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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cissokho debuts with smile

Aly Cissokho was the man of the eternal smile, who was commissioned to return the spirit to Mestalla stadium that was already entering state anxiety. The left side was released ahead of his new hobby of how dream: With the goal of victory, interestingly, the same day you turned 25. The premonition of the Franco-Senegalese Superdeporte interview in the pre-game "" Mestalla and I are going to have chemistry '"began to be fulfilled with the header that sent the bottom Aly networks Javi Varas, goalkeeper celestial expected nervousness in the local tier play in their favor.
On a day in which, despite the win, the game did not convince the respectable group highlights on brand new turf was the performance of novices. The three players who felt what Mestalla as Bianconeri out first: Besides Cissokho, Jonathan Viera and Haedo Valdez. Each of them contributed largely to the Valencian finally saw the team win Pellegrino. The canary playmaker invented a magical assistance, after a fleeting Jonas wall so that Feghouli opened the score when more than one was still looking for his seat.
Paraguayan striker, meanwhile, extended his hand was needed to stop a Celta it developed too easy in the middle.
Mestalla proved the truth of the words of Cissokho. "I am a player who will give everything for this team, I am proud to defend this shirt, a professional is required to restore confidence that gives a whole city, a president and a club? '. From the first minute Aly side proved to be a return, of which not save effort. The former Lyon winger tried to join the attack, but without losing the position. However, that still is not fully coupled to the defense mechanisms of the team had had some forgetfulness as in the play of 1-1.
Cabral won and took back the output error of goalkeeper Diego Alves.
Within five minutes of starting the second half everything was solved. The Frenchman took the gift of Tino Costa pieces. The launch area Argentine slung it headed in one meter before hitting the penalty spot.
A while, apart from the joy of victory, earned to receive the congratulations of Pellegrino: "Congratulations to Aly for two reasons, to mark the day of his debut and his birthday."
The Valencia ahead again and this time, Celta not get the equalizer. Thanks in part to the departure of Valdez. The Paraguayan Jonas came on for 66 minutes and contributed, with its pressure and wear in three quarters of the field, to the Celtic had much more difficulty in disposing of the ball. A lack of 12 minutes at Mestalla Viera fired amid applause, undoubtedly the most lucid player in midfield and white.

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