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Monday, September 24, 2012

Possession leads to impotence

When a team finishes a game with 70 percent of possession and lost by two goals to nil, has done many things wrong. This was what happened yesterday in Mallorca Valencia against an opponent who, however well qualified he is, is tremendously lower than group coached by Mauricio Pellegrino, which further aggravates the performance of Valencia. Argentina coach made three changes in the starting line regarding who appeared at Munich. Left on the bench to Ricardo Costa, Jonas and Guardado, ushering Victor Ruiz, Valdez and Jonathan Viera.
Nothing changed. And if he did it was worse. The Valencia failed in all its lines. The concert started at Diego Alves 'eating' the first goal so incomprehensible and failed in both Celta in Mestalla, to follow the previous tune Rami and Victor Ruiz, who started the chain of errors.
The Frenchman was unable to cut the ball, which surpassed him in the boat, and his companion stared as Victor Casadesus surmounted.
What of Diego Alves is becoming worrisome, even though a good number of games saved his team from defeat or to fit a greater number of goals. The Brazilian begins to show doubts at peak times, which undoubtedly will think Pellegrino on the possibility of granting a break for the benefit of Vicente Guaita.
When a player shows signs of weakness prevails relieved.
The technician also finds its central pair of the three he owns. The alternating gone, but it so happens that Rami and Ricardo Costa played together only European meeting against Bayern Munich. The five games that were played in the League have been dealt Victor Ruiz and Ricardo Costa in two, against Real Madrid and Deportivo, while the other three have been for the duo Rami and Victor Ruiz (Barcelona, ​​Celta and Mallorca) .
Each other, the center of the rear transmits no security of any kind.
Proof of this was the absurdity that Rami and Victor Ruiz starred in both goals for Mallorca, the first final collaboration with Diego Alves. From there, the Mallorca played little more than a pleasure, because the party as he likes to put Joaquin Caparros, who instructed his followers to delay lines a few feet, give the ball to the opponent and equip themselves well around your area to play against. What they do best teams coach Utrera directed at the Valencia did not dare to hire, even though they kept negotiating.
Pellegrino was cheaper.
The Mallorca felt comfortable, because it's the way you play him unbeaten this season. The Valencia, unable to keep a clean sheet a single party, happened to have the ball, the remedy being worse than the disease. The shortcomings of the Bianconeri surfaced more clearly.
All danger of Pellegrino was summarized in a shot from Valdez head bringing the ball against the crossbar.
The party was so soporific that even yawned Saved on the bench. And he had not yet reached the break. The only Valencia drew their fans that the tedium was Jonathan Viera. Only he tried for the left half of the pitch. The rest lost.
With the ball in his power and ground to play, Valencia had no ideas or speed.
The VCF were further embarrassment to the air in the second half. Back to the central. A Rami and Victor Ruiz lacked Arizmendi applaud the action of the second goal that, for blush, came after a goal kick for Aouate. The plants looked like they were on the beach rather than on the pitch. Rains, it pours.
And Ricardo Costa, on the bench.
Contributed nothing changes. Parejo was first to leave the field. As if I was not. When the team disappears, the calls can never complain that he has not had opportunities by their coach.
He alone has thrown the trash.
Ridicule is inexcusable Valencia, Mallorca before a rudimentary, slacker, lower, but that is very clear what to do in the field opposite the Mestalla that lost, still without a win at home. The last time was last March 18.

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