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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Guaita satisfied after returning without conceding a goal

Valencia goalkeeper Vicente Guaita was pleased after returning to the team in the match against Zaragoza won today 2-0 in the first game of the season in which the Valencian set has kept a clean sheet and where he finished with the captain's armband.

After the meeting, Valencia goalkeeper, who had not played this season, reiterated repeatedly expressed desire to play forever, but acknowledged that the team's two goalkeepers, something that benefits the team.

Mauricio Pellegrino, head coach, said after today's meeting if the two goalkeepers of Valencia, Vicente Guaita and Diego Alves, are equal, decide who plays depending on the characteristics of each party.

"The coach is the one who must decide and comment on the state of the porters," said Guaita, who did not comment on the recent statements by former Valencia goalkeeper Santiago Canizares, who said that the presence of these two great team porters could create an untenable situation.

To Guaita, the important thing today was the victory, as the team is faced with just five points and needed to win.

He admitted that Valencia had suffered after the expulsion of Feghouli, but the added points allow teams think they're up to achieve them.

She noted that the arbitration had harmed, but added that referees can make mistakes, "the Valencia goalkeeper.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Valencia CF 2-0 Zaragoza

Step forward. The Valencia CF against Zaragoza managed a win to gain confidence by implying qualifying purposes and the number of obstacles that had to go save the team and himself Pellegrino.
At first, the secret formula of 'Skinny' to find the reaction after the last two defeats was the double 'G': Guaita and Gago.
Two developments, the first and second unexpected awaited by valencianismo who expressed their importance against Zaragoza.
The Valencia CF came out nervous knowing what was at stake. A tension was easing was coming into play as Fernando Gago.
The Argentine oxygenated and gave the team the balance sought by Pellegrino far.
His long ball to the left after ten minutes of action started first goal. Cissokho, Jonas Feghouli prodded the ball and, on appeal, scored his third goal in La Liga.
All in Mestalla.
Shortly after the first adversity appeared for Valencia CF: Perez Montero. The referee did not whistle on a dubious penalty when he was felled Viera arriving to finish. The Mestalla wick was lit in this action and two minutes later Valencia Coliseum exploded after seeing Joao Pereira was zancadilleado within the area. An action that, in the end, would force him to leave the game injured.
Perez Montero turned to look the other way.
After this, the Zaragoza took on the role which had previously been of Valencia.
This led to the break after a first half superiority of Valencia.
The start of the second half was marked by the clearest chance of Zaragoza until then, in a violent shooting that left Victor shaking the crossbar. Shortly before this, he was still one of the best players of Valencia CF, Joao Pereira, was forced off injured.
Second obstacle.
The reply to the opportunity to Victor Jonas was a ball to the post. So close was the 2-0 and the 1-1, but got the second goal for Valencia.
A Soldier hospitalized and Barragan led 2-0 in the opening scorer in Viera.
When it seemed that the Valencia CF began to breathe, came the third mishap: Feghouli expulsion after seeing his second yellow. Valencia went on to play with a 4-4-1, with only soldier pointed, and try to sleep the game, while Zaragoza wanted to take over the ball and get in the game with a goal.
In order to achieve this, their coach Manolo Jimenez, ushered Movilla and Edu Oriol.
The team then retreated behind the counter and looked sentencing. With one less, the Pellegrino awarded less than eleven occasions and were about to score the third on two occasions of Jonas and Valdez.
But the score and would not move, pulling the towel over Zaragoza and Valencia garnered a victory that gives confidence for Tuesday's game against Lille.

