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Monday, September 17, 2012

Mestalla again a green mat

The new responded Mestalla grass. The sensations were already good in training behind closed doors last Thursday. However, the technicians and the players wanted to see it in action in a more demanding day like yesterday. The Valencia-Celtic was the acid test for the new turf and grass Mestalla responded note. And the best part is that, the experts hope will take root and better over time. If yesterday had good looks, against Real Zaragoza on September 30 has to be better even.
Mestalla was again a green mat. The look was flawless from above. Also from below. Pellegrino and Braulio Vazquez gave the nod during heating and, after the game, Manuel Llorente was found in person that the state of the grass. The new grass of Mestalla resisted training on Thursday and the game yesterday. It was watered twice "45 minutes before kick-off and during the break with 'chopada' including the Union of Picanya Musical" and did not get up at any time. New lawn keepers "with outfielder Matt Benito, formerly of Malaga, at the head" now has 15 days left to work it and this still looks better in the next match of the season against Real Zaragoza.

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