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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Carles Gil (VALENCIA.CF PLAYER RELEASED TO ELCHE)Who also had another derby Carles Gil was providential. He scored his second goal. Adapting the team has been easier than expected. "The key is how quickly I've adapted by peers, which from the outset have made me feel one more and that has helped me feel good to make good games," he said. He also thanked the support of the fans.Adaptation Dani Parejo has yet in our team, recently in a report published by the Blog "to the death VALENCIA.CF" was setting the player to give birth and I have answered (even Administrator) is not fair, is not more pressure put him just a player who can promise high quality, as recalled Oh My Captain is a Team player and World Champion Europe and I want you back in the national team because so we know you are succeeding in our sense. -CONGRATULATIONS TO "KILLER"For me it is no surprise that Roberto is in the selection and stay up to Brazil with the best for me because it was a negative surprise is that Negredo was ahead of "Killer" in Poland-Ukraine, deservedly, for goals Roberto slaughter and deserved to be champion of EuropeWith Roberto we improved the record scorer in Spain and certainly if Vicente Del Bosque had been "improved" had seen, but as they say Mortadelo his Head "hairs to the sea" and we still Brazil. -Andres Guardado NO SIDEThe only downside of the first game in the old Mestalla Colossus was the injury of Mathieu and Guardado had to play on the side where he was completely overwhelmed and ultimately cost us a point, then you remember the shot against the crossbar and the chance of Soldier in a one on one that stopped the Galician goalkeeper. -Now it is worthless to talk about because it has already signed, well, unfortunate that Paco and Pablo have left the ship this season and Juan Bernat is reminding me too much to Jaime Gavilan and hopefully not continue down this road, you have to throw eggs friend , remember all that has cost you arrive and feel .....Valencia-MESTALLA ANIMADAnd finally a call to the fans, which is always the Mestalla, we have some "nanos" older brothers who need us every day, because it goes to the North Bend Paterna to infect your joy and his balls. -We must be, stay and cheer to death with all that means our sacred shield. -

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