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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barragan and inside trains as

While not stop to reach out Pellegrino bad news, the latest Fernando Gago's injury in the match against Peru, the technician has no other choice but to go to work with the choices you have in the squad and on Wednesday began training with Antonio Barragan inside right. Joao Pereira While performing recovery work after returning from Portugal, the 'Skinny' placed side Barragan and Leuko as rights, but the main exercise session consisted of a modified game in two quarters and acted as the interior Seville Dalmau covering his back.
Antonio offered publicly on Monday to take a position that is not unknown to him, and was not a pose to the gallery. Not yet had official parties minute in the current course and it is open to help the team in the position it is needed, as noted yesterday in training. Very attentive to the signs of Pellegrino, where he acted in several movements inside the ball without allowing the incorporation from behind the side "in this case Dalmau" as asked in games. Barragan is a serious option for handling the technical Piatti injury cover, near the Mexican Andres Guardado, who is scheduled to arrive Thursday at Valencia. Next week begins the Champions and the accumulation of matches is that, regardless of sanctions or unforeseeable injuries, Pellegrino will have to start their shift rotations.
Soso Feghouli inside right hand holder, but neither will be able to play all the games and the option to Barragan has many possibilities and so he decided to start by train.
The return of Ricardo Costa?The only two international who made the session from start to finish and Rami were Ricardo Costa, but Pellegrino will now decide whether to back the Portuguese lineup after serving his one-match ban, or keeps the couple acted in central Camp Nou, with accompanying French Victor Ruiz. In yesterday's session, the 'Skinny' next to Ricardo and Victor worked alongside Rami Tano. Those who follow his rhythm are Jonas and Feghouli, with a progressive incorporation to work after their commitments to Brazil and Algeria respectively. The Brazilian did not participate in the match and played Soso not everything.
On Thursday the team, from 18:30 hours working behind closed doors at the Mestalla, where Joao Pereira play itself and will continue to work as if Barragan inside or if Guardado commitment.

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