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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Balance and ambition in equal

Valencia have shown you remain competitive in the market. In a context of austerity and low-cost signings, the entity that commands Manuel Llorente has reinforced conveniently making the right decisions at the right time. Manufacture, store, buy and sell. We always aim to improve. In Mestalla offices have long understood that optimizing strategic, operational and financial is absolutely key to not losing capacity and prestige. Despite the aridity that gives the current recessionary environment, Valencia has been one of the clubs that have invested. About 23.2 million euros in seven assets of good standard. Ambition but also control, because the black and whites have joined 30 million euros in the transfer of four players. Total Balance in the balance, even surpluses, with the aspiration to have built a more powerful and comprehensive template.

The control in the accounts is not incompatible with the ability to sign good players. The forecast and medium term work of the technical secretariat diversifies risks and opportunities generated as Andres Guardado "tied a year ago to get this course at no cost" or Aly Cissokho, a front side closed for six million. Warn is basic opportunities. The final acquisition is another operation categorical Channels: The club has 'tapped' his injury for incorporation by 7.5 million euros, when the purchase option provided for in the assignment was 12.

Only Madrid and Barca, with 30 and 33 million euros have been spent more. Only Athletic entered more. Sales of Aduriz, Jordi Alba, Mehmet Topal, Moya and Paul last seven million have raised profits by 30 million. Over seven in a box and all.

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