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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Carles Gil Silva is modeled

It was always said that comparisons are odious, but there are times when these arise spontaneously and inevitably. That's what happens with Carles Gil and David Silva. The start of the season that the squad of Valencia is starring in Elche recalls times canary in Eibar. His first steps in the second division, the growth of the hand of Jose Luis Mendilibar € names change, feelings remain. The team is now the coach is Elche and Escribá Fran, but the context is similar for all, for the stage and for the profile of the protagonists.Silva won after at Mestalla, but before exploding as a star had to demonstrate his talent with two assignments. The first was at that Eibar that nearly boarding first. For there also walked Xabi Alonso. In Ipurua was where he cut his teeth really, with just 19, far from the glamor of First, in small and muddy fields, to rivals that bit of truth. That loan stay away from the shelter of the Ciudad Deportiva de Paterna was key to their maturation process. Silva returned footballer fact, in every sense of the word, and the same is expected to happen with Carles Gil. The jump is large, and touch in these cases is critical to not stop the evolution of the player, but four games were enough to trigger the illusion.Carles was one of the homegrown that Pellegrino was staying in Germany, even scored a goal in the victory over Rödinghausen. It debuted with the first team in a competitive match, but has participated in several friendlies. Before the season, the club renovated Braulio commitment. It was a gamble for talent, for a player capable of making different things, but I still had to prove their competitiveness. The assignment to Elche emerged as the perfect platform for foguearlo. Major city, team with ambition and a coach who knew well the player.Carles has emerged as a cyclone. Is the man in form of the Second Divsion and has become a crucial part without accusing the jump. "I saw a lot of quality players, even more than Carles, but none was able to exert much influence on a team in such a short time," says Sergio Mantecón, authoritative voice in the dressing room franjiverde. The third captain of Elche Gil defines as a very intelligent guy, always the sum in a locker room and a confidence with the ball above the average. To those who knew it was not a surprise. "He has vision, ability to overwhelm, to offer € assists moves across the front of the attack on the center, on the left or go diagonally right wing. It has a wide repertoire and it's good to pieces by his good left foot, "says Sergio Ventosa Mestalla coach. His style of play is the same as shown in the school of Valencia, cadets in the Junior or the subsidiary. The difference is that now is drawing attention for its success scorer.In four games with three goals and leads Elche last year at the Mestalla made four. Vicente Mir, current coach of Elche extécnico Ilicitano and-white house, offers one of the keys to good time: "He has improved on something that had always stressed and worked, their ability to tread area and join the attack." Now it is showing more concrete. Directs the kickbacks, seeking the best option pass, dribbles the ball for 20 yards and finished the plays. Mir, who was in Carles in youth and in the Mestalla, points on the talented playmaker, "I do not think finished as top scorer of Elche, but notable for his assists. A figure to be around 10 goals would be ideal. " As if Mir and Ventosa match is that it is one of the pearls of the generation formed by Portu, Alcácer or Bernat, designed to nurture the Valencia, and which was also Isco.With your feet on the groundCarles Gil Elche has found the ideal environment and is confident Escribá Fran, a coach who knew him from cadets. "Last year I went in Mestalla matches and some training. It was clear to the profile of the player and what he could bring to his team, "says Ventosa.Fran has shown great confidence in Carles and he is responding. "The idea is to go little by little, day by day, slowly, because the rush is not good at all. It would be a mistake to think that is going to decide every match, "Mir stresses the need to manage time, in control and temper expectations compliments for your progression is not impaired. The player can not miss the easy Alago or bubble produced by his great start. "We all have things very clear. The season has just begun, are four games and this will not always be so. In Second is 42 days and there will be times where the losses come and where it may not accompany the team to shine Carles, "says Mantecón. For now, the Elche account wins their games, Escribá has built a competitive team and Carles flies.

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