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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Valencia tab turf guru

The new turf is Mestalla, and will be in good hands. In the best. The club will incorporate one of the gurus in the care of the grass on the pitch and certainly more outfielder League media: Benito Mateo. The gardener still Malaga will be the head of the Valencia CF gardening and manager of care and pamper the current Mestalla lawn and Sports City. Matthew has been who has advised on the choice of the new turf and improving the drainage system. A green, brought from Portugal and was planted last Thursday, yesterday stepped players first.
For now, the picture is perfect and the players been as good, and has three inches of root.
Precisely this is the same grass that two years ago, stood in the Rose Garden and, thanks to the pampering of Benito, Malaga players come to describe as caviar.
Matthew Benedict, a native of Lorca, worked twelve years in Mallorca where he came from the hand of Hector Cuper. And, the Argentine state marveled Nou Camp turf team Constancia (Inca), a day when the team moved to the stadium Balearic training, and asked to trust the lawn Mallorca Son Moix Matthew. Such was the commitment of this gardener Cuper, counted from Mallorca, the policy was forced to hire. He did not disappoint and the field became such mat that since then, there have been many clubs that have been in contact with Matt for advice.
Matthew, who yesterday was still in Malaga but that will be installed next week in Valencia and has worked for other clubs in a timely manner, always with Cuper as champion.
So, for three years once a month came to Milan to take over the maintenance of the city's sporting and Inter of Aris Thessaloniki. In August 2010, and claimed by Manuel Pellegrini, joined Malaga and, since then, the great lawn of the Rose Garden and sundry. Today compatibilizaba work in Malaga with the advice to gardeners Greek team Aris.

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