- Specifications:
2 - Valencia: Guaita, Joao Pereira (Barragán, m.49), Rami, Victor Ruiz, Cissokho, Gago, Tino Costa, Feghouli, Jonas, Jonathan Viera (Guardado, m.72) and Soldier (Valdez, m.85)
0 - Zaragoza: Roberto, Sapunaru, Alvaro Paredes, Abraham, Jose Mari (Edu Oriol, m.71), Romaric (Aranda, M.60), Victor, Apoño, Montanes (Movilla, m.71) and Hélder Postiga.
Goals: 1-0, M.12: Feghouli.
2-0, m.59: Jonathan Viera.
Referee: Perez Montero (Andalusian Committee). Admonished by Tino Costa Valencia and Zaragoza Soldier by Jose Mari and Sapuranu.
Expelled for accumulation of cautions to Feghouli (m.62).
Incidents: match at Mestalla stadium before 40,000 spectators. Pitch in good condition.

Ricardo Costa sofre microrrotura

Os exames médicos realizados na manhã de sábado a Ricardo Costa confirmou o que já temia pelo Valencia CF. O internacional Português sofre uma microrrotura fibrilar 0,5 centímetros na área do gastrocnêmio medial músculo-tendão na perna direita.

A defesa Português será analisado dentro de uma semana para determinar, em sua evolução, o tempo exato baixo.

Entre os resultados, a falta de líquido encontrado na área e que o tamanho é menor do que o esperado microrrotura tem que ser otimista para o Valencia CF jogador fora da evidência médica. Tanto é assim que o jogador espera estar pronto para o jogo entre Valencia no Mestalla, em três semanas contra o Athletic de Bilbao, logo após a pausa para os compromissos internacionais.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Valencia is more important than any player

Mauricio Pellegrino said Cañizares ignore statements in the press conference after training on Friday, but when informed of them was clear: "I do not know that statements made. I think it's a situation that can be held peacefully. None of them has told me anything, I see them working very well, are two goalies who can play either and I am very quiet. explain to me why having two good players is a problem. Valencia is more important than I think when a player who does not play, if not comfortable saying so, up to speak to the sporting and go. "
Regarding the return of the call Gago, Valencia CF coach said: "Fernando Normal trains from Monday, most were precautions to be safe and forget about having hurt the team," but does not believe
his return is miraculous for the team "I do not think that the problems in these last few games have been for the midfield, when players return to help coach and team have a choice."
De Carlos Delgado, who enters the list for the injured Ricardo Costa said: "The moments are opportunities for players, tomorrow we have a great opportunity to show that the team is alive and has tools for young people an opportunity to play only minutes or ninety. " Precisely on the problems that are presented in the defense for the game and for the Zaragoza Lille, Pellegrino said: "Let aa start tomorrow's game and we'll think on Tuesday.'s A contradiction, but it must be think of Zaragoza and Tuesday we'll see how we work, we have worked in preseason other options are imponderables that occur in football, but we have the team prepared to compete well, I have no doubt about that. "
"The team has worked very well and is ready for Saturday's game in the best way possible."
Against Zaragoza goal is to make a good game, regardless of whether they can keep a clean sheet: "What we have to do is make the computer do good game in every moment of the game, I'm interested in more general performance
mark or conceding a goal. "
On self-critical statements of Pereira, Jonas and Soldado, coach stressed: "It's good to raise awareness and everyone when he speaks of the Valencia nevertheless sometimes shows what he feels. You have to keep the good things
and learn from the bad. "
However, there ruled Pellegrino anxiety, but always recognized that the psychological exercises: "That's part of the training, all training are psychological work, not train legs only, but is involved mood.
Players have anxiety when they have no tools to know what to do and we have ours, so there is less ability to get nervous. "
He also ruled that there is anxiety in the surroundings: "You can talk generally about people and the environment Valencia, not all fans feel the same but if we are all the same, that the template is leave everything on the field, the fundamental
is what we want to feel all the Valencia ".
Also, Pellegrino has distanced himself whether he feels pressured: "I want to pull the team matches, there is something more important than the coach and the players, which is the Valencia, I work for the club to have good reviews and
yes for the team to win. Luckily, in football there are conflicting opinions. "
After Ricardo Costa's injury seems to have been somewhat 'orphan' the central position, where there are only Victor Ruiz and Rami, which may not align with the Lille through suspension. However, the Argentine think time will tell if it was right or wrong to do without a central room: "That time will tell, a priori it is always better than less, but this is the squad we have and I know the
People are ready to compete, calls for the opportunity to young talents and if nobody comes give opportunity to young people. "
Asked if this year the staff of Valencia CF is short, Pellegrino said: "Sometimes when there are many, there are many who are not called and say why not go, there are now opportunities for all and you have to prove, time
and the results will tell if the template is short or long. "
Finally, on the statements of the players hands on that will come to shut Zaragoza, Valencia CF coach said: "It's a team that closes well, works well in that position, but we have the ability to carry weight party and we are ready to present all options. "

