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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Paterna gives 74 million over three years to Valencia

With the departure of Paul and the assignment of Alcácer are only three 'homegrown' having Mauricio Pellegrino on staff: Guaita, Albelda and Bernat. But precisely the transfer of Paul to Swansea came to confirm that the quarry gives health to Valencia. Sports (although in cases like Isco not enjoy as it should in the first team) and economic. Since the summer of 2009 Raúl Albiol was transferred to Real Madrid for 15 million euros, the factory has given the club Paterna 74 million euros in three years from the sale of Silva, Isco, Alba and Paul.
At present, including three players from Valencia, Albiol and Isco, up to 16 homegrown militant Che in La Liga, which show that for the elite players out: Sisi and Timor (Osasuna); Bellvis and Insa (Celtic)
Gavilan and Alcácer (Getafe), Navarro, Pedro Lopez, Pallardó and Michel (Levante) and a veteran like Palop (Sevilla).
The figure of 74 million won if anything more relevant given that the annual cost of the quarry varies by 4.5 million (including staff costs and maintenance of facilities). At school, 35 kids and seven live in Petxina (those over 18) The quarry has had to tighten the belt (budget reduced by 30% in five years) and, for example, the area of ​​influence scouting is 'limited' from Murcia to Tarragona.
The exception that proves the rule, a boy of Salamanca.
Salva Ruiz and Gaya: the new diamond of the quarry This is Juan Bernat (also Alcácer, although this in Getafe), the future, Salva Ruiz and Gaya, two lefties in 17 years to which experts consider the new diamond of the quarry. They are not alone in order to reach the first team, but proof that they see ways is that the last contract Ruiz has signed in the noble part of the club. In offices, where the 'older'. Where soon want to talk to Gaya. In young age, serving in the subsidiary and reports that come to Pellegrino are optimal. With Salva Ruiz and Gaya Valencia confirms that the trend has changed in the quarry. If central cradle for years (Voro, Giner, Camarasa, Albiol, Navarro ...) the latest batches have been lefties: Silva, Sisi, Gavilan and Jordi Alba.

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