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Friday, August 3, 2012

The VCF will be playing hired two years at the Mestalla

Valencia CF will pay for two years rent for play at the Mestalla after the contract is signed and the company Bankia Newcoval, which since that time become the owner of the old stadium of Graphic Arts. It is one aspect of the agreement on Thursday sent the president of Valencia to questions from shareholders who attended the meeting with Llorente and Jose Granell, CEO of the firm that will acquire solar Mestalla. What was not clear is the cost that will bring to the club coffers rent, which in principle will of the amounts that Valencia will stop paying the banks in interest during those two years.

Vicente Valles, president of the Association of Small Shareholders, was the most critical of this operation that, in his speech, "the benefit of a private company gets the floor and tertiary Mestalla stadium. What is left for Valencia? "He argues. He also asked if the funding to carry out this operation by Guaranteed Bankia, to which was referred to Llorente agreement approved at the time by the Board of Directors of the bank. At the turn of Thursday also went to the offices, among other shareholders, the president of the VCF Pedro Cortes.

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