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Saturday, September 15, 2012

'I'd rather have more Spanish on computer'

- Do you really an athletic director can rest on your vacation?-Well, I do not know in other cases, but it is very difficult to disconnect because in the end you are currently outstanding team and very difficult. I like football above all, is complicated and also do not know if I wanted I could not disconnect.- Are you planning to sign in the January transfer window?-It's a possibility, but we have to see how they're Ever Banega and Sergio Canales for December.-There is a specific position, as the right wing, and has nothing to do.-You also have to see if Feghouli going to the African Nations Cup, we have to see everything and the rest of the team.- Sometimes you may be forced in January because in summer you can escape?-Yeah, sure. We had we gone for Rami in June had not come to Valencia secure.-In Holland placed Sulejmani, Ajax Croatian player, you just contract season finale.-If you'll look out of contract, is an interesting player.- Is there any area of ​​the field that has been weaker compared to last year? It would be the right wing.'We'll see, on the right wing, it is true that Piatti was the man responsible for the minutes you would have to have someone who fights with Feghouli for the post and hopefully his return as fast as possible. For example, I've seen him play Saved many times down the right and feel comfortable, Viera can play as a band that goal inside, Bernat, I think there are several options. And even Jonas played by the left when we played with two points, in the end there are players that these positions will cause any problem, on the contrary, even some of them might be better than another position.-With the departure late Paul, how many footballers offered band?'It's true I was offered many, we had a list of possible and nothing else. Of the possible thought that today's workforce could fill that need, and we thought it was not necessary to sign. Nor that we had were to injure Piatti two months and is a setback, in football anything can not be predicted, but there are players who can play there.-When areas in the future to strengthen the defensive midfielder talks "Albelda position" and a name that has always loved is to Oriol Romeu, Chelsea can go.-A Oriol we have seen, but I'd rather not talk about reinforcements. Reinforce in December based on several things, what we now think is a priority, then the sports performance of the players may be different. Depends when between Banega team, I want to see how he responds taking midfield Ever, Gago, Tino, Parejo and Albelda, gives multiple options midfield, so we will wait for his return and then we'll see.- How do you see Adil Rami?"I think what you need is time, I think it is clear that it is a very important year for him and the only thing missing is three weeks or a month of training and competition. That is what is missing today.- Do I need to be on top of it?-No, it should be noted that up to 19 years did not live the profession, not from a football school such as the ranks of Valencia or an important team in France. He slowly got to go picking sports culture and this is, is a force of nature, is improving day by day and I hope that this will be the Rami we saw the first four months last year where he gave an incredible level .- Changing Ricardo Costa is a role model?He's a football player you have to take all the templates, whether they play or not, at the professional level can never reproach, full training and is willing to play any position, lateral or central. It is necessary in the template.-Pellegrino said publicly that he wants to stay Paco Alcacer and Paul, none season begins. Is that where what happened?-Well, he wanted to stay and has the right, but after multiple talks, we can not ignore that he wanted to stay but the players are wanted to march, the will of the two is out. And having players on the team whose will is leaving is difficult to have optimum performance, can stay, yes, but not the head here and you have to have one hundred percent post here and they were willing to leave.- How does the beginning of the course, with two points on nine? Although there have already faced Real Madrid and Barca away from Mestalla.I think it's true that we played for me in the two most difficult areas of Europe and the world for me. In Madrid equalized and could even win if he defeats the goal to Roberto that was absolutely true and in the Nou Camp, in the last fifteen minutes Barça finished asking the time. Throughout the season, assess what we have done in the most difficult for opponents to go through these scenarios. If we asked in such competing parties that Valencia has competed. The only blot is the second half against Deportivo, which is what we are less happy and try not to repeat.- How would you convince a partner who did not renew their subscription to do it now?She would convince over the next two or three weeks, the team continues to grow in performance and see the team competing. This team can give us joy, hope, instead of speaking I prefer to do the team on the field.- The relationship with Pellegrino is very different from what I had with Unai?