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Monday, September 17, 2012

"Fill it more search Viera signing Modric»

A sigh. That lasted September vacation Valencia sporting director. Five days to cool the mind, endorsing the good feelings that lets the summer market and get down to work to complete his work in winter. Relaxed but alert, asks for time to Braulio Vázquez Pellegrino, pampers Viera and trust the maturity of Joao Pereira, Cissokho or Valdez. Know that Madrid and Barca are still years away, but this project is his new shoes. And the illusion flooded his speech.
- Are you satisfied with how it has evolved during the new project?
-A priori itself. We were looking to improve the squad and I think we succeeded.
In the end, the competition will tell if we were right or not.
-You will note entrusted with operations this summer ...
-We have a mix with people who have already reached maturity and sports people who have not yet reached that point yet but hopefully soon join.
- What is your assessment of his years in the technical direction of the club?
'I'll take that have failed recently. In the end, time more accurately dictate how we've done, but for now I'll settle for having erred slightly.
Hitting everything in football is impossible.
- Has your summer more difficult?
-No. We've sold players, but the club has made an effort and bought players like Cissokho or channels, which are also an investment in the future.
What has made the Valencia is anticipating another season.
- Is a signing risk Channels?
-There is always risk, but do not doubt his quality.
If I was good at all levels, Valencia could not sign.
-Always said Llorente is a demanding boss, does that figure is exaggerated in the summer?
-No, even that is above us (technicians) during the summer, if you have not done the job before ...
Yes yes it is over, but there is something that makes more in summer.
- What are your aspirations this template?
'You can not promise titles. In Champions if we are lucky in the draws can reach Copa quarters and with some luck you can win.
In League have to think every day.
-But what gets roof?
-We can not put ceiling, the ceiling limits you.
He escaped several of his early signing options ...
-I am thrilled with the arrival of the two sides. The crucial factor was that of Van der Wiel, but seeing Joao Pereira performance and competitive gene, I think it will be very important.
And Cissokho has accumulated much experience with Olympique.
- Fichara in winter?
-There are circumstances that mark. Feghouli him go to the African Nations Cup is a problem.
We are looking players at that position.
- Do you know if you can reinvest the seven million in signings Paul?
-No. The sale of Paul was more by choice of the player, who had no head to follow here. When we said we did not want to leave was not a pose.
But when a player by active and passive is playing all the doors of the club saying they want to go, it is difficult to make him see that you can add.
- Will you sign a defensive midfielder in the winter?
-We are looking at several positions.
Do not rule out anything, maybe.
- Have you ever dreamed that Llorente brings 40 million to sign?
- (Laughs). With President that dream is impossible, I never say that.
Let's think about what we have.
- What differences between Pellegrino and Emery warns?
-First, be grateful to Unai. We are in the Champions League and that's partly for his work. Unai was more introverted extrovert and Mauritius. In sports, everyone has their method, neither better nor worse.
Pellegrino talks a lot, likes to know the player's life, but no need to shout.
- Was needed to open the window?
'It's very hard to be Valencia coach four years. In the entire history of the club, Di Stefano and some more ...
Hopefully the change is good for Unai and for us.
- Defend Pellegrino Valencia better than Emery?
I'd rather wait. Last year we had a tremendous offensive potential. Hopefully keep defensive and decrease risks. Finding that balance is tricky. We will not stop being an offensive team, because the pattern of marking players.
With Viera, Jonas Channels or you have to have the ball, if you do not suffer.
-I think you Gago not signed him ...
- (He smiles again). What we signed us, but it is true that the first thing I put on the track was Banega. I said one day, for three or four months or so, there was a terrific kid to sign. I started laughing and said, "Come on, tell me."
And he said: "Gago wants to come to Valencia."
-Gago of Real Madrid came out the back door ...
Well, hundred-plus play games in Madrid is difficult. In its first two years was key to winning two league titles. And Argentina is the lighthouse.
That says it all.
-Banega put on the track of Gago, to what extent Llorente put on Pellegrino?
-One of the names we put on the table Llorente was to Pellegrino. And to him, I must be honest, I loved it.
The president brought his knowledge of him personally and when he played sports in Valencia.
-Djukic, another favorite, has a different philosophy ...
-They are not so different. We have to wait for valuing Pellegrino.
