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Friday, September 14, 2012

Time for Parejo against Celta

With Gago under observation in Argentina due to a head injury and broken Albelda, Pellegrino not fit more choices when drawing the double pivot to bet on the pair Tino Costa-Parejo. Pellegrino them together when making a tactical exercise ball movement, but then separated when play the game.
With the test, they all came to mind the couple's failed bet against Deportivo, but coach is well aware that if they blew a two-goal lead was not for the placement of the 'Prince' of Coslada next to the Argentine as arrived goals concentration errors. Tino Costa and Parejo were not very common a couple last season, although the 'Skinny' began working with her in the preseason, where they played three games together. Gago's arrival opened the door to ownership with Tino Costa, seeing it as a very important part to play in driving the ball played from behind inserting the core and having a player like Tino he brings to the team many miles physical deployment "without the remarkable contribution in the set pieces."
No Fernando, Pellegrino went for Albelda in the Camp Nou, despite his game responds to a very different profile, but now you will come to Dani that role.
It has done so sporadically, and usually brings more danger than a few feet ahead, to be able to trace the last pass lethal, as demonstrated precisely against Deportivo goal assisted by a Feghouli. Gago has not arrived to the area that can bring rival Dani, yes raises his hand for the ball to the goalkeeper and start the attack. A Mestalla parish did not like the turnovers that had only blot on Valencia has had on the current course, risk is part of his game and is hard to find anyone in the workforce that can play first touch quality dose that gives the displacement. This is Dani, hurt when you criticize but strong for those whistles will not affect the game. As he tells his followers: "If not, I would not be ready to play in a big like Valencia."
Now comes another opportunity to take another step forward and claim greater role, which does have her dance partner.
Tino Pellegrino persuaded not to look at the dizzying contract offered Spartak Moscow and on, he took her word and is being fixed in the alignments. So far he has played sporadically with Parejo, but are well known to each other and both must be the engine of the team to beat Celtic and score well the first win in the league.

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