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Friday, September 14, 2012

Pellegrino encourages rocks, "I want you to be proud"

Mauricio Pellegrino has won the affection of the club members. Valencia coach went last night to the first dinner of the season prepartido at the headquarters of the Association and found that the message has got through. Fans stood to applaud the technician, who responded with a smile and a greeting. Just sit at the head table, the club members jumped on Pellegrino, to the extent that the policy of the Association had to call for calm.
The technician went to reviewing these different aspects of his career, from the stage to the newly initiated soccer coaching. Nothing to do between the two plots: "In my playing days in 1999 when I arrived, a lot has changed not only on a personal level, also club.
It has increased the amount of fans everywhere, this is what I've noticed. "
Pellegrino knows of what he speaks. "In Argentina, in South America, we see a lot of Spanish football and the image of Valencia is very strong, continuous growth. That's where you see the merit of the team to follow up despite the situation. " In this sense, the coach emphasized the evolution experienced Valencia.
"I see a lot more organized club when I play in all aspects," he said.
Given the maximum attention of the club members, Mauricio Pellegrino joined after the two facets that he lives in the world of football. "It was much easier to be played because breathing for me, I worried about what I was doing, but now I have to look after all, I am responsible not only 25 players, but also the image of the club.
I have to control every detail and everything works fine, but I love the challenge. "
Valencia coach was pleased with the reception given by the fans in general. "People have turned much with me.
All that remains now is to show on the field what is the reality, we can do our best to satisfy all of them. "

One concern of Argentine coach is to keep up the club, mainly to avoid disappointing any of the people who have it great hopes for the future. "I am proud to be coach of this club that has given me so much. I would be in line with your story and I will work with all my strength, to put all my energy to tie a great team. I want you to be proud of Valencia. "
And, to reaffirm their commitment, expressed as an epilogue: "I wish to return to the people the confidence they have placed in me."
There was no question time, removed from the clash of last season with Sergio Canales. However, after the intervention of Pellegrino fans approached the table where the coach was to be photographed with him and get autographs. Others settled for a handshake as he conveyed his support. "We are with you, now just need everything to go well," he said a peñista. Pellegrino smiled.
"Go for it," he shouted from the back of the seat another follower.
Turning the BandThe president of the Association of Clubs, Blas Madrigal last night embodied the new winds blowing in the valencianismo. The group has been a year of publicly insult Emery, came to light when a statement lambasting the Association of Basque, to seek maximum support for Mauricio Pellegrino. Seamless. As always meant to be. "There must be more unity and less critical," said Madrigal peñistas addressing all present in an attitude that comes to shape a turning point. The fans are with Pellegrino. Last night was clear, as there was not a voice against even though the audience saw a full house. Both the technician moved the fans that even led him to slip, when to praise Valencia spoke of "a club with more than one hundred years of history."

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