In these early games has adapted to the circumstances of each rival considering we played in the field of the two best teams in the world.
- Why so fond André Villas-Boas?
He's a coach with an international reputation, but to me the one I like is Pellegrino and that we must support.
I do not think technicians who are not with us.
- Are you annoyed that Alcácer pressed to exit?
-No out by excessive pressure.
The sporting club understood that was a good choice for him, he would have first minute, and Valencia itself.
- Have there been any friction between you and Pellegrino for the assignment and transfer of Alcácer Paul?
Not at all, so there are different opinions.
Has prevailed in both collective good signings at the outputs.
- Has failed then how to sell this consensus?
-Maybe so, but I can guarantee that has not changed at all my relationship with the coach.
If we agreed on everything, probably something would go wrong.
- Jonas has surprised even yourself?
-I liked how it has grown at all levels. Especially surprising how it has adapted, because there is a nine pure.
He here assumes the role of organizer and is spectacular offensive.
-Is your great find.
-I think the Valencia, and compete athletically in Champions, has a heritage.
There are now more likely to sell players if needed at any given time.
- Have you ever thought of a footballer "hopefully not explode," lest it removed next summer?
-No, the opposite. It is a pleasure. We signed players who always lack something, and if they take that leap with us, even better. There are players, as Gago, which are well known. With them you have less risk to sign them.
Jonas is one of those signings of which you are proud.
- I needed a game like Viera Celta for takeoff?
She's young and debut with Valencia, a game like that gives you confidence to keep growing.
Yet has the gall showing in Las Palmas, but shows his class.
She has given much affection publicly since arriving ...
He has the hardest to find: talent and quality. I do not know when, but I love Viera.
We've signed up for many years.
- What happens to Rami?
-First, missing three weeks of training. When he arrived here he had never needed to play the ball. Here was asked to give out the game. At the physical level, is the best thing in the world.
Let's have a little patience.
- What about Victor Ruiz?
-Victor has not played anything wrong with this boot. Had Higuain or Messi faces and has not suffered much less what we suffered last year at the Camp Nou. Neither he nor I saw Rami suffer in Barcelona.
Neither at the Bernabeu.
- Are you concerned about the wear of the ongoing debate in goal?
-Both personally are good people. I hope that does not generate a debate if he plays every game Alves and Guaita. I do not care who does it, we are by far the best team in Spain that has a couple of porters.
Having the head of the Brazilian team and Guaita, a porterazo, is a luxury.
Isco-item is very crushed, but when I go to play, do you think that got away?
-When a player wants to leave, not that you feel most comfortable with his departure, but a little liberated.
In the end it is the will of the player who pays a clause.
- How do you see Banega?
'Very well, as ever. Today I see physically spectacular. He renewed because he had a contract year and is a bet the club.
When well, there are very few in the world like him.
- Is the idea that thinking is revalued on a future sale?
-The recent sales have not been forced, have produced moments.
We no longer have the obligation to sell each year.
-Tino Costa is very strong ...
-It is very important for the team, a specialist at set pieces that helps us a lot in many facets.
- And Braulio?
When out of contract?
-I have a few more years to work on what you like, have a responsible position well in Valencia ...
It's a dream.
- What ambition as athletic director?
-Imagine you were in Madrid or Barca. My job satisfaction would be different.
Search players like Viera or more full Jonas signing Modric.
- Real and Barca are still far?
-Racing is fine, but keep things in perspective.
Eleven we draw in Madrid was worth less than the 40 million Modric."It must be hard to play at Mestalla Parejo"
The match against Celta Mestalla again demonstrate that, at least for now, not 'swallowed' with football Parejo: "I understand that it must be hard for him to play well, but showed his face.
He had the ability to not hide, "says Braulio, who" would sign "at Madrid player for his" talent and quality. "
"The president is working day by day '


Braulio also ensures that this is not one of the worst moments of Manuel Llorente, while acknowledging that works tirelessly to solve the economic problems of Valencia: "The president is working every day for something that is not alien to the crisis in the
country and affects all levels. "
"I talk a lot with Unai and is doing very well '
The relationship between Emery and Braulio continues despite the departure of Basque heading to Spartak: "I speak a lot with him, the day before the League speak fifty minutes of what I thought Spartak, of Valencia ... then when they qualified for the Champions League. "

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