match at the Bernabeu and both tried to reach consensus during the day the new goals for strengthening the positions of the left side and front. However, it seems that before the submission of the next Thursday is difficult for the coach to have news, even the left side claiming that leads from the first day I took over the team and when he went to Indonesia makes a week, believed to be clear with the release of Dídac Vilà.

For parties. In the morning, Braulio Vazquez came around noon to exchange views. The athletic director took about an hour to leave the premises and then the coach was closeted with his colleagues and Gabriel Macaya Carlos Compagnucci. Together we analyzed all data collected during the preseason and especially in the last week because in the afternoon coach and sporting director had been to, with that data, analyze what options market is more suited to the needs of the workforce.

Three main points
The meeting was considerably longer and the essential points of it were the left side, the front and the situation of John Bernat. The first two have a strong financial condition, because the players who would bring both can not be. Within how urgent it is for the coach have a player that competes with Mathieu, so not Dídac finally signed, the reality is to wait and see how they evolve different market situations that were on the table. The priority today is the left-back and the good news is that, although late, Pellegrino has at least some assurance that it will. Yesterday, the Portuguese press spoke of the interest of Valencia by Emiliano Insua Sporting player, who knows Pellegrino its passage by the Premier. There is an unknown player to the technical secretariat of course, it plays on the same team that made Joao Pereira, but the information that the Valencia suggests that its price is above what they can invest.

Money for two seats
Although as it is football in the market there is everything at any price, two-level players required by Valencia with the money they have plans to spend is difficult. Even so, we must get all the juice possible to work and the seven million that may be available for the Valencia remains today the need to incorporate a player in attack and the cost of the operation left side bet condition the for the striker. This started from the idea of ​​becoming a player profile Aduriz and so far, remains in those terms.

Interestingly, it so happens that, rather than of that signing, the fan seems more aware of the decision on Paco Alcácer Mauricio Pellegrino, after assessing its participation in the party of Indonesia. At the last meeting the idea was to seek a transfer, but at the time was tied Dídac at a cost of 800,000 euros and had an interesting side to sign a striker important. Valencia, at least the information available, the decision has not changed but want to see in the upcoming matches.

It is what John Bernat, the companion of Alcacer. To our knowledge, the coach is happy with his work but you have to consider whether to Save, Piatti and the different alternatives that exist in the template for the band will play for the minutes required to have a player of his age and projection. Last night should be the decision of whether or not it in the template, it is one of the jewels of the market for many teams.

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