Pellegrino rehearses with Gago and Tino

Fernando Gago and Tino Costa have taken command in the Valencia midfield. At least for most of the training on Thursday behind closed doors at the Mestalla. Pellegrino tested with two Argentines in a double pivot is called to be a starter on Saturday against Real Zaragoza. El Flaco beside the two midfielders during one attack-defense exercises. The two may be the solution you need to unclog Valencia the ball out and the team begins to control games and propose building when football. Something that has become the team's unfinished and can fix the presence of Gago with Tino Costa.
Pellegrino tested with Gago and Tino start, but it is also true that Dani Parejo introduced during the last leg of training to form couples with Gago. And that one thing is clear. Fernando is to play and, with Albelda injured, is the only available specific recovery. The question was, will take time to Argentine fast enough to compete? Its a good feeling in training have shown so. The Argentine has completed all training on Tuesday without any problems and is ready to return to competition. The head injury he suffered with the Argentina needed a medical protocol for prevention of fifteen days, but the player has performed well and has regained all that he had, rhythm training. Gago on Tuesday returned to the group and its progression has proven all doubts about his fitness. The Argentina international is ready for re-handle the equipment and in the boot of the season.
And, their participation will be key to return to give balance to the midfield, to regain midfield personality and become strong before a Zaragoza has always been a hard nut to crack in Mestalla.
And your companion? Pellegrino has only Tino options and Parejo and, apparently seen in training behind closed doors yesterday, bet on the Argentine. The Spaniard has not the level that was expected of him in the three games in which he has had to come to the fore. Dani started badly in the match against Celta Vigo. He was booed by fans after several losses. However, at halftime was redone and ended up contributing to the team's only victory this season. Worse things were you in matches against Bayern in the Champions League and to the Mallorca game that was replaced in '69. Dani has not used his first opportunity Flaco three games, but the timing certainly offers new possibilities. Now the turn is for Gago-Tino Costa.

The Lightning do not forget Bernat

The Rayo Vallecano continues monitoring the progression of Juan Bernat sports. The sports director of rayistas, Miñambres Felipe, was yesterday at the Mini Estadi of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna following the Second Division B match between Valencia and Atletico Baleares Mestalla and used to inquire about the situation informally sports player after it was his object of desire last summer. Coincided Vallecano coach yesterday on the steps of Mini Estadi with Braulio Vázquez, with the player's agents "and José Vicente Fores Tárraga" and the player himself who came to blanquinegras facilities in your afternoon free to follow those who were among his teammates last season in the reserves. The Lightning did not end with the player's services for three months, but has not forgotten him.
Miñambres Felipe was one of the people most interested in the transfer of Valencia last summer when the player's future was still uncertain. Pellegrino decided at that time that the young squad came into their plans and immediately opened the doors of the first team. The bet was to give minutes left, but the truth is that reality is quite another. We have played six competitive matches between league and Champions League and Bernat has not played a single minute. The squad has had no opportunity despite Piatti injury and fatigue with which Mexico Saved turned in their final international. At that time the owner was Viera. There are still a lot of racing ahead and football takes many turns, but what is clear is that if the winter comes and the player still does not have minutes, Valencia could consider an exit on a loan. It might be a good choice for the club and for the player, who can not stand his age. Meanwhile, Juan Bernat not lost hope of having minutes this season Pellegrino orders and work hard in training to be prepared if the opportunity arrives. Her dreams go through Mestalla.

