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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gago comes to the rescue of Valencia CF

One hundred percent. Fernando Gago back heartily and fully recovered from the head injury he suffered with his selection. Together Ever Banega did extensive work on Monday, with the coach, Gabriel Macaya, and on Tuesday it has added to orders Mauricio Pellegrino, who will welcome you with open arms to help Valencia to recover its best game against Zaragoza. With the Argentine at the helm, Valencia has found his best minutes, leaving a good feeling at the Santiago Bernabeu, with a brilliant game in the first half against Deportivo and with good minutes in the last moments of the clash at the Camp Nou . As has been well, has been a fixture in the side. When the team is worse, Gago comes to the rescue.
For he spends much of the offensive game of Valencia. The midfield "in his absence" with Tino Costa and Dani Parejo has not yielded the expected results. Valencia have missed Gago and looks forward to his return and the return of Ever Banega. The duo Argentina may be the solution to the lack of creation which has accused the Valencia game in recent matches. Indeed, alongside fellow has done his setup. Since coming back from Buenos Aires on Tuesday "went to pick him up at the city railway station" have become inseparable. Together Paterna did Monday in an intensive work session, under the watchful eye of the head of medical services, Jordi Candel. Gabriel Macaya, team trainer, squeezed the most of the two midfielders, especially in the case of Gago, for his return to the group and return to the starting against Zaragoza. First a physical circuit and then ball work. Gago has been working the sidelines in recent days to avoid contact, even though its development has been very positive from the beginning, but on Monday and hit the ball and exercised a hundred percent on the lawn of the Sports City.
He looks eager to return to stop and take the baton of Valencia.
The Valencia needs a change. His game is not working, neither created nor destroyed, individual mistakes and wins games. Encouraging debut against Real Madrid, the tough loss against Mallorca in the last day, there is a big difference. Can be key Gago's return? The Argentine has been lost due to injury, the last three games against Celtic, Bayern and Mallorca, as well as the second half against Deportivo and much of the game against Barcelona. Precisely in duels where Valencia has accused a lack of pace and know what to do with the ball, but with him in the field was another Valencia. Neither have known Parejo Tino or organize play Valencia offensive, are not organizers, nor a reference defensive midfield, as they are not defensive midfielders. Gago is both. A '5 'capable of running the game you want Pellegrino. The team needs to change its dynamics. The Argentine wants and is ready to help Valencia to win at Zaragoza.

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