-They are different, each has a personality, Mauritius is a very serious person, introverted but dialogue is more outgoing and Unai say. That each of us is different, but in the end we can not forget that Unai made us play three consecutive years in the Champions League, you have to be grateful and now Mauritius to support the team is as high as possible.- Jeremy Mathieu will play without pain?'I think so, he's been a whole year playing with discomfort and now we are lucky to have brought Aly allowing you, so I talked to Jeremy, will soon be a hundred percent.- Is it a matter of rest?-Yes, especially the issue of rest and treatment he is doing is quite strong and well, I think that will soon be well. So tell us doctors and Ramon Cugat, who has been in Barcelona, ​​will soon be to play, if you know a hundred percent, because in the end, the high level and the top competition is very difficult to always be one hundred percent.- What has been the signing that has cost more make "not economically"?-Probably the Aly Cissokho, because the president of Lyon is a bit special. That both President Manuel Llorente as Inma (CFO) both in signing Aly as in Nelson Valdez, the finance department made financial wizardry to try them because they were complicated. Besides, in signing Aly had other clubs who entered the bidding at the end and more economically than we could have pulled that operation down, I think the player's will and I repeat, I think people like Inma or President gave a solution to the problems posed by the operation, rather than the overall financial operation that sought solutions for them.- Have you had an operation for money braking?It is true that money yes, probably yes, but in the end we are satisfied. We have our limitations and sometimes I sin I try things that are very difficult.- Who took less than convincing in the first conversation and gave the green light to do everything possible and come?-Jonathan Viera was very clear. You know I also had an offer and even closed the agreement between clubs would not go anywhere by waiting to Valencia.- Which of the reinforcements is convinced that will romance Mestalla?I'd rather be cautious, in the end the player is different we Viera, but let's be patient. It's a young guy, calmly, but his peculiar way of playing is different from the rest and will get noticed.- Who would not sell to those who have never in the template?- (Laughs) It's a good question. Especially those who were essential to the future of the Valencia project, for example, on the issue of Soldier was shown not want to sell to their core values.-On the front have received several proposals, Soldier? Has taken steps to study the proposals that?-Soldier has not thrown a pulse to the club or anything, just raised neither he nor we wanted anything besides his agents bids were not sought. These are deals that come and move you, but non-force any situation.- What operation crystallized and had made him special pleasure?"In the end you never know, give the example of Van der Wiel, at the time I was that I was excited to sign him and eventually came Joao Pereira and, as you can see, I am very glad that the end had not been made because we love it.He made a bid for Bruno Soriano has renewed until 2020, have there been interested if there is a clause departure to Valencia?-No, the issue is settled Bruno and nothing else. We wish the best of luck to Bruno and Villarreal.- Have any player signed for next year, as happened last year with Saved?- (Laughs) No, but even if I did not I could tell you, but no.- Would I have tried to bring Van der Wiel if no compromise is reached with PSG?-It may be, as a free agent would be interesting.- Can it be said today that its great success is that of Jonas?-At the end all the players that have come, maybe have a better performance today but just wait. It is true that the beginning of Jonas is spectacular, but we'll wait, because eventually returns to performance Rami if he had at the beginning of last season will be an important player, Victor Ruiz for me has started the season well, Diego is the goalkeeper of the Brazilian national team as before and was not summoned. In the end, it is perhaps true that Jonas has surprised people because he was a great unknown.-Has taken steps for the dual Spanish nationality, which are needed for two-year residence demonstrable situation will get in January.-We are working, but it is a bit tricky, because you have Italian ancestry and are out there. And then from January may initiate the process to obtain dual Spanish nationality.- Are not you afraid of desespañolización of Valencia?-Yes, I'm afraid, but the problem is that, as you can see, when we try to sign a Spanish player is prohibitive. It makes me scared and I wish there were more Spanish, but if we go for Monreal and ask us ten million euros or in due course by Ander Herrera and we had no chance, are players who I would like to have. A Dídac we had not passed a medical, but the difference between Monreal and Cissokho were five million euros in the transfer, not think there is such a difference in sporting, for example. Guardado is for free or the starting center for the French national team for six million.

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