Gago e Diego Alves, Argentina e Brasil

Valencia CF jogadores Fernando Gago e Diego Alves foram chamados por suas seleções nacionais para disputar os próximos dois compromissos internacionais dos mesmos.

Assim, Fernando Gago da Argentina foi convocado para a sua equipa jogar partidas contra Uruguai e Chile, em 12 e 16 de Outubro, respectivamente. As reuniões fazem parte das eliminatórias para a Copa do Mundo de 2014 e jogou em Mendoza (Argentina) e Santiago do Chile, respectivamente.

Enquanto isso, Diego Alves fará parte da seleção brasileira nos dois amistosos enfrentar sua seleção contra o Iraque em 11 de Outubro (Malmö, Suécia) e no Japão em 16 de outubro (Wroclaw, Polônia). Lembre-se que o Brasil vai sediar a Copa do Mundo de 2014, por isso já garantiu a classificação como país de acolhimento.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ricardo Costa, de baixa contra o Zaragoza e Lille

Novo revés na defesa central. Ricardo Costa vai perder pelo menos os próximos jogos corresponda contra o Zaragoza e Lille, depois de sofrer uma possível ruptura na panturrilha da perna direita. A preocupação se agravou depois de ver o Português centro Mestalla deixar de muletas.

Teremos de esperar 48 horas para edema recesso como médicos Valencia CF realizar exploração no início, mas o tempo de inactividade pode ser estimada em torno de duas a quatro semanas, dependendo do tamanho da ruptura.

Sua ausência torna-se um problema, especialmente para a próxima partida dos Campeões de terça-feira da Liga contra o Lille em que haverá Adil Rami, suspenso após ser expulso em Munique.

Victor Ruiz volta ao normal Entreanmiento nota positiva fechado na quinta-feira no Mestalla foi o retorno de Victor Ruiz, que exerceu normalmente depois de superar seu gastroenterite. Uma pausa, sem dúvida, em relação ao eixo da parte posterior do Valencia CF.

Pellegrino prepares the Zaragoza game field

The Valencia CF has trained in morning session in Mestalla closed to prepare for the match against Real Zaragoza on Saturday.

Mauricio Pellegrino has told the players of the first team, except for the injured Channels, Albelda, Mathieu and Piatti, with six players VCF Mestalla: Dalmau, Ximo Forner, Tano, Roberto Ibanez and Dani Lucas.

A session featuring ball exercises and where recent built, Gago and Ever Banega have completed training normally.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Criança cometeu erros em Mallorca

João Pereira faz auto-crítica. Como parte da defesa do Valencia CF reconhece que os erros são "infantil", mas acredita que é um problema de todos, não apenas defensiva. A equipe tem três jogos pela frente antes do intervalo de uma nova competição para os compromissos internacionais portugueses e não hesita em descrevê-los como "final". "São três jogos que enfrentamos como final porque perdemos alguns pontos com os quais tínhamos e agora temos que recuperar."

O lado Português reconhece que o traje é "um pouco triste" porque esperavam resultados melhores, mas são "convencido" de que são "tempo para corrigir", e vai ficar melhor. Sim, João distribuídos entre toda a culpa. "Os problemas não são apenas uma equipe defensiva. Grevistas e os meios de comunicação também têm de defender. É verdade que em todos os jogos eles colocam objetivos e temos que melhorar. Somos uma equipe em que defender e atacar em conjunto."

O Zaragoza será o próximo adversário eo Português tem medidas claras a tomar para conseguir a vitória. "Temos que jogar muito melhor, temos que empurrar mais, correr mais rápido, fazer tudo melhor do que esses jogadores Zaragoza e sei que podemos dar mais." O foco é a de fechar o dreno de objetivos, porque "se você não perder gols", e admite que em Mallorca João não estavam nada bem. "Nós admitiu metas como a segunda criança, em Maiorca. Pode acontecer que no futebol profissional. Inicialmente todos tinham que ser marcadas e não o foram. Sei que cometemos erros que não devemos fazer, eu sei, e estou convencido de que nós para melhorar. "Finalmente queria enviar uma mensagem de otimismo, porque ele é a certeza de que eles vão "restaurar a alegria para os fãs."

