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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ayala: 'El Flaco is a winner'

In Argentina for the league, but the Sports Director of Racing de Avellaneda makes a hole in his schedule to attend SUPER and make an initial assessment of Valencia. It is an authoritative voice. Ayala knows that football is different now that he lived, the order stands, the good feelings left by the team against two of the league, and that from now must translate to the other competitors. For him, Hardy is a winner.

How's matches Valencia from Argentina?"There is a cable television broadcast every match of the Spanish league and, if I'm at work and I have the chance, I see the games, but if you do not see the abstracts or if we were still on the Internet. There is always a way to know what's going on day to day team."What do you think of the beginning of championship?"From what I've seen and reviewed, the truth is that the game deserved to have other points, but hey, reality brand that has few points that deserved more, but leave me alone the way it is facing parties ."One of the conclusions they draw in Valencia, for example Albelda, is that results are not in the corresponding area but are satisfied by sensations. Is it important to give a good image against Madrid and Barcelona?"Always, at least, so I had as a player and as part of the group, I personally always stayed by sensations, by what he saw, so it felt, so I left the group or the feeling that I left after a game. From here, I think they have to be satisfied because they think they can play at a good level, you will get better, will be continued and the results will come. She should not have to continue in this line, the test were the two games they played against Barcelona and Real Madrid and keep up, this is what is intended in Valencia, which in those games as there is no difference in previous years. Hopefully I can prove Valencia with other equipment which has been shown in these games."Just as important is the awareness in games against inferior teams theorists?"Yes, it is important because that's where you have to distinguish the big club, do not choose the big rivals, comes to the party and fight until the last minute. You can not give the winner before a game, on the field to do many things, all pairs with and be ordained a ball stop, especially knowing that any team that takes on Valencia will want to have that role, If things go well you will have much impact because a team wins major Spanish league."He talks about the importance of set pieces, does football looks increasingly basketball?"I think it's something that does not have to stop and work it randomly linked, as is today's football matches are opened or closed with a ball stop. If there is so much parity between two teams, which commits fewer errors and more familiar with the approach of the opponent and where you may hurt, will be more likely to stay with the three points."In his time as a player, would you like to have more information of the opponent that would be measured?"I liked having information provided, unless the coach gave me the care of me who I was going to face, but still advocate. If you know that you know plays a fast forward that you have to get back, because at any backlash can hurt you, if you have a tall player, strong and powerful know that you can anticipate that head can win or lose but always be attentive and good to know that you're facing. I, in this case with Rafa Benitez, with Cuper, Ranieri? Almost all give you information about what's ahead, but already one because you know them and see them increasing interest apart because it makes it much easier to work on the field."A Pellegrino likes the phrase" be professional 24 hours a day, "and that before was not in doubt. If he says it's because the players are distracted more?"Well, they're different generations also, I noticed that what the people here, at a dinner or when I make a round in the locker room do not talk much football as they would have to speak, but that does not mean it is bad, simply are customs and different generations, we have to adapt to everything. And you should see how the coaches how they can get the player to engage it and always get some more."At the start of the Valencia league referees have hurt him, does that ring a bell?"For me the goal of Victor Ruiz bad annulled. I do not know, you have to think they are wrong and that the errors are by accident and not on purpose, I still believe in honesty and I understand that it is."Are you surprised by some of the top of Pellegrino as first coach?"It is too early, and there are three parties to give their time working their parties. A priori all know him to Flaco and what it was like and professional footballer, and is now in his first stint as coach and give you a little that is his character, a little order, professionalism and winning. Because Hardy is a guy who wants to be a winner and protagonist."In the first matches have seen that order, with the lines closer together, have the ball but holding tight defensive order. Do teams are built from the back?"Yeah, you try to have a spine, from the porter and so forth. It's good to believe an order, but especially commitment everyone should have to attack and defend. Football is that, when you tacar commitment to the ball to give chances to your partner and if not you got, you have to sacrifice yourself for your partner, be aware of everything and see how I can retrieve the ball faster. Football is, as Bielsa said in interviews, is to try to have the ball, create to end in a goal. And when you do not, put the same enthusiasm you put to defend."One of the signings that has since talk is Gago, was a player for this team need to be no one on campus to get out from behind playing? In its time it was played differently."We had to Pipo Baraja unwittingly compare because Fernando has features that Pipo not have or vice versa, the treatment of the ball is great, the wants and calls at all times, distributes and carries the weight of the game. Perhaps it can be said that has no goal like Pipo both at the time, has its goals but not a '5 'that you can get to the area, but wanted something else, so much at stake, ball and clear out So the team is very good."Is it so hard to fight him the league Madrid and Barca as you did in your day?"It's complicated, let's see if these matches, the first, if you follow all the same or if one of them is left out. If matches will be good and I think it would be more attractive."How does your office?"I'm very happy, accompanied, supported, and we await the results. It will play the sixth round, the team is good, has brought good results and we seconds."Are not you tempted to go down to the lawn and be technical?"Yes, yes, I have it today and there is pending, but once I decided to do it I'll stay where I am. Will the coaching course, I have not yet, and probably later I will be able to do so."Is it more difficult to be in the offices to be the chief of the defense?"Yes, much more, because you can not change anything, sitting in the box and you can not change the field itself. You suffer more, no more stress, but this is experience that one gains and over time I'll know better take my party theme."How hard is sitting and not being able to express feelings?"But it is assumed, there is now an important responsibility, either as technical secretary or coach tomorrow, but hey, as a player could change things on the field or a change of script, but now it depends on others."Pellegrino has changed and put the suit on the bench."Okay, I do not know if it will be comfortable, but be fit well (laughs)."He was the father two weeks ago and was not far, is it good an example as a professional?"That's a drop line is normal behavior and that he has had throughout his career and now as a coach is going to show, this is transmitted, and hopefully the player is a professional in every way."What predicts this Valencia in the season?"I'm optimistic and of course, both players and coaching staff will have to prove it with results. Just start the championship and if we take it to a personal level, I want to get it right because there is a friend and a club I want to do well, hopefully I can do the job and go back to being protagonists in competitions."There are only three plants, are you still able to dress in short?"(Laughs) No, no, the physicist is changing and quite, not bad, I stopped training and find it hard to have continuity in training, but occasionally a Sunday game with friends. The head is fine but not so much physical."Are you still playing?"Yes, with friends, especially on Sunday morning and I need also to have fun and have a good time."Does it go back?"No, I sent in the middle, because I'm younger and I have to run some more.

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