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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Valencia is more important than any player

Mauricio Pellegrino said Cañizares ignore statements in the press conference after training on Friday, but when informed of them was clear: "I do not know that statements made. I think it's a situation that can be held peacefully. None of them has told me anything, I see them working very well, are two goalies who can play either and I am very quiet. explain to me why having two good players is a problem. Valencia is more important than I think when a player who does not play, if not comfortable saying so, up to speak to the sporting and go. "
Regarding the return of the call Gago, Valencia CF coach said: "Fernando Normal trains from Monday, most were precautions to be safe and forget about having hurt the team," but does not believe
his return is miraculous for the team "I do not think that the problems in these last few games have been for the midfield, when players return to help coach and team have a choice."
De Carlos Delgado, who enters the list for the injured Ricardo Costa said: "The moments are opportunities for players, tomorrow we have a great opportunity to show that the team is alive and has tools for young people an opportunity to play only minutes or ninety. " Precisely on the problems that are presented in the defense for the game and for the Zaragoza Lille, Pellegrino said: "Let aa start tomorrow's game and we'll think on Tuesday.'s A contradiction, but it must be think of Zaragoza and Tuesday we'll see how we work, we have worked in preseason other options are imponderables that occur in football, but we have the team prepared to compete well, I have no doubt about that. "
"The team has worked very well and is ready for Saturday's game in the best way possible."
Against Zaragoza goal is to make a good game, regardless of whether they can keep a clean sheet: "What we have to do is make the computer do good game in every moment of the game, I'm interested in more general performance
mark or conceding a goal. "
On self-critical statements of Pereira, Jonas and Soldado, coach stressed: "It's good to raise awareness and everyone when he speaks of the Valencia nevertheless sometimes shows what he feels. You have to keep the good things
and learn from the bad. "
However, there ruled Pellegrino anxiety, but always recognized that the psychological exercises: "That's part of the training, all training are psychological work, not train legs only, but is involved mood.
Players have anxiety when they have no tools to know what to do and we have ours, so there is less ability to get nervous. "
He also ruled that there is anxiety in the surroundings: "You can talk generally about people and the environment Valencia, not all fans feel the same but if we are all the same, that the template is leave everything on the field, the fundamental
is what we want to feel all the Valencia ".
Also, Pellegrino has distanced himself whether he feels pressured: "I want to pull the team matches, there is something more important than the coach and the players, which is the Valencia, I work for the club to have good reviews and
yes for the team to win. Luckily, in football there are conflicting opinions. "
After Ricardo Costa's injury seems to have been somewhat 'orphan' the central position, where there are only Victor Ruiz and Rami, which may not align with the Lille through suspension. However, the Argentine think time will tell if it was right or wrong to do without a central room: "That time will tell, a priori it is always better than less, but this is the squad we have and I know the
People are ready to compete, calls for the opportunity to young talents and if nobody comes give opportunity to young people. "
Asked if this year the staff of Valencia CF is short, Pellegrino said: "Sometimes when there are many, there are many who are not called and say why not go, there are now opportunities for all and you have to prove, time
and the results will tell if the template is short or long. "
Finally, on the statements of the players hands on that will come to shut Zaragoza, Valencia CF coach said: "It's a team that closes well, works well in that position, but we have the ability to carry weight party and we are ready to present all options. "

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