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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Valencia CF recognizes an offer from Swansea by Paul

The Valencia CF on Wednesday confirmed it has on the table an offer from Swansea, but did not want to figures provided by the Welsh team by Pablo Hernandez. The player Castellon, who could not convince Pellegrino Tuesday for him to stay, want to leave the Mestalla club to enjoy the minute you think you will not be able to have this season with Valencia CF, to be better positioned to be Feghouli holder.
Pablo Hernandez announced its offer of SwanseaPablo Hernandez could become Swansea player Michel Laudrup in the coming hours. Manuel Llorente and Bayram Tutumlu Danish coach-agent and issuer of the Welsh team in the Premier League, leaving the player traded entity's Mestalla in an operation with many overtones to close shortly. In fact, the player met Tuesday with Mauricio Pellegrino, at the end of the training to communicate face to face their future intentions. Inside right you moved to Flaco wants minutes, he feels that Feghouli has the status of the holder for which he fought this summer, you've always dreamed of playing in English football and that, ultimately, is presented with a golden opportunity at 27 he does not want to miss. The ball is now in the court of Valencia.

The negotiation is open. Swansea has submitted a formal offer to Valencia for just over five million and Llorente, meanwhile, will not sell for less than seven million. Some economic differences that seem solvable by the willingness of all three parties. The box with the Valencia would have to reconsider this Castellón although its sports scene in the right lane which is only Soso, the player would use the opportunity presented to him for playing in the Premiership and Swansea meet one of the specific requests of Laudrup.
The operation is advanced. Paul has already reached an agreement with Swansea. The Valencia, where negotiations to flourish, will sign a three-year contract with a salary similar to that charged in Valencia. Now we just need the clubs reach an agreement and both Llorente and Bayram Tutumlu're at it.
The two teams in the league are opening this weekend and the intention of the player's agents is to close tomorrow, the date that you marked as a stop to resolve their future.
So what has convinced Paul to make the decision? Basically two things. One, the dream come true to play in the Premier League following the footsteps of his former teammate and friend Juan Mata. The other, perhaps most important, the interest of Michael Laudrup who advanced Radio 9. The Dane has not only been a childhood idol Paul. It is also the coach that has relied on its possibilities. Laudrup made him an undisputed Getafe who fought the King's Cup at Valencia in 2007/08 season. Swansea's offer would satisfy two of his aspirations for the future.
The footballer, who will remain two-year contract today, plans to exercise with other classmates while waiting to see how things develop.If the operation comes to fruition as the mind of the player, Valencia would have to rethink sporting his right wing. Feghouli would be his only specialist and Pellegrino have to decide whether or lay hold of Piatti goes to market in search of an alternate profile Soso. To Piatti, for example, would not be an unknown position. The Argentinian has already left many times, especially in Almeria, from that district.

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