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Monday, September 17, 2012

Pellegrino builds, destroys Mourinho

One of two things: either the Celta, who had spent several years hiding in Second, is a great team this season called to hobnob with the great, and Valencia is a mother for his rivals. Or both at once. Led by a stately Oubiña Borja, Vigo team has good players who treat the ball with love and move with much sense. In contrast, Valencia players exhibited a maddening imprecision, marrando child passes, which lost control of the game.
At the head of the blunders was Dani Parejo, who, instead of choosing the option comfortable risking the pass. And as fails, there is the buzz at the Mestalla, so that he stands and feed back of concerns. That guy's squad being struck Madrid's Alfredo di Stefano himself was determined to prove to everyone that he is not a classic four, but eight. And faith that he will get, even at the cost of losing ownership.
In the inner snap demarcation, Valencia footballers have inflation and when they return Canales and Banega will smacks for the post.
The fact is that, among the good work of Celtic and poor head Valencia Mestalla could not enjoy a quiet Saturday afternoon and staff spent the time between the ay! infarction and a kind of swelling in the tonsils.
Pure affright, go.
Like Jose Mourinho, his colleague Mauricio Pellegrino could also complain that no team has. But with a subtle difference: the Argentine ficharon him what they could, while the Portuguese bought everything that came in wins. Item more: The Skinny does not carry or three months in front of the school and, instead, Mou begins its third season, which is destined to be the consolidation. However, to continue and end in disaster. Eight points are nothing, but the media environment of Madrid, as long as excessive and exaggerated, has already turned red lights and alarms are triggered.
The Bernabéu is hot.
Instead, the Camp Nou is a haven of peace. For now, with the rise of Tito Vilanova has not triggered any of the scholars who predicted earthquakes. So attentive. Something must invent to destabilize the club. Time. Sobran subject specialists.

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