Mestalla has the key to launch the Valencia CF

The Valencia ahead almost a month without travel to try to reverse his sporting situation, as the only party that will play away in the next few weeks I played in Valencia, and to be measured against Levante on Sunday 7 October.

Valencia has five points in five league games and the set of all competitions has played four road games in which victory has not known since drawn one and lost three.

Valencia opened the season with a tie one on his visit to Real Madrid and then lost out to Barcelona Mestalla (1-0) in the Champions League against Bayern Munich (2-1) and against Mallorca (2-0).

Now, Valencia receives Zaragoza on Saturday and mates to Lille in the Champions League, with a visit to Levante on Sunday 7.

The League stops next weekend by the commitments of the selections and the October 20 Athletic Bilbao will be visiting the Mestalla.

Therefore Valencia next trip will be in late October to see their faces against BATE Borisov Belarus in the third round of the Champions League in a meeting planned for Tuesday 23.

The fact of playing at home is shown beneficial in recent months for Valencia at the Mestalla as are unbeaten in the league since March and builds home without winning eleven outputs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soldier: 'Surely we will raise the situation'

Valencia CF striker Roberto Soldado, was one of the players who took advantage of the renewal agreement with the sponsor MSC Cruises currently treating team immediately.

Speaking to 'VCF Play', Soldier was convinced to "lift" the poor state of the game and results through the team. "It is clear that the start is costing us more than we expected, but we are working and we will certainly raise this situation," said Valencia captain.

A Soldier's requirement that has been marked for the next game of theirs against Zaragoza at the Mestalla. "It is clear that we have only five games, the team has more to prove than it has shown so far and surely we will do on Saturday," he said.

Llorente: 'Soon the clouds will dissipate and come to fruition'

Valencia president Manuel Llorente said today, regarding the economic situation of the club: "Soon will dissipate these clouds and come to fruition."
The leader made the remarks during a ceremony of renewal of the sponsorship deal with the chain of MSC Cruises for two years and one week after it became known that he had broken the real estate deal with Bankia, with which the club claimed dry
much of its debt and resume work on the new stadium.
MSC Cruises thanked Llorente decision to renew its sponsorship until the summer of 2014 "in these difficult times," adding that having expanded the agreement between the parties means that "are satisfied with this journey that began a year ago."
At the presentation ceremony, held aboard the MSC Orchestra ', Emiliano Gonzalez, CEO of the cruise company, explained that this renewal "once again reinforce our commitment to the sport and one of the best football teams
Spanish league. "
Meanwhile, Emiliano Gonzalez says that "MSC Cruises has always been closely linked with Valencia, as a major shipping ports in our country." He adds: "For MSC Cruises is a pleasure to present here today to renew this sponsorship agreement, with which our company is still linked to Valencia CF. Continuity This agreement will strengthen once again our commitment to the sport and in this
case, with one of the best teams in the Spanish football league. "
The event took place on board MSC Orchestra, which performs 8-day cruise departing from Valencia every Tuesday and stops in Ibiza, Tunis, Catania (Italy), Naples (Italy), Livorno (Florence), Villefranche (France)
Return to Valencia.
The ship, MSC Orchestra, Musica belongs to the class, has a total of 18 decks and can accommodate 3223 passengers in 1275 cabins, of which 65% are with balcony. On board you can choose from a wide range of leisure facilities: running on a track, enjoy a rejuvenating steam bath, dining at Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, relax in the exotic Savannah Bar decorated with images of animals, the luxurious Purple Bar, or enjoy the glamor of Hollywood in the chic Zaffiro Bar

فيغولي: "هناك حرف والطموح للصعود

وقال لاعب خط وسط فالنسيا، Sophiane فيغولي، أنه على الرغم من النتائج السيئة التي حققها الفريق في بداية الموسم، وهو مقتنع أنه مع طابع ونوعية القوى العاملة، ستبدأ قريبا إلى اليمين السفينة وتسلق الدوري.

"لا تكن عصبيا. لدينا الجودة وإلا في اليوم الخامس وأننا لعبنا مباراة دوري أبطال أوروبا. موسم طويل جدا وشخصية هذا الفريق وطموح لنقل ما يصل. يجب أن تكون داعمة للغاية، وجميع معا نحصل على متابعة وتذهب هذه الصفحة هي سيئة جدا، "قال.

وقال الجزائري الدولي أنه على الرغم مما يدل على أن بداية الموسم كانت "صعبة" الفريق "يريد أن يفعل أفضل. الأقصى، لا تسير الأمور طريقنا، ولكن لدي الكثير من الثقة، وأعتقد أن علينا قريبا سيجعل لعبة كبيرة. شيء نحن بحاجة وما نقوم به، وأنا متأكد، "قال.

لاعب خط الوسط، الذي سيبقى عامين على عقده، وقد اجتذب اهتمام العديد من الاندية، وبالتالي فإن فالنسيا يعمل على تمديد العقد، وقال لاعب ما: "إن تجديد ليست أولوية، كما قلت كثيرة أحيانا أنا سعيد جدا في فالنسيا ".

في الدورة التدريبية اليوم، وكان صحفي كبير وجود بانيجا من أي وقت مضى، للمرة الأولى مع الفريق، بعد إصابته خطيرة، وأنه أيضا من فرناندو جاجو، علما انه كان باستمرار اخر ثلاث مباريات.

"أنا سعيد جدا لرؤيته بعد سبعة أشهر من. حسنا لقد رأيته مبتسما، للفريق ككل اليوم هو يوم جيد. جاجو على ما يرام للعب يوم السبت، لدينا قالب طويلة جدا، ونتوقع أن الفوز على سرقسطة" وخلص.

فيغولي، الذي نظمته الجزائر

وقد دعا لاعب خط وسط فالنسيا CF، سفيان فيغولي، من قبل الجزائر لمباراة الإياب يوم الأحد القادم ضد أكتوبر يبيا 14، التصفيات المؤهلة لكأس الأمم الأفريقية 2013، المقرر عقده في جنوب أفريقيا من 19 يناير الى 10 فبراير. في مباراة الذهاب على أرضه أمام الجزائر ليبيا فوز 0-1، بهدف في اللحظة الأخيرة السوداني. ونقلت لاعب فالنسيا يوم الاثنين 8، قبل ظهر اليوم، في المركز الوطني لتحديث سيدي موسى الاتحاد الجزائري لكرة القدم، في الجزائر العاصمة

Mathieu est dur pour être prêt contre Saragosse

Le tendon d'Achille Jeremy Mathieu oblige encore les Français à travailler en dehors de leurs pairs. Sa présence à la Mestalla, samedi contre Saragosse est compliquée. La gauche continue son travail de récupération seul. Pas de jours de congé, hier, a fait un bon fonctionnement en continu et même si leurs sentiments sont de mieux en mieux, il faut du temps incapables d'exercer normalement et n'est pas prêt, ni la douleur, ni la physique étant à pleine capacité dans la formation pour commandes Pellegrino.
Cette semaine, il n'est pas prévu pour déplacer le joueur à Barcelone pour voir le Dr Cugat, car il a la semaine dernière "a déjà effectué trois visites" à suivre le traitement de récupération. Il n'a jamais voulu jouer avec la douleur et, pour que cela se reproduise, il était nécessaire d'abaisser l'exigence du tendon d'Achille. Et qui ont depuis a dû être remplacé contre le Deportivo. Cette semaine, en augmentant progressivement la charge de travail, mais a passé quatre semaines à travailler en dehors de l'équipe, avec le kinés et de remise en forme, mais pratiquement aucune formation sur le terrain.
Une fois la douleur disparaît, le lecteur dispose également de récupérer son aptitude à reprendre pour être disponible pour jouer pour Valence.
Albelda, le calendrierLe capitaine continue son rétablissement dans les délais prévus. Après une formation avec le Dr Luis Silvestre, a déménagé à Levante Centre de réadaptation de subir des tests de contrôle et d'afficher l'état de la microrrotura fibrillaire à la jambe droite. Tout se passe comme prévu. Auparavant, il a travaillé dans le milieu de terrain Paterna. À côté du poêle Sorli Jordi fait un circuit exigeant physique de ces derniers jours, leurs sentiments sont bons, mais encore faible pour les matches à venir contre Zaragoza, Lille et peut-être le Levant.

Gago comes to the rescue of Valencia CF

One hundred percent. Fernando Gago back heartily and fully recovered from the head injury he suffered with his selection. Together Ever Banega did extensive work on Monday, with the coach, Gabriel Macaya, and on Tuesday it has added to orders Mauricio Pellegrino, who will welcome you with open arms to help Valencia to recover its best game against Zaragoza. With the Argentine at the helm, Valencia has found his best minutes, leaving a good feeling at the Santiago Bernabeu, with a brilliant game in the first half against Deportivo and with good minutes in the last moments of the clash at the Camp Nou . As has been well, has been a fixture in the side. When the team is worse, Gago comes to the rescue.
For he spends much of the offensive game of Valencia. The midfield "in his absence" with Tino Costa and Dani Parejo has not yielded the expected results. Valencia have missed Gago and looks forward to his return and the return of Ever Banega. The duo Argentina may be the solution to the lack of creation which has accused the Valencia game in recent matches. Indeed, alongside fellow has done his setup. Since coming back from Buenos Aires on Tuesday "went to pick him up at the city railway station" have become inseparable. Together Paterna did Monday in an intensive work session, under the watchful eye of the head of medical services, Jordi Candel. Gabriel Macaya, team trainer, squeezed the most of the two midfielders, especially in the case of Gago, for his return to the group and return to the starting against Zaragoza. First a physical circuit and then ball work. Gago has been working the sidelines in recent days to avoid contact, even though its development has been very positive from the beginning, but on Monday and hit the ball and exercised a hundred percent on the lawn of the Sports City.
He looks eager to return to stop and take the baton of Valencia.
The Valencia needs a change. His game is not working, neither created nor destroyed, individual mistakes and wins games. Encouraging debut against Real Madrid, the tough loss against Mallorca in the last day, there is a big difference. Can be key Gago's return? The Argentine has been lost due to injury, the last three games against Celtic, Bayern and Mallorca, as well as the second half against Deportivo and much of the game against Barcelona. Precisely in duels where Valencia has accused a lack of pace and know what to do with the ball, but with him in the field was another Valencia. Neither have known Parejo Tino or organize play Valencia offensive, are not organizers, nor a reference defensive midfield, as they are not defensive midfielders. Gago is both. A '5 'capable of running the game you want Pellegrino. The team needs to change its dynamics. The Argentine wants and is ready to help Valencia to win at Zaragoza.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Possession leads to impotence

When a team finishes a game with 70 percent of possession and lost by two goals to nil, has done many things wrong. This was what happened yesterday in Mallorca Valencia against an opponent who, however well qualified he is, is tremendously lower than group coached by Mauricio Pellegrino, which further aggravates the performance of Valencia. Argentina coach made three changes in the starting line regarding who appeared at Munich. Left on the bench to Ricardo Costa, Jonas and Guardado, ushering Victor Ruiz, Valdez and Jonathan Viera.
Nothing changed. And if he did it was worse. The Valencia failed in all its lines. The concert started at Diego Alves 'eating' the first goal so incomprehensible and failed in both Celta in Mestalla, to follow the previous tune Rami and Victor Ruiz, who started the chain of errors.
The Frenchman was unable to cut the ball, which surpassed him in the boat, and his companion stared as Victor Casadesus surmounted.
What of Diego Alves is becoming worrisome, even though a good number of games saved his team from defeat or to fit a greater number of goals. The Brazilian begins to show doubts at peak times, which undoubtedly will think Pellegrino on the possibility of granting a break for the benefit of Vicente Guaita.
When a player shows signs of weakness prevails relieved.
The technician also finds its central pair of the three he owns. The alternating gone, but it so happens that Rami and Ricardo Costa played together only European meeting against Bayern Munich. The five games that were played in the League have been dealt Victor Ruiz and Ricardo Costa in two, against Real Madrid and Deportivo, while the other three have been for the duo Rami and Victor Ruiz (Barcelona, ​​Celta and Mallorca) .
Each other, the center of the rear transmits no security of any kind.
Proof of this was the absurdity that Rami and Victor Ruiz starred in both goals for Mallorca, the first final collaboration with Diego Alves. From there, the Mallorca played little more than a pleasure, because the party as he likes to put Joaquin Caparros, who instructed his followers to delay lines a few feet, give the ball to the opponent and equip themselves well around your area to play against. What they do best teams coach Utrera directed at the Valencia did not dare to hire, even though they kept negotiating.
Pellegrino was cheaper.
The Mallorca felt comfortable, because it's the way you play him unbeaten this season. The Valencia, unable to keep a clean sheet a single party, happened to have the ball, the remedy being worse than the disease. The shortcomings of the Bianconeri surfaced more clearly.
All danger of Pellegrino was summarized in a shot from Valdez head bringing the ball against the crossbar.
The party was so soporific that even yawned Saved on the bench. And he had not yet reached the break. The only Valencia drew their fans that the tedium was Jonathan Viera. Only he tried for the left half of the pitch. The rest lost.
With the ball in his power and ground to play, Valencia had no ideas or speed.
The VCF were further embarrassment to the air in the second half. Back to the central. A Rami and Victor Ruiz lacked Arizmendi applaud the action of the second goal that, for blush, came after a goal kick for Aouate. The plants looked like they were on the beach rather than on the pitch. Rains, it pours.
And Ricardo Costa, on the bench.
Contributed nothing changes. Parejo was first to leave the field. As if I was not. When the team disappears, the calls can never complain that he has not had opportunities by their coach.
He alone has thrown the trash.
Ridicule is inexcusable Valencia, Mallorca before a rudimentary, slacker, lower, but that is very clear what to do in the field opposite the Mestalla that lost, still without a win at home. The last time was last March 18.

Pellegrino and Braulio meet in Paterna

Mauricio Pellegrino does not rest. On Monday, the day off from training the team, the coach of Valencia CF has met the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna with sporting director Braulio Vazquez to analyze the failures of all-white on his visit to Mallorca, where they lost by 2-0.

In the Valencia CF is growing concern about the discreet league start Mestalla club, which currently occupies the fourteenth place in the standings of the Premier League with five points, 10 behind leaders Barcelona.

Paterna have also been injured players to continue their recovery. These Gago, who joins the group on Tuesday after head injury suffered for his country and that could be available to the coach for the next league game on Saturday (16:00 pm) against Zaragoza at the Mestalla.

Tino Costa and Alves have played every minute

Alberto 'Tino' Costa and Diego Alves, midfielder and goalkeeper of Valencia, have become after the last league match played by his team against Mallorca, the only players in the workforce who have not lost a single minute of play since the beginning of the championship.

Both have played in full the first five league matches and accumulate a total of 450 minutes played and has participated in the first match of the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

The Brazilian international goalkeeper has taken advantage of the physical problems suffered by his teammate Vicente Guaita, in the early going, to take over the position in goal, a situation similar to that of Tino Costa to the absence through injury of players like Ever Banega , Sergio Canales and Fernando Gago.

Another of the players listed as 'fixed' in this boot is central defender Victor Ruiz, especially in regard to the League, and has played every minute you have played, although not involved in the European duel in Munich.